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  1. Sound great! I can't wait for the fix soon, I had to attach a least 1 non real chute on it to be safe landing. And it look ugly!
  2. Sometime the engines is not full throttle fast enough. the rocket will drop little bit. So, I'd like to put it above it to be safe. Thanks for quick reply!
  3. I found a bug with TT18-A Launch Stability Enhancer. if I put TT18 in stage above rocket, number are missing. If I put TT18 with rocket or below, it showing normal. (sorry for my english, please don't kill me)
  4. I try do that bug again, it's seem fixed from 24.1, however, 10% still load random map when clicked on any button. Even zoom way out and put setting way out there, still load random time. must be mess up with other mods, beacuse I have what, 38 mods installed.
  5. It's work for me but be warned, there is some bug with the setting, when you click apply, it just load random area like VAB, Science, etc.
  6. Requests: Bring back "Biome & Slope readouts to the Surface display" and time left on deltaV. Just like KER .6.2.8
  7. Thank you Snjo! Now I can play B9 again! EDIT: everything look good, B9 are working just fine
  8. change that to FlightEngineerModule and delete other one, you should be good, it should be look like this. @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:Final { MODULE { name = FlightEngineerModule } }
  9. I don't like the new KER 1.0. too many button and big button blocked my toolbar on top left of screen. back to old
  10. Make toggle to hide "Onship" is perfect idea! Not in setting tho, maybe on UI like button hide/unhide next by Setting button (or maybe Both). so I can quickly look to double check if I had it or not before going to area. Also, if you can, toggle in setting for hide 0% remain. Reason, some of those is buggyish I collect some Science, and some are still in there. Look for "SurfaceSample@MunSrfLandedNorthwestCrater". I have 2 of them, 1 in red and other is yellow. I collect, the red stat is remain same. So that mean, next time I come back, there will be 10 left) I agree with Diomedea, I would love to have Unity.
  11. REQUEST: add some sortable or able to hide some info in Science Monitor. I collect TON of sciences, and I had to scroll up and down to check what am I missing. Thanks for wonderful mods!