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  1. @AtomicTech all of your links are broken.
  2. As I said above maybe if you took a minute to let everyone know wat mods you already have people won't waste their time trying to help.
  3. If you have quite a few maybe you should let people know so they don't just all go giving you mods that you already know about, saving them from wasting their time?
  4. That is a little bit confusing. If a mod isn't in your gamedata folder it doesn't work. These pictures are showing a completely separate location (KSP Mods\Mods). It doesn't look like firespitter is in your gamedata folder from the other post above.
  5. Unfortunately you didn't that was my current reply. I'll do a TLDR Yes this thread has that hint of entitlement. The reason is this. You seem to have the idea that all of these modders are creating mods for you (and by you the players at large of course). I would say in general modders create their mods for themselves. Most modders have something they wish was in the game, couldn't find someone who already did a mod, and had the desire to make one. Then they are kind enough to share it with the rest of us. It may seem to be a subtle difference but it is important. This difference means that a modder will read your original request: And say, I don't really care if you use my mod, because they didn't make it for you. (and no that doesn't mean they literally don't care. Of course I'm sure they get good vibes from people enjoying their creation) Additionally, the mod you use as your example seems to have extensive documentation, with 188 lines of documentation. That is actually a decent amount. As to the other stuff @HebaruSan explained that better. The TLDR is you don't need to be an expert level programmer to help. I'm not but I have done plenty of pull requests for mods which were simple MM config patches and stuff over the years.
  6. I would humbly ask that you re-read my previous reply, because you obviously missed its message. @HebaruSan summed it up nicely. Now that you got this valuable new information What did you do with it? Did you ask if you could help by adding it to the existing documentation, thereby helping to become part of the solution?
  7. Probably when it comes out of pre-release? It's also easy enough to download from github.
  8. Here's a thought. Maybe players of such mods that do have the expertise can help modders with documentation? It is important to consider the modder/player dynamic. Now certainly I cannot speak for all modders but as some have specifically stated it, I can say this is at least true for some. Many modders aren't making a mod for you. They are making a mod for themselves and they are nice enough to share it with the rest of us. As such documentation, being the least favorite thing to do, is at the bottom of their list. However, I would expect EVERY modder will happily take community help for writing documentation. Personally I'd prefer this in every instance as a modder can use their valuable volunteered time working on the actual mod.
  9. Dude, I don't think it's THAT big of a deal. And Roverdude's a pretty reasonable guy. It's not like he's going to get all offended over this.
  10. Why not just leave things as is, and just turn off all of the features in the MKS config panel? Also, I'd say you are likely on your own if you want to actively break a mod that an author has put tons of work into. Certainly one as busy @RoverDude doesn't really need to be asked to weigh in on how to break his own mod. At least in my opinion.
  11. He did say "will be putting" which is more future tense than "have put"
  12. Most likely. If I recall @taniwhadoes not maintain his ckan listing himself.
  13. Yea @RoverDude is a pretty busy guy with a lot of mods under his wing. There are 2 things he doesn't seem to like spending his limited time on. Fancy IVA's and forum posts.
  14. 1. Quietly wait patiently? If you read Taniwha's post above he is a bit burned out and busy with RL. In general seeing constant posts asking can actually have a negative impact on their burnout. 2. If you know coding, the code is all available. I would imagine whatever fix is necessary between 1.11 and 1.12 shouldn't be super major and Taniwha may appreciate the help. 3. Not saying that money talks, but I'd imagine getting a chunk of "thank you" cash can help even the burned out get motivated to at least put together an update patch. There is a patreon link in the OP.
  15. Nope. Find a post from Roverdude (one further up the page) and use the catalog link in his signature.
  16. Then look again. Further up the page you have a post from the mod author himself explaining his and the mod's current situation.
  17. You could like, I dunno, read up a handful of posts to get the current state of the mod.
  18. @RoverDude loves pull requests. If you have ever seen any of his past twitch streams making IVA's you'd see they are very tedious and time consuming. I think I can safely say from past experience that they are not his favorite things to do. I wouldn't hold your breath as any IVA's are going to be way down at the bottom of the todo list.
  19. And it is probably the best metric you will get. Most popular is the one the community downloads most. Unless you just want more posts in your thread... which will likely yield 10 different answers from 12 different people.
  20. Also have to consider burnout. Many of these mods and modders have been maintaining and updating their mods for years. Some may not even play KSP all that much anymore, which makes mod maintenance feel more like a chore. It is also summer in half the world, which is vacation time for many, even more so after a summer of lock downs etc.
  21. I think he was referring to the post above yours...
  22. ok and? All of the source code/configs are on github. Everything you need to figure it out.
  23. If you want to actually muck with someone's mod to change it from their vision of it, you're probably gonna mostly be on your own. It's a good learning experience.
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