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  1. No idea. You could start with some useful information, like a picture of your gamedata folder.
  2. I think so. A quick search of the thread would help. And if not it would give you the workaround.
  3. Once or twice. (a quick search of this thread shows 70 hits).
  4. All good. Nice learning moment to realize it's always good to think a second before hitting that submit button. We all make that mistake from time to time. And yes KPBS are nice parts. And as @rmaine mentions they work nicely with MKS so it doesn't have to be an either or.
  5. Good for you. Is there a reason you felt the need to do a drive by comment like this other than to kinda be a jerk?
  6. Well honestly I do and I don't. For me thinking of a supply pack like an MRE is basically a similar level of RP value. It is the reason militaries came up with the 24 hour MRE. It is one pack that contains all the food/water/hygene supplies a soldier in the field needs for one day.
  7. You would probably need to look at the configs. They are all defined under the community resource pack. Each planet would need an appropriate config. It would depend on if the RSS mod already included them. If not you would need to make your own. Here is an example from the github. https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityResourcePack/blob/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CommunityResourcePack/ResourceConfigs/Oxygen.cfg As far as LS. One thing to consider is that USI-LS is more like a "packaged" resource, but it is no less complex than TAC. I used to feel the same way you do
  8. I explained it in a reply to you several replies up.
  9. Well then fix your gamedata folder problem and it should work.
  10. Regardless, it is wrong and things won't work. While DLL's in mods don't care, parts and configs rely on the exact path being correct. Whenever you see a mod where the zip file contains a "gamedata " folder you want to put the CONTENTS of that gamedata folder into your KSP gamedata folder.
  11. Maybe because the whole mod constellation has been going through lots of upgrades and so forth and not everything is 100% done? Have you looked at the latest constellation pre-release? It was just updated 15 days ago.
  12. Possibly. However at least in this thread there isn't much to go on such as ksp version el version...
  13. Yea that's useful. And why not take it to the actual zerominiavc thread, where people who use it might help?
  14. Is the "new" stock inventory compatible Packrat out yet? I haven't seen a new release posted.
  15. Not sure how this will be an EL fix, given that there are no files in the mod even referencing miniAVC?
  16. Every modder started by coming up with something they wanted to see in the game. They saw nothing existed so they made it themself. Many modders had zero skills when they started. However they had an idea and wanted to see it happen. Now it has been the case that VERY rarely someone is just sitting around saying "man I'd love to volunteer my time to make a mod, if only someone could give me an idea". But personally I've never seen this happen. There are tons of resources to help someone get started. I look forward to seeing what you come up with
  17. The only thing I think might work would be KOS. Basically a scripting mod to automate launches. I've never actually used it though https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS/downloads_links.html A relevant video using this mod
  18. No need to cross post. I replied on your other thread.
  19. You would be better off posting in the USI thread to ask. AFAIK there is/was a community supported patch to make them work together, but EPL isn't officially supported by the USI mods anymore. So there are no USI specific parts for EPL. However you can easily do some modulemanager patches to add that functionality to any part you like.
  20. I haven't tried but I'd have to guess it may not work currently. The flexotube's are basically KAS pipes (requiring the KAS mod). I'm not sure the KAS parts work with stock inventory or stock construction and would require the KIS mod to function. Both of which are being depricated FYI.
  21. You can just use the github wiki for the info. I imagine it should be the same.
  22. According to open issues, it has been down for awhile. I wouldn't hold your breath. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/issues/1477
  23. Thank goodness this fact didn't stop everyone from trying to turn their idea into a mod. Or were you thinking that all modders are just bored software developers?
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