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  1. I don't recall. It's in the MKS thread. Browse back a few pages and you should find a post about it.
  2. Um, You could check in any of the USI mod threads. Or you could even check @RoverDude's profile. In both places you would find he has been quite active lately. You would also find he is working on a major release (with the long awaited W.O.L.F. parts). You would even find that the mods work in both 1.9 and 1.10 (as long as you delete one part that has a bad drag cube).
  3. Seems like the appreciation would be better received if you put this in the actual mechjeb thread.
  4. Everyone has an excuse. Luckily some push past it to take their vision to mod reality. You might be surprised how many KSP mods were made by someone who started out with zero coding experience. And the general point is most mods are created by someone who had an idea, and then made the mod to realize their idea. There are very few that sit around just waiting to volunteer their free time to make someone else's idea into a mod.
  5. Everyone who knows coding started off knowing nothing. That sounds like a fun relatively easy ish solution to code. There are plenty of resources on these forums as well as YouTube etc to get started. Why not try it yourself?
  6. Yea that's wrong. You want the contents of the gamedata folder from MKS in your gamedata folder. you don't want nested gamedata folders your gamedata folder should look like Squad, SquadExpansion, 000_USITools, CommunityResourcePack, Firespitter, GroundConstruction, UmbraSpaceIndustries. This should be similar for all mods BTW. The path is important
  7. Why don't you ask in the mod's thread? You will get more views of people who actually know about the mod, including the mod author.
  8. You are likely better off asking in the BDarmory thread. You will get more traffic with people who know the mod. Also anyone trying to help is going to want far more detailed information. Putting some effort in your post will yield better answers.
  9. TBH the more I think about this thread the more I'm uncomfortable with it. Here's the thing. We are talking about 2 different scenarios. One where the mod is being distributed counter to its license. I would first question how widespread this issue is, and whether it requires a dedicated thread for it. Also as @Gargamel stated, only the license holder has the power to enforce the license. In these cases it seems more appropriate to notify the license holder, and let them handle it if they so choose. For the second scenario, suspect download locations it certainly can be a good PSA to let people know, however it really needs to be specific. So far in this thread of 8 posts we have one concrete example, but even with it the accuracy is off. @Delta dart posted a youtube video that is over a year old. Add to that this comment Which isn't even accurate. The user who posted the video put the email comment directly in the notes of his video, with an address that matches his youtube account. The same guy replied in the comments with his same email address. So no it wasn't just some random dude, and I wouldn't overall call that super suspicious. It still could be violating the license of SM armory, but I wouldn't know since the mod is no longer available to view the license. And at the end of the day that is between the license holder and the youtuber. Bottom line, the concern is that a thread like this will effectively become less of a useful tool, and more of a witch hunt/public shaming thread.
  10. One thing to keep in mind is that depending on the license, someone re-uploading a mod is not "stealing". Some might consider it in poor taste but it is allowed depending on the license. Using them for nefarious things is a problem. It may be better to try and classify them less as "stolen" and more as "unsafe". I don't know anything about SM armory or what its license was, but just pointing out that stolen may not apply to all cases.
  11. Open your eyes? I understand by the mod notes that english might not be your primary language. But a 3 word post not nearly enough information to know what you are asking, in any language.
  12. You don't have to read 55 pages btw, you can just read the very detailed OP. But I understand if you prefer to be hand fed.
  13. Sounds cool, let us know how it turns out. There are tons of great resources in the Dev forum and subforms. Also lots of youtube videos to get you started Do you have any idea how many modders started with "I don't even know how to code a plugin"? There are MANY MANY MANY modders who started with a great idea and luckily decided "I can learn this".
  14. If you read back a page or so you will find that the drag cube for that part is bad. Right now the only solution is to delete the part until it is fixed and updated.
  15. Then you'll probably have to make due with what is still available.
  16. Or you can just delete the part file altogether.
  17. Yea the answer is a page or few back. You can probably search on it. IIRC just delete the part for now as it needs a fixed drag cube.
  18. Sorry I'm confused. The chart clearly shows the assignment. For example The Biologist and Scientist have the botany Skill. Unfortunately what they do is less clear, especially since the skill to function link in the wiki is broken. However by cross referencing you can glean that information well enough.
  19. Curiosity killed the cat. Take a few seconds to just check even one page back and you would have had your answer without needing to post
  20. Maybe try EL? At least to test for compatibility. This mod is basically EL's DLL with some modulemanager patches to add functionality to stock parts. Go to the source mod and see if you get the errors?
  21. I would highly recommend finding some youtube tutorials. It sounds as though you could use more assistance than a few lines on a forum will be able to provide.
  22. Very cool. I forget what mod that ring is from. Interstellar? This is an exceedingly old MKS station. The spaceplane was my reusable supply/kerbal transport. The other craft being my Kerbin to mun/minmus transport.
  23. He literally told you, in the next sentence. You may prefer more stockalike but @taniwha clearly prefers his own style.