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  1. Don't know. Nothing has been said about that.
  2. That's actually a very good idea. What good in collecting all that data if you can't put it to use. @crenelatedcheese Mcwaffles2003 little plug for the re purposing science discusses a ton of ideas. Most of what you have suggested was discussed in that thread. But yes, science should be apart of the tech progression, but haphazardly finding something shouldn't always lead to a breakthrough.
  3. That's a possibility too.
  4. There has been a few threads about alien life. The general consensus is that microscopic and plant life would be acceptable to see. Maybe evidence of past advanced life, (crashed probes, ships, ruins) but no aliens.
  5. Probably not, maybe there will be some old buildings like at the Woomerang site in KSP1.
  6. That's because instead of using the slower SATA bus, and SATA controller for the SSD, the NVMe is using the faster PCI bus with a direct connection to the CPU. That's the main reason why NVMe cards are faster than standard SATA drives.
  7. Too early to say at the moment. Most of what the devs have shown off would be considered ground scatter or regular terrain. As of right now, there isn't going to be caves or natural overhangs. That may change in the future if the devs move away from how planets were made in KSP1.
  8. Until one bomb losses containment and the whole thing is vaporized due to multiple antimatter explosions. At that point, nuclear explosives are actually safer.
  9. Direct from an interview with Nate Simpson, "no ftl, no jump drives, no warp drives, no stargates." Faster than light drives isn't being planned for stock KSP2. Intercept is leaving that up to the mod makers after release. (An early interview with either Scott Manley or Shadowzone, I can't remember who.)
  10. With the test screens they posted a few weeks ago, I can't see why it couldn't.
  11. This has been speculated on before. But my opinion is that type of science will be necessary once you start going interstellar. Nate has said each new planet will have a non DV puzzle to figure out before you can safely land, you will have to find and mine resources. So the only way to figure it out is the types of science you mentioned.
  12. I wasn't talking about lighting, I was talking about texture fidelity. I don't use visual or texture mods. My graphics cards can't handle them. Nor do I care about lighting effects in games. I can't use them anyways.
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