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  1. Hopefully it would be better balanced and documented. Life support isn't something to let the player figure out by trial and error.
  2. If star theory codes in the API's for life support, the modders will love it. As for it being apart of the vanilla game, if you can turn it off, fine. If you can't, they better find a way to do the logistics for it that isn't bothersome. In Subnautica, I turned it off after a few hours, it was getting really annoying. I don't mind it so much with Astroneer, it only limits how far you can travel and you actually have time to refill your O2 before you die. (If you make it to a tether line or base in time.) The resources for tethers are usually readily available and your O2 refills quickly. So it's not so much of a burden to deal with.
  3. @mcwaffles2003 you would have roughly about 100 parts less if there were procedural parts for your main craft. (Instead of 7 tanks for each ion cluster, there would be two.) Just out of curiosity, did you get it into orbit in one piece?
  4. I can believe that, it's functional but definitely not pretty. (it looks like they slapped together some UI elements for other space/flight sims) But it does hold clues to what might be in the final UI. As for #'s 13 &14; 13 looks to be either targeting info or comm info, 14 looks to be a on-demand master warning (looks to be fuel in this case)
  5. I don't think it's a sun or planet of any type. As the blue ring moves across the screen before its blocked by the guy's head, you'll see a gray point form. You may have to watch it a few times or slow it down to see it. It's an exhaust plume from a craft. I wonder if this is the last engine that needs to be identified that Nate Simpson mentioned? And they had to intentionally blur out the track mixer he's using.
  6. You don't realize how much of a need there is for larger trusses until you either build a large station or a realistically designed interplanetary ship.
  7. That is definitely a good possibility too. It's been said that star theory isn't going to kerbin much. If they add rivers leading to (or from depending on perspective) areas that look swampy or like river deltas, there are a couple other areas that can fit too.
  8. Since no one really speculated on the actual location for the KSC, I figured I would put my thoughts up.
  9. I figured Dres would be last since no one goes there. Seriously, nice work.
  10. Same question, which mods? There are over 70 different parts mods that I know of. You'll need to be a bit more specific, or rephrase your question.
  11. Don't forget procedural wings. Too many parts are needed to make large custom wings. Selectable sizes for the similar wing shapes, tiny to large. But really, you can say that for these other part categories, fuel tanks, structural, utility, heat management. (The static radiators anyway.) There comes a point where there is too many Legos in the pile and it gets difficult to sort through them all.
  12. You got your idea across. That always erked about the vanilla scanning system in KSP. One click, you know everything about the planet. I always use scansat to reveal info about the planet orbit by orbit. It's another reason to use satellites and send probes. I hope it would be an option for KSP2. If not, I would hope scansat would be available some point after KSP2 is released.