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  1. Aerodynamics -- since I'm a plane lover, how the game approaches lift, drag would be interesting to me. How/if different atmosphere compositions would affect craft design beyond relative pressures. The editor UIs -- obviously once it's near release state, a thorough overview of the functions, rules, and types that you would see in the game. General overview of the parts -- it doesn't need to be super specific, but the sizes, types, and anything notable that they care to share. Wheels -- how the colliders work, how forgiving they are, how tunable they are. Basically show us that the weirdness and inconsistencies we come to expect with KSP1 wheels won't be a problem in KSP2. Base to Colony progression -- explain the differences between them. The requirements for them to progress from base to a colony. Resource distribution -- how the background distribution works. How complex you can make it.
  2. As far as we know, nothing has been confirmed. So maybe yes or maybe no.
  3. Awww... I've looked up the "My Friend of Misery" YT link for nothing. I don't think anyone is happy that KSP2 was delayed again. But these things happen. You have a choice, let it consume you or just let it go. Since only the investors with T2I and staff at Intercept have any real stake in the development of KSP2, there's no reason to get mad and throw out wild theories on the goings-on with the game development. So just like the diamond interchange that was supposed to be completed 2 years ago near me, I'll just patiently wait for it to be done.
  4. @SciMan what you described is completely possible with a 150m, several thousand tonne craft. I've run a craft with those type of specs on several occasions. But that is too small. I'm thinking of a 800m-1km, few hundred million tonne craft. (Aka, interstellar colony ships, orbital colonies.) So yes, you don't want to be flipping that around to dock. You only will want to flip that much mass when you absolutely have to. @darthgently tugs is a good idea too. But the scale of the craft I've described above, you'll need a few more than a "couple" tugs. Maybe a couple dozen, possibly more. (Much like how in The Expanse dozens of maneuver drones are used to maneuver the Nauvoo/Behemoth.)
  5. I'll take your word. KSP is the only game where I've followed the development closely enough to see it.
  6. I would think of players would adopt a more reasonable design for huge motherships. Braking engines facing forward so you don't have to rotate the craft unnecessarily. Powerful RCS thrusters to help rotate/translate the craft when necessary. It would be reasonable to use smaller crafts to ferry crew and supplies back and forth just so you don't have to deal with the headache of docking all the time.
  7. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. KSP1 development was like that, and KSP2 is so much of the same.
  8. No FTL, wormholes, star gates, jump gates, or any other forms of quickly moving between stars.
  9. I've never seen a game that used both. The closest I've seen is the Build Info mod for Space Engineers. It's kind of clunky to use from what I've seen, but it's a beta version still under development so it could get better. Gotmachine is correct about the easiest way to display information is by listing it. But to control actions, it's really dependent on the user, and what you need to control. If it's a basic click to do something, both the wheel and list works. If you have to change a variable, or a slider, the list wins. I have to disagree with the top down vehicle UI. I use the Part Commander mod. The biggest issue I run across all the time is if I want to find something quickly, I can't. If I want to control different settings for the same repeated part, I can't. I still have to click on the specific parts to quickly change settings or have something set different from the others.
  10. You're welcome. I've used both in the past. Each has their pros and cons. The wheel is better for quick actions or commands. Information can be hard to discern. Multiple levels can be a pain to access. The list is better for pinned menus, as you said, and better information presentation. Multiple levels can be easier to deal with, depending on setup (click instead of hover.) But it's slower overall to use. It's basically a case of "to each their own." I personally think the wheel would be better if the Kerbals actually have emotes for multiplayer. For hand signals and such. But I'd rather have the list for part interactions.
  11. A selection wheel used in most console and some PC ports. Example below. Actually, not a bad idea really.
  12. Thanks for the update Nate. Better to hear it from you than seeing it on some earnings report.
  13. Very true, but what size rocket do you need to launch a space version of camping to orbit? That will be the starting colonies. (See the mod Pathfinder for an example of what I'm talking about.) So the sea dragon isn't necessary.
  14. I'm guessing that people aren't realizing that once you've built a colony on another planet or moon you don't have to launch everything from Kerbin. Colonial VABs have been confirmed and will make launching very heavy payloads into space much easier. Imagine how large of a ship or station you can launch from Gilly or Bop. You just can't do it from the get-go, it will take time to build a colony up. Or the possibility that they are too impatience and would want to go interstellar within the first hour of the game. Without discovering which stars you can travel to or the necessary tech to even make the journey feasible. We'll never know what the actual reason is. PS, see dragon will never be a thing in KSP2, there are actual physical limits for what you can build in the VAB. So the sea dragon as conceptualized, will never fit.
  15. That's the problem with developing a game in one of the more expensive areas to operate in, and one of more expensive countries to live in.
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