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  1. KSP2 is slated to release spring 2020 per the pc gamer article. But with unforeseen issues with developing software, it can change. Link for reference, the last paragraph.
  2. Begrudgingly created a GitHub account... logged the problem in GitHub.
  3. I'm shocked... this was the last thing I expected to hear today. Considering what the players wanted and the limitations of the current KSP, it was inevitable.
  4. I'm don't have a account for GitHub, so it's either by the open forum or a pm. The best I can do is screen shots of the problem and system info from Windows. If there was a way to turn on logging, I would be more than happy to get logs for you and post them.
  5. Hi, I'm getting some very severe lag when trying to select a mod to update. The program will become unresponsive then recover a few times, then after about 45 sec to a minute the items I clicked will select. I'm using CKAN ver 1.26.4, OS is Win10 Pro.
  6. Nice ship, never had the patience to mess around much with the old B9 HX parts. Try putting a Castillo crate on the outside of the hull and expand it before cheating it into orbit. See if it disappears or reverts back into a crate. Or you can expand the Castillo after you have cheated it into orbit. (You're using Hyperedit, it's not like you have to worry about running out of resources.) See if it sticks around for a while or disappears on you. I've had issues in the past using expanded parts direct from the editor. They like to disappear at some point after launch. I've found that expanding them after launch usually will make permanent. If all that fails, you can write a MM patch that adds all the Castillo Omni modules to one of the HX parts.
  7. Did you download kerbin side or any other mod that adds bases into the game? Kerbal konstructs just provides the frame work to add bases.
  8. If I remember right, smokescreen changed the name for the fx module after the patches were written. I don't remember the module name off the top of my head. I know it's mentioned in the smokescreen thread. Other options to get the flame fx working is to install real plume, or change the old smokescreen module to the stock squad module.
  9. Another mod I thought wouldn't see again rescued by LGG. I look forward to using this again. Many thanks.
  10. I'm not saying it can't be done, I'm saying would be difficult to do. Maybe Squad has something in the pipeline to automatically control the props and blades to be released at a future date. We know they won't confirm or deny anything if they do. Maybe Squad expects some very creative use of the KAL1000. I don't know. The only thing like that I can compare it to is the autopilots. MJ2 has been around for years and still has spurts of active development. I don't know how long PA and AA was in development before they were released to the public. But I can guaranty it wasn't a couple weeks from start to finish to have a version that was polished, functional, and seeming bug free. Basically it's a wait and see if Squad will do anything like that. I suspect someone would program something with Kos before we hear anything from Squad. XLjedi already proved that you can use the KAL1000 for basic control of a helicopter blade pitch and motor torque. Who knows what someone will do in a couple weeks. KSP players tend to be very creative with how they use the parts.
  11. Yes, that is very true. And I'm loving every minute of messing around with it. From playing with the stock (Kraken) propeller craft of old, and keeping tabs on the announcement thread for the props and blades I was able to quickly figure out what was going on and how to get them working. (I'm still annoyed that there is no obvious way to tell what the direction of thrust should be between the props and rotors.) I was thinking about players that never made or played with the stock (Kraken) propeller craft or didn't bother reading through the announcement thread for the props and blades. There is no clues in the editor to how to set things up. There's nothing I noticed in the game that says you have to adjust the control authority to adjust the blade pitch. There's no hint you should fly with the aerodynamics overlay on to see when your blades are stalling out. And you can only test your setups in the flight scene. That can lead to a bunch of jumping back and forth to make sure everything is correct because there is nothing to clue you in if your setup is correct or not. That's where my problems lie. XLjedi, thank you for making a video on this, I do plan on watching it later. But it was something Squad should have done. (Is the craft you made on KerbalX? I would love to see how your are doing the counter rotating blades. The ones I've made so far have been lack luster so far.) @Boris-BarborisCreating an automatic control mechanism for the props and blades would be difficult to do without knowing were the stall points for the blades would be. It would need input either from the player or by following the aerodynamic forces. That can be muddied quite a bit depending on the craft you made, or what you are doing at the moment. There were times I was purposefully stalling the blades to slow my craft down with out touching the throttle. How do you teach the program to look for something like that?
  12. After playing around with the shuttle for awhile last weekend, I have to say, nice job balancing it. I was able to bring it back to Kerban in one piece after several failed orbital attempts. (Some on purpose, some not.) Once I was able to get it orbital, orbital maneuvers were executed with minimal fuss, the reentry was easy and the flight to the ground was uneventful. (I still can't hit the KSC, yet alone the runway, but I landed it in one piece.) My only real issues are these. The wings and the nodes need to be stronger. If the boosters don't clear properly after separation and bounce off the wings, either the wings would be knocked off or go kaboom. The included OMS engines either need more thrust or better ISP. Outside of it was taking forever to do orbital insertion and maneuver burns, the burns was using a lot more of my onboard fuel than expected. (Burns was done with 41 tonnes of ore ballast. I play stock system size, and test with the maximum amount of weight I can get to orbit without going crazy with the ET and booster stack.) The only part I would like to see is an external tank mount for the stock tanks sizes. I was using the mount from the Cormorant because it looked better than any stock parts.
  13. @Snark I don't disagree with any points you've said. And I understand that Squad did what they felt was best for the props and blades. I'm just saying throw the player a bone and have a setup that works out of the gate. Even if it works like utter crap. Show the players that it works, and if you tinker with it, you can make them work better. I'm just throwing out possible solutions. I'm just as guilty as everyone else in KSP for trying things before understanding how they should really work. I'm just use to Squad releasing parts that work out of the gate. In this case, there is little guidance to help the player out. That's my major gripe is about the props and blades.
  14. I have to agree with this, I was expecting just to slap on the props and blades and to have them just work. Even if they didn't work well. It would give you a base to start tinkering to increase the efficiency of the prop. (And I have to say, once you do get them trimmed right, they are as efficient as the Weezer or Juno but with more capability.) IDK what the best solution would be, but either having the props and blades attach deployed, or adding a few degrees to the angle of the blades when they snap on, or already have them setup to a basic usable configuration could help guide the user get started with the blades quicker. But something needs to be done to help the user figure out how to use them.