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  1. If this is a separate modding tool after release. Sure, cool to have. It would be the players choice to download it. But apart of the stock game, no. It's not necessary for the stock game.
  2. We have already seen evidence of kerbals with glasses, different hair styles in the different videos that have featured them. It's safe to say that the kerbals looks will be varied.
  3. Can't disagree on this point. There will be players that will want to watch the whole transit play out each time they launch an interstellar mission. (To each their own.) So making that wait as short as possible is desirable. But again the distances between the stars needs to be enough to take a long time. (Thanks to the kraken, and boredom, I've been to the edge of the playable area in KSP v.90. That seemed too short of a distance to reach a new star since the Kerbol system was just off the edge of the screen.)
  4. Everyone seems to keep forgetting that there will be higher time warp levels than KSP1. Nate mentioned in one of the earlier interviews that they increased the time zoom for playability. We don't know what the levels will be beyond what is currently in KSP1.
  5. I'm not against having surnames for the Kerbals. But please for the love of god, make up names the don't all begin with "K" and would have an organic feel for the Kerbals society.
  6. I do enjoy reading about the technical side of development. I would like to see more.
  7. The rapier is a rocket motor and jet engine in one. (Neither stage is really efficient anyway) What I'm thinking is using a standard turbine engine setup to use an oxidizer to allow combustion of regular jet fuel in an non oxygen rich atmosphere. Basically creating an oxygen rich area in the within the combustion area of the turbine.
  8. It would be helpful to be able to use oxidizer for jet engines. At that point it wouldn't matter much if there is O2 in the atmosphere. Of course, there would need to be enough atmosphere to be effective.
  9. Good idea. I don't know how many times I've messed up my 2x2 staging of boosters or messed up my satellite stacks by having the wrong one separate from the stack. This can also help to see if you have your fuel lines and cross feeds setup properly.
  10. There wouldn't be much of a difference between a research and mining outpost logisticly. If you can add a lab to get science, I'll be adding them to all outposts and bases.
  11. What are you referring to? If you're worried about the distances involved, Squad had a solution to that. And Intercept is expanding on that solution.
  12. You can't compare what is now in KSP1 to the future capabilities of KSP2. KSP2 is being developed from scratch with the new capabilities in mind.
  13. The devs have said you can thrust under warp. That will speed up the transit greatly including higher time warp levels.
  14. My head cannon is that the probe core was built else where and sent to the KSC for final assembly. Much like other parts you use to build.
  15. There is no clear explanation on how new colonies will be created. The speculation on colony creation is the best guesses the individuals have on the subject.
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