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  1. Or add the ability to add the appropriate mass for your Kerbals to the crewed parts while in the editor. That way you can balance the CoM and get better DV numbers.
  2. Does that include the learning of the new material and the group practice time. That has to be done before even doing the recording sessions? Even professional musicians need time to learn and practice the pieces that they preform.
  3. Or the next feature video is coming soon?
  4. So pretty. Going to love having Jool as a backdrop for colonies in the Jool system.
  5. Yes, well more phrased; we're trying to find the best size cut off for rock colliders. I don't have the patience find the thread. It's in the one of the S&T or dev diary where they are showing a rocket on the Mun with scatter everywhere. Nate mentioned that not all the scatter shown will have colliders. Someone pointed out that not all the rocks are causing shadows. So speculation at the time was anything that didn't cause a shadow doesn't have colliders. Ninja'd by @The Aziz; and thanks for posting the thread.
  6. Are you expecting rovers to behave like the Snowrunner vehicles? The smallest rock send the rover flying? No, I don't see that happening. It's been confirmed that only the larger scatter will have colliders.
  7. Since the colony parts will be on stilts, it shouldn't be necessary. But it’s KSP, so there's nothing to stop you trying.
  8. I was thinking "another music thread?! Thought this is a settled matter." Asking about live recorded music, that's different. I tend to agree, music recorded live does offer some differences to composed music by mixing tracks. There's a life to the music (when preformed live) that's hard to replicate when created in a synthesizer only. I can't see that happening though. Orchestras are expensive to hire. (Same goes for even a small group of musicians.) I would think that it's financially not theisible to take that route. I would love it if they did use live recorded music, but they most likely don't have the money to do so.
  9. Welcome to the forums. There have been several threads where this has been discussed either as a side conversation or is the point of the thread. And no, there is no confirmation for relative effects either way.
  10. I hate to break it to you, nothing said on the subject of base/colony building suggests that you will need to be EVA to build them. (Maybe the initial start of a base you'll need to be EVA, but afterwards you'll be using the building assembly editor (BAE) for construction.) The games you are referencing are all manual place objects in 1st person view. That's not how KSP2 is going to do it. It's already been determined that the BAE will be the method of building anything larger than a "space tent" or space camp site. Luckily it's already been confirmed that you can edit existing bases to how you want them. That has already been confirmed. It's been said that colonies are subservient to the idea of building and flying rockets. So I don't expect anything more than is needed to serve that purpose. With multiplayer, I haven't thought about it to much. I'd expect some consideration will be given for multiple players working on the same colony. I have no thoughts on specifics though.
  11. Considering that it's confirmed that procedural wings and radiators will be in the game, there is a small chunk of KSP1 parts removed from the parts line up. If at least fuel switching is planned, there is another large chunk of parts removed too. So there are probably more new parts than we would expect. But overall, I'm not expecting too much variety with the part profiles. But a tantalizing thought is that ~600 part figure isn't including a majority of the recycled KSP1 parts. How many truly new and unseen parts are there going to be?
  12. Can't argue that point, not everything in KSP is scientifically accurate. But does it make sense to have every different star type in such close proximity to each other? I'm sure somewhere in the universe that can happen. But the odds are against it.
  13. Oh, it would be easy to create different types of stars, art wise. But being scientific accurate to what we know about star distribution, the smaller cooler dwarves are much more common than giants. I mean a total of about 4% is much higher than the .000001% for giant stars. Just food for thought.
  14. I doubt that the devs will have a different types of stars for each star system. I can see a possibility for a brown dwarf or a red giant for some variation, but I'm expecting mostly the typical yellow/white dwarf stars. I can't see a neutron or a singularity, or white giants.
  15. Does anyone want to hazard a guess to how many celestial bodies will be in each star system? Everybody is talking like there will be a dozen or more CB per system. Which is definitely possible, but doesn't seem likely. Let's say there's 50 planets/moons. There can be a few large systems (10+ cb), or several smaller systems (<10 cb), or a mixture of the two. So it really depends on what the devs want to do. Do they want only a few external star systems or many star systems. Or they can surprise us with more CB and star systems than we ever would expect.
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