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  1. I agree and understand. With the large resource base that is coming to KSP2, it's hard for me to speculate that deeply into it without a vested interest. Without knowing the raw resources and final products. I can see right now is a very general image of what's going to happen logistically. In the early game, you're going to be stuck with doing Hoffmann transfers which would limit the early trade to Kerbin's and Jool's SOI based on how quickly you can traverse between the planets and moons. But trade between Kerbin and Jool will be sporadic because of optimal transfer windows. (All the ot
  2. I can see Kerbin having all the resources available because of a large (if not apparent) manufacturing base. The only limiting factor would be the availability and time to ship them. At a certain point, I can see having to wait for resources to be available to ship. That should push the need for colonies to start collecting on their own. I've never got as detailed as to which planets would have which resources. I'll leave that to the devs. For logistics, I can see mirroring what happens in the real world for transferring the resources around.
  3. Well, I would like ore to stick around for a generic construction material. It could easily encompass both metals and regolith. Fuels and LS on the other hand, could get fairly complicated. My only real hope is they don't make it too complicated. I would really prefer one raw resource equals one final product. But for some reason I don't see that happening. As long as there isn't too many intermediary products between the raw resources and finished product, it shouldn't be too bad. I just hope they don't pull a MKS and USI-LS with changing the recipes and not documenting the changes that
  4. No, not really. Anyone can be trained to do a job to various degrees. Look at the humble farmer. They are also mechanics, market annalists, engineers, geologists, carpenters, biologists. Now look at the backgrounds off the modern and past astronauts. Basically, KSP needs to move away from only certain classes being able to certain jobs. I would say those Kerbals that are on a mission are individually controlled, like how KSP is now. Any Kerbal that is added to a colony becomes nameless until you need them for another mission. But separating the Kerbals into classes before the recruitment
  5. Every time I see this post, all I can think is cat wrangler.
  6. Very informative. I liked how clear and concise your explanation was. I never realized how much work was involved in just drawing smooth curves in a game.
  7. Well, in the grand scheme Kerbals are resources that will have to be managed. (Much like employees are resources for businesses.) But when you start getting to 40-50 Kerbals, personally managing them becomes a horrible chore. (Even in game where employee/citizen management is the goal, you still do global edicts for mass changes and can go to the personal level when needed.) I could see a system where (when you reach a certain size) you have a few named Kerbals that act like managers and the rest are just an unnamed pool of workers to help keep the colony running and use for recruitment.
  8. @PthigriviNate has said that there will be automated resource flights. But I do agree, further automation and autopilot capabilities would be helpful in the long run.
  9. Ooo... pretty. If that is going to be par for all the planets, I'd be very happy to explore them.
  10. Neither do I, MJ and some movies made it tolerable and doable.
  11. I've circumnavigated Kerbin via land/sea a few times. It wasn't fun, but it was worth actually seeing Kerbin.
  12. If they allow editing of the KSC, I bet those two buildings would be off limits for editing. You will kind of need them for awhile.
  13. This was a topic of much speculation awhile ago. It has been said that the new solar systems will have to be discovered. Outside of that, no real information was said on how to discover the new stars and planets. The popular opinion was space based telescopes, but nothing was confirmed by the devs.
  14. I'm pretty sure that they have working prototype for the colonies. It could be they don't think it's ready to be shown. Intercept does seem to only show things that are in a near finished state or what they think is cool to show off.
  15. The progression in KSP2 is going to be different than KSP1. We don't know how science is going to be implemented into the game play. We don't know how new technology is going to be unlocked. All we can tell is that the progression mode is going to be different from KSP1.
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