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  1. As smotheredrun has said before, the mods do work, just not well. The vehicles work, just press 's' once to align the wheels. There are collider issues with some of the vehicles though. The only thing wrong with the station parts is that they're not balanced to current 1.3 standards. The super25 is a bear to fly, but it works. Don't bother with the dauntless until its updated. It's just broken. Don't expect anything to be in the correct categories. And don't expect tags to work.
  2. You have to press 's' once to align them. Once you do that, they work fine.
  3. I'm in awe... so powerful and useful. Instant download for me. Good work linuxgurugamer. And thank you very much.
  4. Latitude Aerospace Group We humbly submit these aircraft for your consideration. The Monarc P4, the latest generation of our Monarc series of aircraft. It has a very comfortable passenger cabin for 32 kerbals. With its extreme range, this aircraft can tank fuel from airfield to airfield. The cruising speed is 225m/s @ 6000m. The initial cost of 41,270,000 can be offset by the ease of maintenance (38 parts) and fuel savings by only purchasing fuel at airfields of your choice. https://kerbalx.com/shdwlrd999/Monarc-P4 Flight notes; Takeoff and landing speed - 65m/s: max climb rate - 20m/s: stall speed - 50m/s From our experimental group we have the Hope series airframe. With good flight dynamics, we are positive your pilots will enjoy flying these planes. As you are looking for supersonic aircraft, we setup a demo craft with a couple J-X4 Whiplash for your testing. The final aircraft will have a passenger capacity of 48 kerbals. This specific version has a service ceiling of 15000m and a cruise speed of 1300m/s (mach 4.4). The base cost of the airframe is 36,266,000. The cost as setup is 51,426,000 with 62 parts. This aircraft can be setup with any engine you request. https://kerbalx.com/shdwlrd999/Hope-EXHS Flight notes; takeoff and landing speed - 65m/s: stall speed - 45m/s: climb at 50m/s at 250m/s to 10000m, then reduce climb rate to 30m/s and increase throttle until you reach 1300m/s: don't deploy the airbrakes if your speed is above 1000m/s, they will overheat and explode.
  5. No, sorry. Airplane Plus is the only parts mod allowed. I had to ask. Need to come up with a pretty nose for one design. Thanks for the info.
  6. Can we use the aerodynamics parts from the MK2 & MK3 expansions?
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I looked up the Vostok1 schematics and that's about right. It just needs the ejection seat and the internal volume would be close to the real one. Pretty good IVA over all.
  8. I've never been to an arch myself, but your question reminded me of the hanging mun arch base. I don't know who constructed it, but it does show the scale of it.
  9. Is the new Vernier going to be the little bother to the MK55-Thud? If so, I'm already thinking of some uses for it.
  10. I keep getting a HTTP 500 error when I try to go to the KSP section. I can get into the other sections, I can even download mods, if they are being followed. I just can't get to the KSP front page.
  11. Hi, I'm getting a NRE when I try to land at a target. I'm using the most current versions on CKAN. The error is below.
  12. I'm getting the same NRE spam. I ran out of EC after starting the nom-o-matic 5000 and the rt5000. The spam starts as soon as I start building up EC again. It happens in this order. Get into orbit. (Hyper Edit) Start the nom-o-matic 5000 and rt5000. Run out of power. Open solar panels. Start building EC. Start NRE spam.
  13. I just saw this on KSP fb page. Your ships look amazing. Another thread I'll have to follow.
  14. Ooo... So handy. One of those things you never think of until someone mentions it. (I've never thought of it anyway.)
  15. Reading through the posts, every time I see TT, I have to say Take-Two because I'm thinking Travelers Tales.
  16. For my modded installs, my laptop is about 10 min, with my desktop is about 20 min. My stock installs for both systems is about 2min.
  17. I'm wondering once the controls are nailed down for the consoles, will Squad make them the default gamepad setup for the pc versions. You know, to help out the people who can't fly with a keyboard and don't have time or know how to setup a gamepad for the game. Good to see the shadows and green line is fixed. Both were annoying, never a deal breaker, but annoying.
  18. Pilot Assistant is an atmospheric autopilot. Think MJ's spaceplane guidance but with better controls and the ability to better control the crafts behaviors. Throttle Control Avionics is an autopilot primarily made for VTOL crafts. It handles off center and miss matched thrust very well. The only reason I have it installed is to see how the SSMEs and boosters were throttling while hovering and doing a really slow accent. Basically confirming what I was seeing with MJ's differential throttle settings. I'm using Tac Fuel Balancer to keep the boosters fuel levels the same and to dump fuel to try and see where the instability starts. Using differential throttle settings will cause the boosters drain unevenly if there is any yaw during accent. The RPM errors are for missing props. I'm thinking I may have overwrote something when I updated the packaged version to the current version. That's low on my priority list since it don't do IVA flights often. My MM patch for the wheels and gears gets rid of the bouncing and osculation. Basically it increases the damping value for the suspension. There are three different offsets you can use in a config file. CoM, CoL, & CoP. The usage is "CoMOffset = y,x,z" as seen in the VAB. You can see the usage in the 2.5m heat shield.
  19. @smotheredrun I'll PM you when I get all the changes cataloged and patches written. Just let you know, made a lot of changes to the Dauntless. Did some changes to the Super25. The station parts didn't do to many changes though, just enough to bring them up to 1.2.1 standards. For the orbiters I fixed a bunch of CoM and CoL issues, drag inconsistences, a few broken modules, dry mass issues, and adding comms to them. I'm still messing with the eleavons, rudders, and SAS settings though. The ETs I adjusted the CoM. The CoM isn't moving to the right spot when I add the orbiter and boosters though. My next steps are nerfing the gimbals and balancing the thrust of the boosters to match the combined thrust of the SSMEs. I noticed that MJ and TCA was reducing the thrust of the SSMEs to between 25-30% while the boosters were running. I'd rather see them reduced only to about 70-80% thrust. After that, work out the DVs and payload caps and adjust as needed. After that, then I was planning to adding a few things to fall inline with the current game environment. Trying to correct the RPM errors I'm getting with the current release. And bringing the USI LS patch inline with the current release. (If Roverdude doesn't do any major changes in the time being.) I'm testing basically vanilla. I have the dependencies installed, along with KER, MJ, PA, TCA, & MM. I'm also using a few quality of life mods. AYA, KJR, Hangergrid, MinAmbience, NavHud, PC Continued, & Tac FB. The only MM patch I'm using is my fix for the Squad wheels and gear.
  20. Yeah, I can barely fly using a keyboard. Forget landing where I want, it either ends in an explosion, or a severely damaged craft. Hence the reason I use autopilots and wanted to get this working with MJ. I'm figuring it's a combination of the sas, gimbaling, and control authority for the rudder and elevons. I haven't found a sweet spot for the settings yet. I do vaguely remember something was mentioned in the dev notes (or the discussion thread) about them. I think it was during the push to 1.0 or a little after it was released. I don't think Squad made any changes to the though. As for MM patches, I understand the MM syntax enough to know what it's suppose to do by looking at one. But I can't write one off the top of my head. I know where to look to find an example of what I want to do and work off that. This weekend I'm going to go through the configs I touched and catalog the changes I made. Then start writing MM patches for the changes I want to keep.
  21. After a couple weekends of testing, messing with configs, and some in game tweaks, I've gotten both the shuttles to the point where MJ can control them through assent and orbital maneuvers. The only real issue is both shuttles have way too much roll authority during launch and in flight. PA does hold control over these very well during flight though. (I should say glide.) @smotheredrun During the process of getting the shuttles to work, I changed the categories and added some basic tags for both shuttles and the station parts. (I wanted to be able to find them in my heavily moded main game.) If you like, I can create a MM patch for you.
  22. Thanks for the info, good to know. I was worried about the landing gear. After looking at the cfgs, the landing gear seem to be on par with Squad's. Most of the other things needed for 1.2.x I'll just hack together a MM patch. I'll try it with the latest dev release for MJ and TCA. I've had good luck with one or both getting my self created shuttles into orbit. For the landings, I'll try PA after re-entry. I'm ok at flying and suck at landings by hand. I'm lucky if I can land crafts on target and in one piece. I definitely remember that. I use to use a pair of small engines inline to the com and an extra sas unit to help with the orbital maneuvers. Something I still do with some of my crafts today.
  23. I've forgotten about this gem. I've haven't used KSOS since the .90 days. I would like to give it another go. Is the version 4.4 the most current version, or are there updated patches floating around somewhere?
  24. I just wanted to report that the download speed have been horrible this weekend. I've been lucky to get 50 kb/s since Friday.
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