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  1. I purchased my copy in August of 2012. I feel like an old fart.
  2. This thread is about the only reason I go on this forum anymore. Other than to search for download links for certain mods I use. I like watching mods develop, but Tantares is about the only one that's really fascinated me.
  3. Thank you so much for your work on this mod. This is one of those things I don't like to play without.
  4. Fair enough. I'm not fully convinced, but it's definitely a possibility that I misread because of language barriers. If negative tone was truly not intentional, I apologize for making assumptions.
  5. You've a right to your opinion. You also have the right to be protested against when you're being rude and demanding.
  6. Actually, he doesn't -need- to do anything, considering this is a hobby project and not his job. He doesn't make this mod for a living. He also doesn't do it for you specifically, so I recommend you check your entitlement. The IVAs will come. They're also not necessary for play. My missions have been going just fine without them.
  7. Little space station I've been putting together. I'm infatuated with these little modules I made with Procedural Parts and Tantares bits, I call it Koliada.
  8. I decided Jhonen Vasquez' art style and KSP would match pretty well.
  9. Forgive me for this random intrusion, but I've installed this and some portions of Proot's KSPRC, just the EVE and BoulderCo folders, and I have this problem. I was wondering if anyone knows a fix? I've tried reinstalling both, but no dice.
  10. I keep staring at the picture but no progress is being made. What is this devilry????????
  11. What? I disagree entirely. With KSOS there's like one thing you can build, and that's the orbiter itself. There's barely any ability to make anything of your own. KSOS is beautiful, but also single-purpose. And that's what it's meant for. With Tantares, it's like a bunch of Russian-themed building blocks. You can make any spacecraft you want, you don't have to adhere to real life vehicles. Just look at the images people have posted. I myself have only ever used the Soyuz as a crew transport, because I like the Soyuz. The other bits I use to just make my own sh8t. I said earlier that Tantares
  12. Please do. Don't need a whole launcher, I don't think, but the engines would be so great. It would just bring Tantares that much closer to being able to replace stock parts. Not that it needs to, but it'd still be pretty kick-awesome to run a space program exclusively with Tantares parts. The more engines, the better.
  13. I don't know why I've never looked at Mir 2 concepts. I must build it.
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