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  1. I'm playing in science mode and the MKS recruitment screen forces level 5 kerbals on me but I enjoy playing with leveling on in science/sandbox mode. I also prefer the stock list style and being able to see a list of random kerbals as opposed to having to customise a kerbal and then getting a random name. It just seems like it was more balanced around career so my playing of science mode makes it a downgrade to stock. Also of I uninstall MKS it just gives me 1 kerbal with a name and no values to recruit and glitches out the astronaut complex.
  2. Is there a way to disable the changes this mod makes to the astronaut complex? Or at the very least hire kerbals with no experience in Science/Sandbox mode?
  3. Left-click = RT Right-Click = LT Shift = RB Ctrl = LB Camera = RS Movement = LS A/X = Throttle to full B/(whatever the PS4 version is) = Throttle to 0 Y/(PS4) = VAB-Symmetry/Flight IVA X = Switch Views/switch symttrey And thats just a rough subset of what could be done using pure PC-Console porting with no game chages and 5mins of thought as well as no D-Pad at all and ignoring trackpads
  4. I would go with A, the tsara bomba wouldn't compare to the energy of two objects colliding at 4km/s with substantial mass and if you use colder engines (for IRL) and low heat, low reflectivity parts, nigh in impossible to detect.
  5. I would personally vote for Laythe as it has an easily filterable atmosphere, good gravity, the ability for SSTO's to carry kerbals too/from the surface (as much as they want), liquid water. Tectonic activity (large enough and has volcanoes/ islands which hold this eveident) and an atmosphere meaning that Joolean radiation would be blocked as well as stellar radiation. For land area you could easily use heavily expandable foam and thin metal sheets for a base structure on water that way land can be used sparingly. For resources, Tylo lends itself to mass drivers. Perhaps putting large amounts of them tuned to launch payloads with heavy ablative shielding on direct paths to Laythe for collection; this means that no landers are needed (on surface materials make all the things) and so it can be highly efficient.
  6. Not really, I can get 50 or so mods in 1.0.4 before instability and only at about 80-90 does memory become an issue. Also the thermal bug is going to be removed so that will dwarf any bug added IMO.
  7. Tried it again on my stock install and nothing, gonna check for a CKAN issue and tried it on my 100+ 64-bit hacked main install but without filter extensions or editor extensions and nothing. Seem to be having this issue with pathfinder and buffalo as well.
  8. I ran it on a clean install and got the icons so I ran a re-install to see if it was a problem and then I'll check any mods that interfere with the VAB icons.
  9. I have an issue with the part categories are not showing up and the parts are unnasigned so I can't access them. Basically if I search for (using quick search) or attempt to access them they will not appear, The config files have no difference between a working and unworking part baring the parts category assignment ('none' for not showing parts) kontainers , full MKS/OKS and Karibou also exhibit these issues through both CKAN and Kerbalsuff.
  10. Tylo is specifically there for the size and no atmosphere so not really, maybe even bigger.
  11. I've never noticed your aso on the forums. I love seeing your craft on the subreddit. Also what engines did you use for the copter, wheesly or the high performance one?
  12. I believe that 1.0.5 will bring thermal fixes and 1.1 will improve performance.
  13. For imgur an account is not needed to upload photos, only to publish them
  14. I'm neutral, I often have a BDarmoury SPH focused save and my standard saves where due to SSTO incompetence and general spaceplane failure I stay away. However The VAB controls are still my muscles in-built defaults.