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  1. This irritates me too. As it stands it's more effective to cover your craft with lots of little solar panels than use the larger ones in case parts get obscured.
  2. I want this and I don't understand why sandbox players have to chime in to try to put down other people's style of play. They wouldn't be affected. I'd like story content and ways to find the easter eggs other than by chance (never going to happen) or looking them up online.
  3. I added the attachRules line. Should I have edited the existing one? I'm not using MM.
  4. Here I am trying to merge a craft I loaded onto another. Why is there no attachment point at the top of the pod? What is the use of the merge feature if you can't actually use it to merge anything?
  5. I like how it function on Minmus. The size of craft needed for the Mun, however, is annoying.
  6. The robotic hinges currently need power to hold something in a fixed position against gravity which can quickly drain all power from a craft before I've even left the launchpad. I think it would be useful if they could lock into position, requiring little or no power when locked.
  7. Thanks. I guess they should just fix the VAB specs so match the config files.
  8. I want this too. There have been several threads with many people asking for this over the years. You can dock things to it outside the VAB so there's no reason I can see why I can't do it in the VAB also.
  9. Why is this still a problem in 2019? I added "node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.33, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0" to my docking port config file and while it put a green/black ball where the node should be, it didn't behave like there was an attachment node there so I still couldn't put attach anything to it.
  10. According to the stats, the Mk25 has diameter 6.3 while the Mk12 has diameter 7.7. This seems like a mistake because a) the Mk25 is more expensive (400 vs 150) b) the Mk25 is physically bigger c) the Mk25 has greater mass (0.2 vs 0.075) d) the analogous Mk16-XL has greater diameter than the Mk2 which makes sense because it's a more expensive, bigger, heavier part. Currently there is no reason to use the Mk25 because of a), b) and c) while it is less effective at slowing a craft.
  11. If I want to get the maximum science from an experiment in a biome do I need to send a separate device for each biome and bring it back to Kerbin without overwriting it or can I send a scientist to remove the data from a device and reuse the same equipment, sending the scientist back home with the data?
  12. I wanted to be able to solar-power an aircraft on Eve for a long time and finally am able to do it with the electric rotors. They're a very useful part for freeing yourself from the limitation of fuel for small probes.
  13. Unbelievable... 58 ton asteroid crashed <300 m from target at >300 m/s and I got 5% of science data. I'm not sure the mass of the asteroid contributed anything.
  14. Crash landing within 500 m of my target on the Mun is easy; it's probably been even less than 300 m. Nonetheless, with a >30 ton craft, I only got 5% science whereas Minmus I could get the same with <0.5 ton.
  15. I have a contract to obtain 50% seismic sensor science on the Mun. This was pretty easy to achieve on Minmus with very small craft but the Mun seems to demand much, much larger craft. I was wondering whether deorbiting an asteroid would work. I already have one from another contract and I have enough fuel in my re-direction craft that I think I can smash the thing into the Mun and hopefully break that stupid seismic sensor. I was hoping someone could tell me whether this would register on the experiment before I go through the trouble.