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  1. When I load onto the runway, the engine is already engaged so using that action button disengages the engine. If the engine is engaged, when I use the action button to toggle engine power, the engine disengages - the propeller starts to turn slowly but gets slower and slower until it stops. The engine cannot then be re-engaged until I toggle the engine power again. None of the other buttons help either. Never mind; I thought it used electricity, not liquid fuel.
  2. I've got over 1000 message notifications from the sceince experiment spam and there's no way to clear them easily. It's pretty stupid.
  3. How far away was the impact? I do my best to get them as close as possible (like <300 m) because you seem to get penalised for distance. I think it might be necessary to have focus on the impacting craft also which is pretty much necessary if you're going to get it to crash as close as possible to the sensor.
  4. I have KSP 1.7 (signature out of date). In the end, I entered the cheat menu with Alt + F12 and turned off collision damage or whatever it's called so it could bounce down the hill without exploding.
  5. I have over a 1000 of these notifications because for some reason I get a notification every time an experiment nets 0.000038 science points etc. Surely there's been a way implemented to deal with this in stock by now?
  6. I have a contract to collect some object from the surface of Minmus. I arrived at the location to find that the object is frozen "midair". When I get close enough to the object it unfreezes, rolls down the hillside and explodes, preventing me from fullfilling the contract. Is this contract impossible to complete?
  7. Thanks but imagine if you had to set rocket thrust manually in the part menu whilst flying? As if landing a plane isn't hard enough. Literally unplayable!
  8. I put on a R121 Turboshaft Engine on a plane but there is no staging for it and I don't seem to be able to turn it on. Why does it come under robotics and not engines?
  9. It's been a long time since I played KSP. The game crashes when I start it. I believe all the mods are contained in GameData so I renamed the folder temporarily but when I do that, the game doesn't load at all; it just makes a black window. Why won't the game start with GameData renamed (having an empty folder called GameData does not help). "name": "ModuleManager", "version": "2.7.2" "name": "PreciseNode", "version": "1.2.6" "name": "KIS", "version": "1.7" "name": "KerbalAlarmClock", "version": "v3.8.5.0" "name": "DockingPortSoundFX", "version": "v2.1.12" "name": "KAS", "version": "" "name": "IndicatorLights", "version": "1.2.11" "name": "FlexibleDocking", "version": "5.0" "name": "EasyVesselSwitch", "version": "1.5" "name": "DockingPortAlignmentIndicator", "version": "6.7.0" "name": "Chatterer", "version": "0.9.93" "name": "MechJebForAll", "version": "" "name": "NavBallsToYou", "version": "0.2" "name": "BetterBurnTime", "version": "1.6" "name": "AviationLights", "version": "v3.14" "name": "surfacelights", "version": "1.6" "name": "HyperEdit", "version": "" "name": "SmartStage", "version": "1:2.9.9" "name": "TriggerAu-Flags", "version": "v2.9.2.0"
  10. Disclosure: I'm not really in a position to judge who did best and award accordingly and I'm really only in this to see some cool videos of how NASA is acheiving their CYGNSS launch in a form where I can understand what is happening (KSP interface). On December 12th NASA will launch a constellation of eight satelites on a Pegasus rocket which will be carried to its launch point on the underside of an airplane. I am interested in seeing how the heck this works considering that the satelites have no means of propulsion themselves but still need to end up in appropriate orbits. I don't know whether their Pegasus rocket can/does switch on and off when releasing satelites (I've asked in the Reddit AMA but I don't know whether I will get a response). I guess for the purpose of determining which submission is the best, we could consider how accurate the recreation is with each aspect weighted to how important it is (e.g. having the right coloured rocket isn't as important to me as the configurations of the orbits of the satelites). I'm not really interested in the aeroplane landing after it separates from the rocket. I'd suggest letting it fall in the sea. I also don't think it's very important to exactly mimic the mechanism used to release satelites if it requires mods. If you've got the mods then cool, but otherwise, whatever KSP has in stock is fine, I guess. Can someone else take it from here? I just want to watch the resulting videos!
  11. If you hurry on over to Reddit you can ask questions from the NASA launch director regarding an upcoming launch of a rocket from the underside of a plane which will be carrying eight satelites.
  12. Hey, you're right, I got 1.1.2 confused with 1,2. It's been a little while since I played and I was expecting 1.1.3 still! Yeah, that's not nearly as many tabs as I usually end up with. It's all stuff I want to come back to at some point; pretty messy, I know. I do try to close the stuff I know I'm done with.
  13. I recently upgraded my computer and KSP was downloaded again via Steam. I was expecting to play 1.3 but the version number at the bottom of my screen says it's version 1.2.
  14. Spacedock is down for me. Could someone please add a mirror? Thanks!
  15. I too have wanted this feature for some time. They should take care that a bug doesn't arise for vessels where there are two or more docking ports holding two vessels together which would otherwise maybe cause the fuel to move around in circles.
  16. but don't I need to be near the ascending or descending nodes in order to get my inclinations to match? Is it optimal to do some of the correction away from the AN/DN and then finish it at the AN/DN? I've always done the inclination changes as close to the AN/DN as possible but using the one furthest from the body I'm orbiting. Ideally the AN/DN would align with the PE/AP but that doesn't usually happen.
  17. I have a craft that is mid route between Pol and Laythe (Tylo helped change my orbit). My intention is to rendezvous with a second craft which is in a roughly polar orbit. What manoeuvre should I make to do this as efficiently as possible? What direction should I thrust and when? I don't know if I can change my final inclination much without losing the encounter and how I should be determining the appropriate direction to burn. The two images below show the position I am in my transfer and the orbit of the target.
  18. They are not the same; they have vastly different dimensions.
  19. It should be user adjustable. It is jarring when you're used to one manner of control and then switch to another.
  20. They could put it on a re-writeable DVD and the owner can then update it at home!
  21. I'm not sure that's true at all. Interstellar, with stock parts? Can someone else confirm this? I don't know the numbers well enough to actually calculate an answer.
  22. Plane and boat propellers have different designs because the physical media behave differently.