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  1. Hey there, wonderful mod and I'm just getting into it! I was curious about some of the thermal effects present in the mod. I was curious and tried just cheat menu-ing something into orbit of ash before landing it to see what the temperature dangers were. I didn't get any temp problem though and even when so far as to land in the lava and EVA in it. I thought it might be a problem with ash, so I tested a close orbit of both suns and also had no problems. I was wondering if this was something that needed to be implemented still or if it was another interaction with a mod causing the problem. I am running Beyond Home on ksp 1.10 with the bleeding edge kopernicus. I've also checked my settings to make sure there isn't any cheats or settings related to temperature.
  2. Hey there, I was wondering if it was possible to install OPM during a save so long as you don't have any crafts in orbit around Kerbol at some greater distances or at Eeloo. I wanted to get started while I wait for the Kopernicus update, but I know I'm gonna want to have OPM this playthrough.
  3. Hey there! I was using the mod without issue with 1.6.1 until an issue came up that I can't seem to resolve, even after multiple installs of the mod and validations of the game files. Although the UI is accurate, the mod has suddenly stopped allowing me to swap between any settings using the mod's hotkeys. Additionally, the only available symmetries are the ones available in the base game and the only angle snap that's allowed is 15 degrees. Not certain if there's some setting I've inadvertently triggered or if this is an actual bug, but either way I wanted to ask around to see if anyone had solutions. My install is heavily modded, but it seemed to be running without issue until very recently. Let me know what you all think, thanks for the assistance!
  4. One thing I've noticed about the fork for B9 Procedural Wings that JRodriguez released in this thread (linked below) is that the amount you are forced to increment things by in the menu is rather huge. Does anybody have any ideas on fixing this? jrodriguez's post: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/117236-13-procedural-wings/&do=findComment&comment=3348265
  5. Thanks! Worked like a charm. The icon in the toolbar is just a black box but otherwise it seems to be working just fine!
  6. Encountering a lot of errors with my attempt at ss8913's method for a conversion, I'll fiddle with it a bit tomorrow maybe. Or just wait for an official release. If anyone has had success with their conversion, I would really appreciate just a simple recording of the conversion to see where I am going wrong.
  7. Hey, I remember have more precise controls for the wing parameters when last using this mod, I believe mouseover + J brought up a menu. Can anyone confirm if this is still a feature in this mod or if I have this completely backwards?
  8. Hello everyone, the mod looks awesome but whenever I try to run it with Active Texture Management the mod freezes the game at the loading screen. I sat there for about 10 minutes waiting for an unspecified part to load with the compressed textures (because that does take a while) but eventually just quit the game. I really want to use the mod but I need ATM more. Can anybody help me with suggestions?
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