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  1. Hi Sobol, I really like your nice Mod! Great work. I would like to offer some help for further development - however I have never done anything like this, I am especially interested in the ESM module. I found some nice hi-res pictures that might help with this. Also, I found this interesting powerpoint and a youtube videos that show that the solar panels are tilting towards the back on Trans Lunar Injection and to the front on Moon Orbit circularization. Is it possible to implement this (again, I offer my help!)
  2. I have an idea on how to fix the randomly exploding other vessels. Vessels that are on the ground could be artificially "moved up" for ~1 meter or something to not explode when they spawn/being rendered the first time. Would that work?
  3. Thanks that actually works. Another thing: With the newer versions, I can't "Abort flight" anymore. Is that a feature or a bug? Why is that? Also, the random violent explosions when meeting with another play on the Mun still happen to me. It's fun though :P:cool:
  4. First of all: I love this mod!! Excellent work! I would like to report a bug that I experience: When I am in the VAB or the Hangar and klick the "load" button, the menu does not appear. However, the menu must be there as i can only proceed by clicking where the menu would be and choose a craft to be loaded. This craft is then actually loaded. I just can't see the menu and thus can't see what I am loading! This does NOT happen in a regular game without DMP. I am on the newest version of both KSP and DMP. Mods: - MechJeb - Active Texture Management - DMP (obviously) Thanks for reading.