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  1. The day of reckoning has come. I was finally ready to send off my Mun base. I had a nice site picked out; there was both metal and fuel ore, with the only real hurdle being that the highest concentration of both was within the Mun canyon. But before I could even get to launching I had to resolve some technical troubles on my desktop. These troubles... did not get resolved, so I resolved to move the save to my macbook, and the little mac hamster in my computer had to run on his wheel as fast as he could to keep my heavily modded ksp running. But it did. (Thank goodness for performance improvements.) Then I ran into a number of troubles with the actual landing of the base on the planet. The my first attempt was widly unstable and exploded about 30km above the space center. The second attempt came up about 70m/s short on the Delta-V budget and the result can be seen below. Once we got Mortimer Kerman to stop hyperventilating, I made a third attempt at launching the base and finally landed but was a little off target. Allow me to reiterate that this base is meant to be in the bottom of the mun canyon.. Once all the modules were safely and securely in the bottom of the canyon, I docked them together and looked for a nice flat spot... All set up. Everything that launches from here is gonna get to do a death star trench run on the way out for added coolness. Time to start banging out upgrade modules... Once crew were are board. (shuttled in separately on an overbuilt lander for safety reasons ) I started scrapping some of the original modules and building new ones. Without KIS being updated for 1.2, I can't place survey stakes, so I was forced to get a little creative with launchpads and how I deployed base modules. Though the base as it is now looks pretty darn cool... Thankfully I can now build for free and tomorrows plans will be: -Better life support for this base. -Unlimited relays and rescue missions. (Rescues in orbit around the Mun just got a lot more appealing.) Plus this base is the most comm-blackout place in the universe considering it is never facing kerbin. -Science modules.
  2. Mostly busywork in my career, and technical troubles with my computer and my mods. My computer's been silent ever since I moved it upstairs. I've been having some problems with my mods. Nothing I can't handle, but problems nonetheless. Today it was contract packs that caused me greif. I attempted a contract for a relay satellite that I failed and was penalized 960k funds the moment I loaded my craft onto the launchpad. One SFE later I was back on track. I then moved some tourists to and fro my space hotel with my 10 kerb 'spam cans'. I don't have screenies but picture four mk1 crew cabins between a 2.5m heatsheild and a mk2 lander can. Just under 50k funds a pop and can reach my space hotel in a 400km orbit. I have USILS running on this career so I'd like to get them home from the hotel before they chew though the small supply of food I have there. But the "return" contracts seem to be having problems calling the names of kerbals that are on the hotel, and are instead generating new Kerbs. I tried recovering them straight from the LP, and I tried sending them up to the hotel and then recovering them. Don't know what's going on there, but I forsee another SFE just to clear out my AC roster. Also due to my terrible planning and understanding of how to go interplanetary, My moho orbiter shot by at 4km/sec, and with only 1.6km/sec in the orbiter, it was a pretty brief flyby. On the bright side, I'm finally in a position to put up my EPL base on the far side of the moon. In my seed that East-West canyon on the far side is ripe with both MetalOre and regular old Ore, meaning I can build and fuel up spacecraft with minimal worries about going crazy flying fueling/mining missions. My space program seems to be perpetually broke so perhaps once I have a self-sustaining base in where I can build modules for 'free', I'll start turning a profit. Launching from an airless moon with only about 600m/s to orbit will have its benefits too...
  3. I'd go engineer, but I think I embody a bit of all of these.. To me building my own lineup of spacecraft, each with its own purpose and specifications is what makes the game fun. I tend to make a lot of spacecraft with different iterations, changing fuel tank sizes and payloads on the same basic rocket. In my current career I have 4 slightly orbiters built around a Lithobreak 4k command pod. I also LOOOOOVVVEEE building stations and bases. I tend to try to avoid explosions and crashing and ensure that my spacecraft are reasonably safe. Probably a product of me playing a lot of career mode with quick-loading reserved only for when game-breaking bugs strike or. Can't say I don't enjoy booting up sandbox when I need to check if an idea that seems really stupid will actually work. I have very little knowledge of real-world spaceflight outside of KSP and a few of those 'What KSP doesn't teach' videos that Scott Manely has done. (Good vids btw). Most of what I know about space actually comes from playing this game. My efforts to optimize spacecraft and maneuvers are often pretty rudimentary. (Direct transferred to Moho yesterday, >2km/s.) That isn't to say I don't try with KER and and a DV chart, since I generally fly the same spacecraft on a lot of missions. As for being a flight director. I think I'm this the least out of all of them. I was a part of A DMP server for about 24 hours and I will admit building space stations with other players is a blast, the constant lag and being unable to choose my own suite of mods was kind of a turn off. The server was sadly closed, and I wish I still had the option to play. I did host the Minmus Tower Challenge though...
  4. Well I decided to explore kerbin for anomalies on my hardcore career mode. I apparently left scansat window open a little too long and while I wasn't there to monitor my plane, Mirbeth K. gleefully flew into the side of a mountain.
  5. The "Place a relay satellite with lots of dishes in orbit around Kerbin" contract fails as soon as I load a vessel on the launchpad or in orbit.
  6. lol that's funnier anyway. Yeah I don't have any 3D modeling experience either. I might not be taking college classes this summer, so maybe I'll set aside the time to learn Blender and finally make my own parts pack. Well the mod is lacking in a lot of regards as to allowing someone to make a workable rocket fully out of the parts from it. (Henceforth why I suggest some kind of power generation and couldn't think of anything particularly witty or interesting to replace a deployable solar panel.) I think that some aerodynamic controls are in place, even if they be made out of plywood, umbrellas and picnic blankets. There are opportunities to make things like a desk fan that functions as an atmospheric engine or a burnt out car chassis (or refrigerator box) as a multi-crew command pod, or an old recliner as an external command seat.
  7. This mod is excellent, but there's no means of power generation. Can we please get an RTG that is a power strip plugged into itself?
  8. 10/10 Special forces units always get the job done.
  9. Heck yeah! I requested something like this awhile ago. Glad there's finally a way to sticker names and such onto craft.
  10. I wanted to create a fictional planet, but I wanted it to be very different from earth while still being plausible within the realms of science as a possibly habitable world that one might actually find traversing the galaxy. So I ask to all you hardcore science people: is this possible? Orbits a binary star system. One star is a main sequence, like our sun, but a little smaller. The other is a red dwarf. I wanted to put it around a binary of two red dwarfs since it seemed more plausible than giant/supergiant stars, but I've heard some people say that you can't have a planet around a mere red dwarf because it would be too close as to become tidally locked, as well as having problems with radiation and such. Is the outermost in a system of moons orbiting a gas planet. (Probably with a resonance like Jupiter) The gas planet would probably be similar to Jupiter as well. The potentially habitable moon itself would be smaller than earth. 60-90 percent radius, but be roughly as massive. Simply having more iron and metals rather than rocky compounds within it. A cross section probably resembling that of the planet Mercury. The planet would have a thicker atmosphere than earth, probably 2-5atm at sea level, and the planet would have a lower abundance of water, possibly only enough to allow for a few small seas on the surface. The problems I could see with my model, but I don't know if they would be problems: Protection from solar storms/cosmic rays.If I am within the magnetic field of the parent gas giant, but am on the outermost moon, am I safe. If I were on an inner moon, I might find myself in a radiation belt. If I were just on my own, I might potentially have my own magnetic field. (My planet is basically a flying iron core as it is, though.) But being in the magnetic field to a gas giant, but far enough from the giant to avoid radiation belts? Would the eclipse of the gas planet be a problem causing the planet to cool too much? Would the planet wind up tidally locked? Would the tides in what seas there were be disastrous because the planet orbited a gas giant? Orbital instability? Orbiting a gas planet orbiting a star that has another less massive star going around it? Some other thing I'm not thinking of?
  11. 7/10, destructive, but requires beans and broccoli as ammo.