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  1. I'm not doing it to be efficient. If you want efficiency, rockets is the way to go. I'm simply sick of launching every mission, then having to fly the booster back every time. Also I'm looking for variety, something different, achieving something in fewer launches but in a different way. I also like a challenge, see what's possible to design using early tech. Internet is filled with SSTO's on which you slap rapiers on then call it good. Your out of the box idea seems interesting, basically an almost chemical SSTO, it might worth investigating. Well I'm at the point where a 25 ton (payload) booster isn't exactly cheap at around 40k. And most contracts for such missions pay around 100k. If I were to discard that, that would make the payout not really worth it. I'm going for a 100% recoverable career. A 20k booster won't cut it.
  2. Very nice, thank you for the post. That should point me in the right direction. I have several questions: 1. Are you sure you don't mix up the modes ? Dry mode is when Panthers have cowlings closed, 300 m/s max, wet mode is when plumes are red and you go considerably faster, 2.6 Mach. 2. Why so many wings ? Did lift was severely reduced in 1.8 ? Or they provide high drag in upper atmosphere for quick deceleration, to avoid overheating (I used to do that)? 3. Why Swivels ? Only for gimbal ? They weight more and they're less efficient than Reliant, both is ASL and VAC. Will some extra torque make up for the gimbal ? I have to test that. 4. Fairings around the engines ? Wow drag is really a pain it seems in 1.8. Nice idea, I observed that certain engines seem to have a lot of drag. Yesterday I figured out how to investigate drag, wish there was a mode that would float numbers over selected parts with the drag. Offsetting the engines inside the tanks don't eliminate that drag ? Again, thanks for sharing !
  3. I haven't played since 1.13, I updated to 1.8.1 and it seems that aerodynamic model has changed drastically. I understand that drag is now factored in or something. For the life of me I can't seem to figure what's proper way to launch a rocket, before I could make it in stable LKO on 3,000 dV or less, now sometimes 3,500 seems to not be enough. What's best way to launch a rocket and what's best way to launch a Space plane SSTO ? I think I figured it out, thanks to a tip on Youtube reply. Tip was be at 500 m/s at 45 degrees - do it slowly and gradually. I figured 9 degrees of inclination per 100 m/s. It worked, I launched 2 different rockets, and got them in orbit with 500 m/s dV remaining, so I did the launch in 2,900-3,000 dV. One of them was a 100 ton rockets. Still need confirmation, and question still remains for SSTO
  4. It was actually very difficult to achieve, Panther seem to cut off very early, around 14 km or so they burn out. I couldn't get more than 900 or so m/s using them. According to KSP wiki, their multiplier depends on atmospheric pressure, so you want to be very low when you do your speed run, I pushed the engines to 209kN, for an engine that maxes out at 200kN. Beyong Mach 2.6, their power drops rapidly. Here is the image, I rehost it: Yeah I have all the engines from 160 science now, Terriers are not powerful enough to take this thing out, is quite heavy, poodle might work, I haven't tried it. Unlocked nuclear last night and as soon as I get more cash, I'll get the whiplash.
  5. Why is that, it used to be pretty good ? Yes, in fact that's how I fly all my missions: booster into LKO, land the booster, then 2nd stage goes to do the mission. I know about Falcon 9 style missions, though I haven't tried them yet. Still struggling with new aero model, takes me 3300-3500 dV to get into orbit, while it used to take me 2900-3000.
  6. To get into orbit in the beginning, all you need is capsule, parachutes, 14 small fuel tanks and a swivel engine. That's it ! No staging, no losses, you can recover everything ! Watch this: Works in 1.8.1.
  7. I started new career in 1.8.1, on moderate, I found myself semi reliant on contracts to earn the massive amount of cash needed to upgrade the facilities. One condition I put upon myself, is 100% recoverable craft. Mun orbit passenger contracts are very lucrative, for 5-6 passengers, so I started a quest to design a SSTO plane that can do that, using my current level of technology - panther engines and mk2 body. Unfortunately there aren't many SSTO planes with those requirements on the net, to draw inspiration from. After many tweaks, I was able to build one, unfortunately only made it into LKO, with 200 dV left. Here is my design, it uses 4 panthers and 2 reliants: Please let me know what you think and if you have any advice on how to improve on the design. Is entirely possible I don't have the technology to reach Mun yet, without rapiers.
  8. I'm at the stage when I get such contracts and they're very lucrative. Question is, once you built the station or the base, do you lose control of the facility ? All contracts seem to request 2 pilots, do I "lose" them as well ? Or the base remains under my control ? If I lose the facility, where do I get so many pilots ? From rescues ?
  9. I use a similar method, since Career was basically introduced. My method involves sending the whole craft into orbit, separating there, then land the ascent stage to KSC for 100% refund. Landing it on next continent is out of the question, at least for me. I'm trying to get as close as possible to a Space X launch, although I realize might not work, considering they actually land on barges at sea. Scott Manley had a recent episode he actually did land on a barge at sea. It seems like in vanilla game, is not possible only if I perform extremely inefficient burn maneuvers, as exemplified by Snark. I did multiple tests and I haven't even managed to land the booster stage at KSC without crashing, yet - over 20 tries. I either run out of fuel 100 meters above ground or thing becomes unstable. It also seems to cost a lot of fuel, nearly 20% of total booster stage capacity, to reverse orbit and land at KSC, which makes the whole thing very inefficient, which is the thing I'm after. Seems like I need some modded engines, or to rethink the configuration on the booster, instead of 2 vectors that I use, use many Swivels perhaps in a cluster array. Well thank you both for your input, the search continues.
  10. Lately I was toying with the idea of launching a SpaceX type mission. I seen several videos in which people seem to launch them successfully, but for some reasons I'm unable to replicate them. I'm using 1.2. Is there some sort of mod that I have to use to allow for 2 objects to be tracked at the same time? Every time I separate my booster stage, I put the Payload on cruise speed, then switch to booster using the brackets and land it, but by the time I recover it, my payload simply ... disappears? Or is there some sort of trick on how you switch between the two stages after separation ?
  11. I was playing a idler game and someone in the chat mentioned it. I looked it up and I was hooked !
  12. Nice looking SSTO, I like the way is streamlined. You might want to consider altering the number of engines. From my experience, Whiplashes and vectors don't mix very well: Whiplash has great atmo ISP and Vectors have great thrust in atmo, but poor one in vacuum. Couple that with the weight of Vectors, I'm not surprised you can barely reach LKO. To "give some legs" to this design, I would replace the Whiplashes with Rapiers, drop their number to 4 and replace the 3 Vectors with 2 Nerv's. That way you have just 1 set of engines for your orbital insertion and a second set for vacuum movement. Is also easier to manage, since you only have to take on board a small oxidizer amount, rest is liquid fuel.
  13. Yep. I used it successfully at the recommendation of a forum user, to fix my gigantic, 120 tons payload SSTO. I spent days trying to make the damn thing fly properly, in the end I gave up and ask in the forums. Someone told me about the mod and I fixed my plane in 5 minutes. This is the monster I'm talking about, on the pad, loaded with 120 tons of space station parts: