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  1. I use a similar method, since Career was basically introduced. My method involves sending the whole craft into orbit, separating there, then land the ascent stage to KSC for 100% refund. Landing it on next continent is out of the question, at least for me. I'm trying to get as close as possible to a Space X launch, although I realize might not work, considering they actually land on barges at sea. Scott Manley had a recent episode he actually did land on a barge at sea. It seems like in vanilla game, is not possible only if I perform extremely inefficient burn maneuvers, as exemplified by Snark. I did multiple tests and I haven't even managed to land the booster stage at KSC without crashing, yet - over 20 tries. I either run out of fuel 100 meters above ground or thing becomes unstable. It also seems to cost a lot of fuel, nearly 20% of total booster stage capacity, to reverse orbit and land at KSC, which makes the whole thing very inefficient, which is the thing I'm after. Seems like I need some modded engines, or to rethink the configuration on the booster, instead of 2 vectors that I use, use many Swivels perhaps in a cluster array. Well thank you both for your input, the search continues.
  2. Lately I was toying with the idea of launching a SpaceX type mission. I seen several videos in which people seem to launch them successfully, but for some reasons I'm unable to replicate them. I'm using 1.2. Is there some sort of mod that I have to use to allow for 2 objects to be tracked at the same time? Every time I separate my booster stage, I put the Payload on cruise speed, then switch to booster using the brackets and land it, but by the time I recover it, my payload simply ... disappears? Or is there some sort of trick on how you switch between the two stages after separation ?
  3. I was playing a idler game and someone in the chat mentioned it. I looked it up and I was hooked !
  4. Nice looking SSTO, I like the way is streamlined. You might want to consider altering the number of engines. From my experience, Whiplashes and vectors don't mix very well: Whiplash has great atmo ISP and Vectors have great thrust in atmo, but poor one in vacuum. Couple that with the weight of Vectors, I'm not surprised you can barely reach LKO. To "give some legs" to this design, I would replace the Whiplashes with Rapiers, drop their number to 4 and replace the 3 Vectors with 2 Nerv's. That way you have just 1 set of engines for your orbital insertion and a second set for vacuum movement. Is also easier to manage, since you only have to take on board a small oxidizer amount, rest is liquid fuel.
  5. Yep. I used it successfully at the recommendation of a forum user, to fix my gigantic, 120 tons payload SSTO. I spent days trying to make the damn thing fly properly, in the end I gave up and ask in the forums. Someone told me about the mod and I fixed my plane in 5 minutes. This is the monster I'm talking about, on the pad, loaded with 120 tons of space station parts:
  6. You could switch out the shielded docking port for a more aerodynamic look. This is my version of your Chipmunk, although is twice as bigger and it services a crew of 4 ! But for something in the same spirit as the Chipmunk, here you go : That's right, 2,000 dV in LKO - it can go all the way to Minmus, land, take off, come back and land with fuel to spare
  7. @ Doctor Demential You know the saying, "a picture is worth 1000 words" ? Lightshot for example is a great site that hosts pictures (for free), that's where I keep mine and you can also use their utility to instantly picture snap only a section of your display screen, like if you're browsing for example, or want to capture only a small section.
  8. Very impressive designs, some are very cute and some kinda defeat the purpose of ... "cheapness". Any craft that loses parts, in long run is more expensive than a true SSTO, albeit there is a upper limit mass for said SSTO. Putting 4 kerbals in orbit, sure, putting 60 tons in orbit, not so much. I have this for orbital ops: rescue, tourists, crew shuffling, etc. Six crew or 5 crew + pilot, up to the spaceflight Director ! Next is a tiny 2 crew shuttle using non rapier technology, wins in cute department ! - I don't use it much, too tiny. Wanna send two lovebirds on a honey-moon voyage to Minmus, on the cheap ? This is your bird: Surely, it might lack in comfort and be a little cramped, but as the saying goes, "what happens on Minmus stays on Minmus !" <UPDATE> This is about as cheapest I can get a crew of 4 into orbit. In 100/100 LKO with 75 monoprop left for docking maneuvers and some dV. We're coming in for a landing folks ! Almost home with 135 m/s left in the tanks ! View from the SPH, with CoM, CoL and total dV And ... the cost of the trip? Well it all comes to the gran total of <drumroll> 682 funds, fuel plus monoprop. Everything else comes back, hopefully in one piece :). I hope the cost of fuel is correct in the menu LOL, forgot to recover the craft and write the difference.
  9. I intensely dislike this idea. Kerbals are a race of lifeforms who live underground, in caves and grottoes, like the Ixians from Dune universe. They chose to keep the surface of their planet in pristine, natural form, free of pollution and eyesores. The only exception is the KSC itself, the only "town" allowed to exist on surface. There is also a practical component. Can you imagine how slow the game would run with even more textures to load ?
  10. Yeap, heat got a bit more dangerous and I'm fine with that, it should be dangerous ! Is not like dusting crops or peeling potatoes, we're going to space for crying outloud !
  11. Ok here they are, though I cannot put them in a public folder, that's a payed service on dropbox. Give these links a try, see if they work, if not I'll change the file host. There are 5 links, one for each file, I added an extra copy with the .log for a modded install, very few mods, the ones I can't play without: Redux, Docking assistant, Hyperedit, Kopernicus and SVT (last two are a recent addition, I can live without them). -DxDiag: -KSP.log: -KSP.log (modded): (modded).log?dl=0 -output_log.txt: (modded).txt?dl=0 -output_log.txt(modded): (modded).txt?dl=0 Thank you very much for taking time to look over these.
  12. Well every time a new patch gets released, "the manual" with flight instructions for previous designs gets tossed out the window. The design is sound, but I was expecting one would know how to fly it, from experience. My mistake, made an assumption. Yes, "flips". When you hit atmo, treat the craft like you would a winged SSTO, except backwards, engines go in 1st. They have a decent heat resistance so they make good makeshift heat shields. As you descend, push your craft towards the horizon, up - down, or lateral left - right. You create basically this pendulum movement: you push up, increase AoA, expose more surface to rushing air, you slow down. Pressure pushes your craft back to neutral, so take advantage of that and push with it, creating a wide movement in the opposite direction, hold there a moment, then push again with pressure in opposite direction. With a craft that is fairly engine heavy, this pendulum motion is enough to slow it down, but generally not enough to avoid losing engines. Some crafts are a bit more unstable, CoM and CoL are far closer, so at some point, craft can tumble end over end, through atmosphere, executing "flips". From one point of view this is highly unrealistic and undesirable, from other point of view, this is extremely useful because it leads to massive drag resulting in a sharp deceleration, while allowing the engines to get out of the way of danger to cool down a bit. But anything that it has a heat tolerance of less than 2,000 K will be incinerated. By hiding or streamlining every inch of the craft, losing bits can be avoided. Also one trick to make this process easier, is to add the giant S-wings to your craft. They massively increase the drag, so you can break "harder" into upper atmosphere, avoiding overheating completely. But it will make your craft look funny and they're not really needed with a bit of gymnastics I should probably post a video on this lol, I kinda want to get into making some.
  13. Most of his rockets can survive the 1.1.3 reentry heat, all except the ones that use the Mammooth? engines. Those have always been very sensitive to overheating, like the Vector. Technically I manage to bring them back too, but the craft was a chemical SSTO with wings - it would take off as a rocket, then land as a spaceplane on the runway. The large wing surfaces were responsible for a quick aerobreak, keeping the heat within the tolerances for those fragile engines. They turned out to be more of a problem, but I seen several youtube videos with people landing similar crafts - sadly they might not have been 1.1.3 For all other ones, mainsails, skippers, reliants, aerospikes, as long as you enter around 2200 m/s and do several "flips" you should be ok. I haven't tried his exact designs, I always built my own, since career mode was introduced: 100% recoverable craft, you only spend money on fuel. They look eerily similar lol.