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  1. I finally added to KerbalX the craft file for tier 3 SSTO, called Junky. https://kerbalx.com/Zamolxes77/Junky Please let me know what you think about it and if it can be further tweaked.
  2. Is finally done, I manage to create a synthesis of the different designs, looks sleek and flies very well. It can be flown very easily to remain with 600+ m/s dV in orbit, about 100 is needed to de-orbit, so you have 500dV left for orbital operations, including docking. Don't forget to shed the "hat" once you enter space ! As promised, here is the craft file, have fun https://kerbalx.com/Zamolxes77/T4-SSTO-mk7 If anyone needs other craft files from the planes I posted, let me know !
  3. Mainsail is Tier 5 technology, is unlocked after Skipper.
  4. I continued to refine my attempt at building a Tier 4 SSTO, first making it bigger: Then finally dumping the 1.825m parts and going straight to 2.50 metrs. Despite my sincerest efforts, I couldn't squeeze more dV out of the 1.825 m version, which in my opinion looks best. I also had to switch the cockpit, as a docking port on plane part looks weird: The 2.5m version has about 400-500 dV for orbit operations however it doesn't look as good. I tried to build a rocket only version, but the Skipper doesn't have enough TWR to push wings, wheels and all that i
  5. Off course, any suggestion where to host it ?
  6. I continue my trend, exploring plane SSTO's on the lower end. This is my attempt for a T4 plane SSTO. Wanted to use some air breathing engines, and surprisingly, Wesley work pretty well. I also wanted to use the Skipper which is unlocked at tier 4 (5 on wiki, not counting the tier you start with, tier 0). Weighs little more than 2 reliants, but has nearly triple the thrust and more efficient, ASl and VAC. This is the first crude attempt, the thing looks mostrous, but flies like a dream, up down, atmo breaking ! Size of the Skipper makes it stick out like a sore thumb and using 2.5m fuel t
  7. Thanks, looks like prntscr is not that good anymore. i hosted on imgur, hope it works
  8. Please try again, I inserted pics into post using insert image tool, let me know if you can't see them.
  9. After many hours of tinkering and testing, I finally achieved my goal. A true plane SSTO that uses ONLY tier 3 parts or bellow. Is ugly as sin, requires moderate flying skills, takes a pilot and 2 passengers in LKO. Takes off the runway on 4 Juno, but you have to wait for end of runway and Reliants have to be engaged right at the end. Junos get turned off around 14km and Terriers get engaged. Reliants get turned off once you reached a 40 km Ap, and thing flies into orbit the rest of the way using only terriers. Reliants can be used for short bursts of speed when necessary. Entr
  10. Incorrect. That only matters on Kerbin or other planets that have atmosphere. Or you might want to explain how people are landing and taking off Mun with nuclear engines and TWR of 0.25 ?
  11. Next stop, a mk3 plane SSTO that goes from KSC all the way to land on the Mun ! With room for 3,000 ore to bring it back for contracts !
  12. It took me another 8 hours, but I finally made a plane SSTO using Juno's and a Reliant. It's gonna take a bit to tweak it for tier 3 parts (I want to see if I can use basic wheels). Takes 2 passengers into orbit, unfortunately, despite my best efforts, only has enough dV to come back down once in LKO: Maybe if I tweak burning points and amount of Fuel/Oxidizer will get more useful dV up in orbit.
  13. I became obsessed with early SSTO's and spaceplanes. Here is a spaceplane made with tier 3 parts (tier 4 on wiki), the ones with basic Aviation: It uses basic wheels which explode at 1200 Kelvin. Solution, you have to enter atmosphere inverted, wheels "up" so to speak, so you break with the top of your plane instead of the bottom. Is balanced very well, very easy to fly and land. Despite my best efforts, front wheel explodes even when inverted, so I added 2 radiators attached to front cockpit and slided back, to help with cockpit heat dissipation during reentry. It seems to do the tr
  14. Here is a streamlined design inspired by your Mk2 Spaceplane. Unfortunately is in vanilla, 1x Kerbol System : Uses tier 4 techs for plane itself and booster (inline docking might not be T4). Pilot plus 2 passengers in LKO, 800 m/s dV once in orbit. 7k dV using Junos in aero mode. Optimized for landing with rear tanks empty (the ones used by Terrier). It recovers the orbital engine as well. Off the pad, with booster: Bottom of the booster is filled with 12 tail fins, to offset the CoL closer to CoM, to eliminate instability during aero flight. Don't know if there i
  15. How about a pic with the giant rocket, I love to optimize rockets, maybe another pair of eyes can give you ideas
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