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  1. Omg, this reminds me of that crazy similar craft -
  2. Just to mention size difference between human and kerbal -
  3. As for targeting flares - missive can have a certain chance (for ex, 3/10) to switch target to flare, when it "sees" it.
  4. Maybe it's better to make things like in reality - missile explodes when its target is within certain radius, not when hitting target directly.
  5. Say, does patrolling do take place after re-loading the game?
  6. Thanks for this mod, looking great so far! I would suggest some additional features - make ammunition boxes (and, maybe, light missiles?) KAS-grabbable, and add explosions when ammo boxes get destroyed. Please, carry on!
  7. Well I've got to say, this mod is very promising keep it up! So far I've noticed some confusing things - like huge Jool orbiting tiny, but massive central body (Duna, for ex.), which have escape velocity of 50k+ m/s. Also it would be definitely good to implement Roche limit, as was mentioned above, to avoid very close orbits. As to compatibility with other mods - there is an issue with BoulderCo clouds. If a planet got equator radius boost, chances are that instead of terrain, cloud layer would get inflated.
  8. Actually, there is a faster way to rerandomize - just open your save game folder, and delete PlanetRandomizer.cfg. Then quit traking station screen - and voila, randomize window shows up! But yeah, it would be definitely easier, if this mod could have integration to toolbar plugin.