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  1. I've seemed to have found the culprit. It was a small Antenna multiplier patch I had installed. It somehow was conflicting with B9PS.
  2. Not that I am aware. I've been pruning out mods for the last few hours with no luck. Here's a list of what I currently have installed:
  3. Getting a Serious Warning from B9PartSwitch on startup. In game when selecting a different engine type (ie F-1, F-1A, F-1B), there is a change in mass and appearance, but not Max Thrust or ISP. This happens with many engine types, if not all. Spoiler below has related portion of log.
  4. Having a small issue I can't seem to figure out what's going on when using @Zorg's wonderful fairings. When I select a fairing base, everything works as advertised, even resizing the height. However, when I select a different fairing using part switcher, I get misshapen fairings.
  5. Bobo: "Are we there yet? ... Are we there yet? ... Are we there yet? ... Are we..." Mission Commander: "Uh-oh! Looks like we have a problem with the guidance computer. Bobo, come with me, I have a very important mission for you. I need you to steer the ship for us. Okay, buddy? Can you do that?"
  6. Anyone having issues with SRBs immediately flaming out at launch with this latest update? The only SRB that fires when testing all at once is the seperatron.
  7. Does this mean BDB for KSP 1 will be abandoned once KSP 2 is out or is this just a time frame of when the Saturn Revamp will likely begin?
  8. I should probably sign up on GitHub. I saw the LR79 was updated in the 1.7 Development branch. Took it out for a test. Seems to be working properly, the torque thrust is no more.
  9. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but I’m getting a torque thrust from the LR79/RS-27. It’s enough to push the rocket off course and makes handling difficult.
  10. I like where this is going! Any chance of a Saturn S-1D thrust plate in the future? Perhaps a 5.625m Avionics Unit?
  11. I read somewhere that with LDC, two of the four core engines were to be lit on the ground with the SRB’s. Shortly before booster separation, the other two core engines were to be lit. Sometime before core stage burnout, two of the core engines were to be shutdown.
  12. I aim for 44.5km, especially returning from the Mun and Minmus. Most, if not all of the ablator is used on reentry, but the heatshield can take the heat. G-Forces usually max out at around 4 gees. Just make sure you are lined up on the surface retrograde marker when entering the atmosphere, especially the 1.825m command pod. It won't last long in reentry if it deviates. I have not taken a 1.25m CM or heatshield to Mun, so I cannot speak on their performance at those speeds.
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