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  1. The feels, this is so old :') Some pics of my UR-700 mission last night, spend some times into the design of the UR rocket, the first stage is working very well with the stronk Energia's engines but the second stage with the Rd-108 is too weak But still, I'm happy with the general look !
  2. Almaz is already ingame, search at "Vega" name proof : what I did last night
  3. I second the vote for early soyuz design parts, also for early soyuz the umbilical arm could a cool decoupler (I don't know if the part itself is feasable in KSP)
  4. Ur 700 LK, nice, Me : an intellectual, L3/19k boiiii
  5. Been away for a while but got my afternoon time to make an advanced MOL station, inspired by the horizontal MOL made by @Zorg ! The Big Gemini ferry is so chonk compared to the station but it's a very cool bus
  6. Your camera work is really outstanding, the MOL is going to be awesome with this very cool addition
  7. Awesome ! I’m glad to see this cargo bay with a fresh haircut and harmonized with the new mol look. Now we have a lot of space inside for ... space tourism
  8. Testing out new MOL stuff, had a lot of fun trying to build a cool looking camera thing inside the cargo bay which is still is very handy part!
  9. Tried to remake the Saturn IB Gemini station, pretty enjoyable craft and a lot of space for space friends Just tweakscaled the SM for the fat gemini to the diamater of a LDC second stage!
  10. Based on this I recreate the Gemini holding the single lander. Legs don't fits in the cargo but it's okay for me and looks nice ! I love this little lander, it really feels like being space cowboys
  11. Those station parts with the XIV looks so pure, something "futuristic" you know, very well done Well <3 !
  12. You don't need people mind when you can decide for everyone komrad.