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  1. Polyus time ! If you have not saw it the poster I made for the Vostok update !
  2. Awesome update ! Looking forward for this vostok hat, very nice OP and many thanks for the ping ! edit : have you planed to do the voskhod eva tube then ?
  3. As I said yesterday, I've found some time to honor the coming update of Tantares from our beloved @Beale, this update (re)add the Vostok !
  4. Many thanks ! I'm glad to see my work please you .
  5. Many thanks for this indev update ! awesome work as usual, and this little Vostok is an awesome piece of craft !
  6. After almost two months of silence, I found some time to work on a simple patch for a Apollo-Venus mission, using BDB parts of course. More will come soon enough !
  7. DiscoSlelge

    [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    It looks very nice ! It's always a pleasure to see your progression !
  8. Thanks for the following :)

  9. DiscoSlelge

    Looking for Artists

    @Cortwade As soon as you posted some of my work I consider so I can interest you for some work
  10. Thanks for the following !

    1. AsteroH


      No problemo ! I wish you have the 4x4 de Daffy

  11. Ooooh that's sounds awesome !
  12. Was waiting for a shot like that ! <3 Many thanks @bcink for your work