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  1. After long silence phase I mannaged to work a bit with the new awesome BFR of our beloved @damonvv, enjoy this new poster !
  2. Mhmmm... "Space" "two" "eye"
  3. This is going throught satanic things here
  4. I want to spy with that !
  5. we're close to the satanic page, will Tantares thread fall into :bealemote: inferno ?
  6. The descent stage has 3 engines and it’s really enough to land in stock size. I just have to find a solution for the ascent stage, it has only one engine (lem descent) and it’s just enough to make a tiny orbit around the moon, and if I use another engine like the lem ascent it’s not powerful enough to push me up, maybe two engines is the solution ! solution moar fuel
  7. Has been asked a lot of time but not planned for the moment
  8. Awesome work as usual, I would vote for this version so !