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  1. Based on this I recreate the Gemini holding the single lander. Legs don't fits in the cargo but it's okay for me and looks nice ! I love this little lander, it really feels like being space cowboys
  2. Those station parts with the XIV looks so pure, something "futuristic" you know, very well done Well <3 !
  3. You don't need people mind when you can decide for everyone komrad.
  4. Bourgeoisie ? Where ? I only see great lander base komrade nothing in relation with capitalists pïgs ! > Many thanks ! I need to find some trick for the base, making it less LM looking.
  5. Inspired by the lovely LK of @NeoFatalis I also made a detailed LK with the lunar soyuz !
  6. Beale : remaking LK parts, real lander Also me : Have you experience a real soviet engineering ? BEHOLD ! the LEK 1975 with SoyuzTM inside the oignon fairing
  7. Thought the RD 858 was possible in ksp :thonk: from RN soviet spacecraft. Anyway, the one exhaust chamber looks nice also ! That perfect round shape is tasty !
  8. Testing the new comrads Korobeale stuff. Damn the envrionnement section is not going to appreciate that glorious junkyard on Mün... For what I saw now the new LK is awesome! The dual color of white and green is neato I just ping some things : the LK engine is very powerful maybe a bit too much, and I thought, is it possible to add cargo section in the LK ? Maybe only one or two places but I think it could be cool for new DLC parts, I don't know if it would be time consuming or not ?
  9. I second @Well for the crème dessert color, it's far tastiest
  10. Niiice I love the color scheme on your reference drawing. We clearly understand that is a one man lander it's so tiny ! I'm impatient to see your further work for this revamp <3