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  1. DiscoSlelge

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    Giving some love to your stuff, truely amazing, thanks for your hard work <3
  2. Now I can finally make the Titan II whooping with your pad <3 Thanks for your awesome work
  3. What can I said, awesome work, the buildings design is just mesmerazing, this is the KSC we deserve, thanks for your hard work and bring us this gem <3
  4. Our beloved Beale-san charged me to reveale the patch for the next coming release ! enjoy and prepare yourself for direct !
  5. DiscoSlelge

    [1.6.1] Knes 0.6.1 - Froggies Update

    Je suis Knes <3
  6. Gave some love to Apollo-Soyuz flight !
  7. DiscoSlelge

    [WIP] North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module

    Recently spend love again in your lander and some of your parts !
  8. DiscoSlelge

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    One of the best pic I ever seen on KSP forum
  9. Gemini X patch mashup with a vinyl of the famous song Wouldn't it be nice by the Beach Boys, the spacecraft and the song were launched the exact same day, 18 july 1966. For all music and Gemini lovers <3 !
  10. DiscoSlelge

    [WIP][RSS/RO] Alternate Apollo

    Wow wow amazing stuff for the station I'm really excited with what is about to come as addition to your fantastic mod <3
  11. DiscoSlelge

    [1.5x] Duna Direct

    Was following the project for a long time, amazing work you get better and better with your stuff, congrats ! <3