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  1. Elia-1 first french space station is launched by a Vulcain B ! And soon joined by Viking ! The "kerbalness" of Vulcain rockets is so funny
  2. First orbital launch for french kerbonaute ! With Carmen rocket. Viking is adopted !
  3. I thought first that soyuz was a small spacecraft, and then I saw this picture
  4. Seeing those capsules docking together makes me think how about good Knes has come. Truely for me it's one of the greatest "recent" mod available on the forum. I love your work so much, thanks for it <3
  5. Okay I found my new phone template ! I've silent here for a long time, but here I said, the amount of work put in this titan revamp is just stunning, the craft looks amazing, neat and fresh. This shot looks strangely realistic to me and makes me say "wow this is really impressive". Thanks for the hard work you make for us <3 Love <3 (And the orange decoupler is so nice)
  6. First, wow, this is really awesome, the pod is lovely and the service module is perfect And yes I agree for the Monoprop' as @Kaleu said, with the size of engines it's more realistic !
  7. My hypeo'meter is way too high between your stuff and cuburt Titan revamp...
  8. I patiently waited for the official release, was not disappoint, the stuff is really amazing the team work is mesmerizing ! It gave me back the need to play (Re)stock
  9. After some weeks above the Mün inside the Polyus-Mün station, the TKS is boosting back to home..
  10. Super Vulcain on the pad ! Minmus probe using Knes and BDB science stuff !
  11. A mix between Vulcain and Bacchus (I guess) to launch the first french boi into space !
  12. They did it before Apollo 8 ! This is the Soyuz 7k-9k-11k early concept for circumlunar mission planned for 1965-66
  13. As I said it's an alternativ history timeline about manned space program, it's written by (as far as I know) one person, and you can find the story right here : https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/ocean-of-storms-a-timeline-of-a-scientific-america.418531/
  14. hum hum BEHOLD Soviet station using parts of Polyus program and new Mir project for expending soviet presence around the moon !
  15. Long silence but worth it I think : US Bicentennial flight patch ! Alternate history patch made for the readers of Ocean of Storms timeline ! Timeline you can find here https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/ocean-of-storms-a-timeline-of-a-scientific-america.418531/
  16. Not as beautiful shot as @Jay The Amazing Toaster but I also managed to release the soviet dream !
  17. Not sure of the craft, barely uncontrollable, rough ride, adidas space program, so glad to have this spaceship/station in Tantares ! <3
  18. Amazing rcs block, I love them, it adds the detail touch for polyus <3
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