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  1. Very nice update of ariane V stuff ! The Hermes will fit perfectly on it
  2. Finally managed to land this thing after too many atemps ! The Vejur was a nice stage for moon orbit and descent ! I choose a moon train option like the soviet way to gain weight as I tried into a 2.5 system, it was not that easy !
  3. Beautiful collection, thanks for bringing french rockets up ! <3
  4. It's a pretty old flag from the forum that's beeing used along the UKKR one I think I have it since 2014... If you want it I can send it to you via PM !
  5. For those I mostly use : the white and black striped one is "Astérix" probe it goes on top of rosuette rocket it doesn't need anything else, the gold one is another french satelite called "diapason" it has a dedicated solar panel and one folding antenna if I'm right. The far left one is a soviet probe, for now it has no other part, the black semi sphere is pioneer 5 probe. I think the one with solar pannels on it is an english one... And the far right one should be humm maybe mariner 10 ? Not sure.
  6. screenshots tax 2 I tried the tug, wonderful part and the lab section is gorgeous !
  7. Giving some love to your stuff, truely amazing, thanks for your hard work <3
  8. Now I can finally make the Titan II whooping with your pad <3 Thanks for your awesome work
  9. What can I said, awesome work, the buildings design is just mesmerazing, this is the KSC we deserve, thanks for your hard work and bring us this gem <3
  10. Our beloved Beale-san charged me to reveale the patch for the next coming release ! enjoy and prepare yourself for direct !
  11. Recently spend love again in your lander and some of your parts !
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