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  1. One of the best pic I ever seen on KSP forum
  2. Gemini X patch mashup with a vinyl of the famous song Wouldn't it be nice by the Beach Boys, the spacecraft and the song were launched the exact same day, 18 july 1966. For all music and Gemini lovers <3 !
  3. Wow wow amazing stuff for the station I'm really excited with what is about to come as addition to your fantastic mod <3
  4. Was following the project for a long time, amazing work you get better and better with your stuff, congrats ! <3
  5. Made some direct mün mission with your lk stuff and almaz engines!
  6. my my my that's a wonderful sheet, I can't wait anymore !
  7. Sweet many thanks to you too bois <3 Glad you like my work it’s really heart touching
  8. After long silence phase I mannaged to work a bit with the new awesome BFR of our beloved @damonvv, enjoy this new poster !
  9. we're close to the satanic page, will Tantares thread fall into :bealemote: inferno ?
  10. The descent stage has 3 engines and it’s really enough to land in stock size. I just have to find a solution for the ascent stage, it has only one engine (lem descent) and it’s just enough to make a tiny orbit around the moon, and if I use another engine like the lem ascent it’s not powerful enough to push me up, maybe two engines is the solution ! solution moar fuel
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