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  1. Mars and phobos obersavtion Phobos 2 Mission purpose : investigate on Mars atmosphere gaz composition and mars's moon. Launch date : 12 july 1988 Launch site and launch vehicle : Baikonur; Proton K. Proton K ready to launch. At 17:01 Proton rises Minutes after the launch the third stage enters in action. LOK last stage kicks Phobos 2 on way to Mars ! The 29 January 1989 Phobos 2 enters in orbit around Mars and makes a quick fly by uppon Phobos See you next time !
  2. Logical, because of the deadly fire caused by an unknown object and engender the loss of the crew ... *kgb's knocking* , oh no...
  3. Thanks ! ooooh Awesome work, neat and clean, I take my hat off to you and the team !
  4. Me after seeing Almaz stuff : Yes c h u b b y c o m m u n i s m Awesome work <3
  5. There's always hope, not dead ! Commissioned patch from @EBOSHI for a challenge event on the japanese community !
  6. shame.. Still good to see and with this noice green !
  7. The new green salyut looks awesome !
  8. One day our lord and savor loaf-man will grant us with those legs
  9. Polyus time ! If you have not saw it the poster I made for the Vostok update !
  10. Awesome update ! Looking forward for this vostok hat, very nice OP and many thanks for the ping ! edit : have you planed to do the voskhod eva tube then ?
  11. As I said yesterday, I've found some time to honor the coming update of Tantares from our beloved @Beale, this update (re)add the Vostok !
  12. Many thanks for this indev update ! awesome work as usual, and this little Vostok is an awesome piece of craft !
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