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  1. I'm also having this problem, not using CKAN though. It only seems to happen on the stock and KSPIE retractable solar panels and the SP-G Shrouded Solar Array from the Mk2 Expansion mod; all other solar panels work fine. I didn't edit the non-retractable panels to be retractable so I didn't test every solar panel, but I did test every retractable panel from stock, near future solar, KSPIE and the single panel from Mk2 Expansion. I tested with my normal 100+ mod list and with just KSPIE + Near Future Solar. It seems that when you close the panels it subtracts the energy that the solar pane
  2. I recompiled for 1.4.5 and as far as I can tell it still works perfectly fine without any changes to the code. Just download the last version of this mod from spacedock & replace the .dll in the mod folder with the one from my link. Simple Logistics Recompile for 1.4.5
  3. Well this is embarrassing.. I didn't notice the hidden newer versions in Github, OR that the Spacedock version was different. I must have been more tired than I thought. Thanks guys.
  4. I guess 1.4.5 broke TCA? Not sure if it's the toolbar or the UI that doesn't work.. or both. Works in the editor, broken in flight. This is in a game with only TCA and its dependencies.
  5. The Size 2 Cargo Bay CRG-15 (size2short.cfg) has sorta reversed open/closed detection. The drag model works correctly, increasing drag as the doors open. Cargo inside gets drag when the doors are closed and no drag when the doors are open. I had to reverse these settings in the animation module... MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric ... revClampDirection = false true revClampSpeed = true false revClampPercent = true false } and change the cargo bay module closed position from 1 to 0 to get it to work correctly. MOD
  6. You know the forum gives you a tooltip if you mouse over CKAN. Anyway it's a mod manager. You tell it what mods you want; it downloads them, installs them and keeps them up to date. It does the same for any dependencies the mods need. Not all mods are available on it however. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/154922-ckan-the-comprehensive-kerbal-archive-network-v1226-guiana/
  7. Is your mod meant to have what seems like a debug function spamming the console? elcDrawn16 GNDrawn-16 backcharge0 consumption 16.93462 tefactor 1 Time.deltaTime 0.02 Writes to the console about 20 times a second. Seems to slow the game down a bit. Also makes it impossible to read anything in the console of course.
  8. Hey, got a bug report. Using blizzy's toolbar 1.7.13 & TAC LS 0.12.6. The toolbar is looking in the wrong place for some of the icons.. looks like a missing " / " [ERR 18:44:25.738] [Toolbar] [ERROR] button texture not found: ThunderAerospace/TacLifeSupport/IconsTACyellowIconTB Spams the error forever. Does it for the yellow & red icons, dunno if any of the others are incorrect.. ran out of time to test. Works correctly if you copy the icons over & rename them to what its looking for.
  9. Thank you, that answered all my questions. Wish I had the answer to the problem, alas, I do not.
  10. I can't seem to find anything up to date concerning FAR & MechJeb compatibility. I know sarbian was working towards compatibility, but ran into some issues with FAR ("FAR does not allow to query it for drag coef when given speed/attitude/altitude."). Are there still plans to work towards compatibility?
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