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  1. Has anyone made propellers for the latest dlc electric motors for submarines? I tried but was not very sucessful
  2. I decided that I wanted to create some round bodied fuel only tanks for use with nukes. It makes attaching multiple radial parts (eg 6 tanks) easier. Rather than installing and learning some 3d grafics program, I went the easy way and modded the existing Kerbodyne size 3 tanks (and the size 4 ones from the expansion pack) to be fuel only. For this, all you need is a simple text editor (I used Notepad++) and MS paint to create a PNG file. Oh and Excel would help. Here's what to do: Locate the KSP parts directory - .....\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\FuelTank\Size3Tanks Copy all but one file into a new diectory where you will keep your modded parts - .......\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RedsMods\Parts\FuelTank I created and put mine in directory "RedsMods\Parts\FuelTank" but you can create your own name. Just make sure you put it in the GameData directory. I copied all the files shown below except for This is the old texture file that we will replace with the PNG file. However, make note of the file name as we will be using it later. Open one of the CFG files in a text editor. Eg - large.cfg Change the "name" to something you like. I also changed a few other things which were not importatnt. The "Title" and "Description" will show up in the VAB The Model - "mode1 " needs to point to the appropriate ".mu" file located in your new directory I deleted the whole Oxidizer section in Resource and added that amount to the Liquid Fuel section. This is what the Resource section looked like originally: Now for the graphics. In Excel I created a grid starting with A1 and ending in the bottom Right had side with AF102. (Doesn't have to be exacly that number), and pasted it into a PNG file created in MS Paint (or whatever graphics program you like) I saved this file in my new dirctory and called it EXACTLY the same name as the old DDS file except it was now a PNG file: .......\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RedsMods\Parts\FuelTank\fueltTanks_cm.png If you were to look at the bottom of the ".mu" file in a text editor you will see that it is referencing "fueltTanks_cm" Now go into KSP and look at the tank in the VAB This will show you what part of the PNG file a particular section is looking at. Paint by numbers! Note that the Top, Bottom and some of the small parts use the same area for all 3 different size tanks. The sides generally use different areas. This is what I ended up with after doing all 3 size tanks: Save this new file and replace the temporary Excel grid file: .......\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\RedsMods\Parts\FuelTank\fueltTanks_cm.png Restart KSP and you will have some nice new shiny tanks. The same process should work for other parts as well. Below is a pic of all the tanks I did. 1st is mine, then the original, mine, original......
  3. Hi Xd, Would there be any value in me writing this one up? Apart from yourself and Snark, no one else has shown any interest. It would take me some time to do one and I would hate to do so if no one was to get any value out of it.
  4. I prefer to refuel from Minmus. It has lower gravity so you burn less fuel getting into orbit and back again. This is a pic of my all in one ship. Lots of solar panels, radiators and batteries. It has 6 drills which is overkill. Next time I would only put in 2 drills (maybe 4 - tops) For the Mun you may want to go with a rover and ship solution, so that you can reduce the weight of the tanker. Here is a pic of a rover I designed. I used a Grabbing Unit instead of a docking port because I found its easier than trying to dock with a ship on the ground. Lining up over and over again can be a real pain. The tanker I would use would probably be a version of the one above, but with all the unnecessary bits removed to make it more lightweight. This rover has no fuel tanks and would need to be attached to the tanker whilst mining I have assigned all the extension and retraction of solar panels, radiators and drills to action keys, as it is much easier than right clicking on every bit every time. You need to make sure that you do not assign the same keys to other functions on your tanker, because both actions will be combined when the 2 craft are attached/docked with each other.
  5. I decided that I wanted to mod some existing fuel tanks to be fuel only and wanted them to look differently so I could distinguish them from the originals. From what I gathered is that Unity (3d program {compiler?} with KSP part tools) will not reverse engineer the .mu file which is the 3d graphic for a part. I did not want to install and learn some 3d program just for modding some tanks and so looked for an easier way to do it. Eventually I discovered that you can use Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files to render the skin. You can create these in MS Paint and other programs. If this has not been covered already and enough people want more info on how to do this, I will do a write-up on this thread. But if this is an already well known fact then please let me know and then this thread can fade into obscurity.
  6. As a side note, here's something you can try if you're bored: I Hyperedited 3 asteroids into the same orbit in quick succession using the Simple tab for orbits in Hyperedit. This caused the 3 asteroids to overlay each other. I can't remember if the option is called "Simple" or something else. Anyway it's the first one and the simplest. As I approached the asteroid(s) with my craft the physics kicked in and the asteroid(s) exploded. 2 were destroyed and one was flung away. Beginners mistake. After that I would put them into orbits 50km apart. BTW I did all of this so I could find a "Mystery Asteroid"
  7. Restarting the game did the trick. I was able to grab after a few tries. For a moment I thought that my probe and the asteroid had glitched out and been replaced by a cube. Did I just transition into Minecraft? Then I realised that I was zoomed in. I zoomed out and tada: So I discovered that there is a cube at the centre or an asteroid. Hm, I wonder if it can be crafted into anything?
  8. I Hyperedited some Asteroids into Kerbin orbit. I tried to attach with a small satellite, but the grabber will not grab. This happened with more than one asteroid. I tried over and over, slow, fast - you name it. I had previously used the same satellite type with 2 other asteroids that were not Hyper edited and they worked ok. Any thoughts?
  9. I had a problem with the ship carrying Danlo the Engineer and a small rover for him to get about with. Every time I clicked on to another ship it would disappear! Turns out the ship was set to "Debris" even though it showed as set to "Rover" I changed it to "Ship" and everything was fine after that. Landing Danlo on the plateau was just as hard. I even took screen shots of the trajectory, printed them and marked all my attempts. I could not see any logic to it. Its like trying to hit a dart board with your eyes closed. Just keep trying over and over and you will get lucky. Next time I'm going in with wings. Oh and this craft had heat shields and parachutes. So after fixing the wheels and refueling the SSTO, I encountered a problem. Every time I undocked the rover, the SSTO would bounce up and down and eventually fall over. I tried adding a little fuel, undock, redock and add more, but I would get to a point where it would fall over anyway. So I found that I could launch the SSTO and quickly undock. Sadly the SSTO did not make it into orbit after all that. Sigh! Looks like I'll have to send down a multistage to get Danlo off the rock.
  10. Yup I just did that, although it was set to rover and not debris. I have debris set to 0 and one thought was to increase that to see what happens. Anyway I changed it to Ship and it hasn't disappeared yet. Celebrating, or too soon?
  11. Ok I think I found it. vesselType = Debris That's from the craft file. Now lets see if I can find it in the sfs file
  12. ...... Or have the Kerbals acquired Klingon cloaking technology (Romulan?) In orbit around Minmus. Go to fly another ship and it disappears. Exit the game, go back in and it's gone. It does not show up in the tracking station, but in crew it shows that Danlo Kerbin is still piloting it! Reload the save file and it's back Comparing saved files before and after it disappeared and it still shows up in the post file. All the data from the craft is identical except for: Small variation in part temperatures Different orbital location Suspension location for attached rover. I did some tests in orbit around Kerbin Remounted rover, added octo core, but this made no difference. I discovered that if I stage to the point of removing the nuke stage the craft would remain. So off I went to apply this to Danlo around Minmus, but he still disappeared (ship too of course) I staged to the point that the rover was separated, only cupola, Danlo and hangar left. (Other staging combinations tried too) I could toggle between the craft, but when I returned with a rescue craft, only the rover was left. On the cupola the exit was blocked (by parachutes I think) so no EVA option for Danlo. Better to find this out now and not on Eve. After thinking about how I was going to rescue Danlo, I had a why didn't I think of this earlier moment and just reloaded from a save before he went on his mission. So if you want to have a look at it, here it is: Kart.craft?dl=0 It is stock except for the Mechjeb controller on the rover. If you can figure out the problem that would be great. Otherwise I will build a new one from scratch and hope that the Kraken does not haunt it.
  13. Well I finally managed to land on the plateau with the help of the Trajectories mod, but it was still very hard. I had to line things up before entering the atmosphere and then sit back and hope for the best. And then the plateau is not flat either. The ship being tall a few times I landed ok only to tip over. Argh! So the ship is supposed to be reusable, but do I want to go through this again and again? I think going in with heat shields will be the same problem. - Accuracy! Next task will be to send an Engineer down as 2 of my rover wheels have been destroyed. I know Eve is punishing on wheels. One of Scott Manley's videos shows him getting out to repair the wheels again and again.
  14. What does "bfr" stand for? Discussing the rover is a bit of a moot point as it has already landed. I got away with a big booster for powered descent because it was a one way, once off use. And somehow I managed to target the plateau in 1 go. I'm starting to think that was more luck than anything. As for the SSTO, It needs to be able to go up and down many times, so heat shields wont do and they also add weight when ascending. Similarly wings would also add weight and drag. That's why the SSTO is a no frills bullet. I have done a powered descent and landing many times over, so it works. Ascent is yet to be proven. Accuracy is my only problem. I cannot hit the plateau. You can't set a maneuver node for that sort of accuracy. I have downloaded the Trajectories mod and will try it. So long as I can set the trajectory to fly over the target, I'm in with a chance. It would need to compensate for the rotation of the planet. Manually or automatically I have to also allow for the deorbit burn, powered descent and atmosphere. And then to do this over and over again. (It will get refueled in orbit)
  15. Yes similar to what I'm doing but bigger. At the start of this I saw a video of someone who successfully orbited a similar craft. I liked it and decided to do something similar. I did try heat shields front and back on the rover, but the wheels were still protruding and would go boom. I have not had a happy relationship so far with heatshields especially the inflatable ones. Luckily I used the large docking rings and not decouplers, so I could undock the nuke stage and fly in a massive ass booster with asparagus staging. Got the job done. Accuracy was not as critical. All I had to land on was a plateau and then drive to my preferred spot. See pic below, get ready to scoff :o) I do have a penchant to supersize things. That's my thing. Definitely believe: "Add more boosters!" On the craft above, there were heat sheilds but I jettisoned them. I topped it up with a refueler at Gilly. Below: Landed. You can see some of the landing aerospikes burning off weight before driving off. Fun fact: If I fire the 2 decouplers on top, all the wheels get destroyed! So where is the logical physics there? I just left them on.