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  1. @Crzyrndm @mikegarrison Really guys I've tried to set up a launch of 66t (same fuel tanks), and i can't find any PRO for the Cryo. Ok they have a slight better TWR ('cause is 100t lighter), but they have worst D-v (not so much) even if they have a lot better ISP, and the there is nothing that encourage so much to ignore the high cost. I didn't do the math, and i don't have the time to do that, so i'm not sure if there is a real problem of bad equivalent fuel amount (between LF-OX and LH-OX with the same tank) but i feel that is something wrong. I mean how its possible that with the same TAN
  2. I love this parts, thanks! Now i've just to wait that space station parts and labs start producing heat!
  3. Hi, i love this mod and the idea of high ISP engines, but i think that it might be a problem. I've measured with mechjeb the DeltaV of some stock engine and one Cryo, and the result is not what i was looking for. Both stock engine have a higher DeltaV with lower ISP. This is true using the same fuel tank for all the engine, and the same MASS of fuel. Take a look at the album to see some numbers. Where is the problem? http://imgur.com/a/Onzp8
  4. Great work with the Shielded Mk2 docking port Instead why your part overeat so easily? Why you don't putt the same Max temp of other stock parts?
  5. Hi very nice mod, but have you ever think make a part like a Nose(tail)-DockingPort ? It would be nice for some SSTO
  6. Hi very nice mod, but have you ever think make a part like a Nose(tail)-DockingPort ? It would be nice for some SSTO Instead, I've noticed that the "Two-state aerospace intake" can't change status in the hangar. One last thing about the NUKE engine. Why you don't make some kind of aerodynamics protection, removable like fairings or just mobile? I know that is a lot of work, so i'd like to hear the opinions of all of us.
  7. Hi! Any chance to get a nice butt, where to place engine, in shuttle-look-like?
  8. Actually it was a wish, it wasn't my intention to be sarcastic. I admit that it wasn't easy to get that. He would agree with that Seriously i hope that no one got offended
  9. It's just that i don't think that is a problem of compatibility. Hope that I'm wrong
  10. The design of the Ranger is awesome, but simply it won't fly. With the new FAR .15 is simply not stable and aerodynamics. Over mach 0.5 is very unstable, the ship just want to fly backward where is more aerodynamic, so it keep rolling in all directions. I think that the major is the missing ruder, that make the ranger a spinning top, and there is nothing to compensate. Another problem is the nose. It's like a wall, and i think it should be more narrow. I've doubt even on the utility of the "wings". Just thought, i know that the model is a perfect replica of the one in the film, and it's awes
  11. Oh true! I've always though that two "wings" was moving parts.
  12. Hi great mod, it will be so useful! But i've some problems, with FAR .15 i've the same problems of @Vegemeiste. I've even a worst issue, in fact on the runway the part is ignored, and me game act like if there was no gear. Thanks
  13. Hi great mod, thanks! Just a request, could you add the monopropellent to the resources? It could be useful in some case.
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