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  1. Just firing in a bug report. I installed and launched a ship I had handy just to look at the pretty... Went to map mode during ascent, (20-30km) and when I came back to the ship everything but the particle effects were invisible, including the ship and Kerbin. I went back out to map mode to try and shake the bug loose, whereupon I discovered the solar system was missing as well. My ships and satellites were all out there on their orbits, but instead of being "in the black," they were in "the blue," and revolving around nothing. Back out of map mode and the ship I'm flying has returned, but Kerbin remains whereabouts unknown, and the ship is in the same slightly vignette'd blue field as everything in map mode. I did change some intensity values in the cfg... All the dirty lenses from .41 to .21 and some of the blooms down. Doubt my value changes had anything to do with it, but I did. Anyway, great low-overhead visual mod. The lit-window blooms in space were the big eye catcher for me. I'll be back for more after you've had some time to refine. By the way, is there any way these effects' values could be variable? Say with minimums and maximums, such that the graphical post-processing at sea level on a given body might be different than in orbit?
  2. Love the mod. Thanks to everyone who's contributed to bringing it back. Also want to say that the tech tree in the official release is really quite nice. Surprisingly, I think its the best mod for starting with probes (not to mention challengingly less-than-aerodynamic parts) that I've ever tried. I have noticed a couple things I'm not sure are as intended though: 1.) ENG-60 shows two entries for alternator when I hover over the part listing in the VAB. One for 6.0 and one for 0.5. I'd actually wondered why I still had full batteries after my first mun fly-by, and now I'm thinking the 6.0 alternator on this smaller engine (the bell with the innertube) maybe isn't meant to be there? -and- 2.) The ENG-250 produces the same exact delta-v as the stock 'Reliant' starting engine when attached to any given craft, but it gets there with different fuel consumption values. It's the same weight as the Reliant, yet produces more thrust, both At Sea Level and in Vacuum while giving a higher TWR. The 250 even lists a 0.30 gimbal range for vectoring in the VAB mouseover, while the Reliant claims no gimbal at all. Unless I'm missing something, that means the ENG-250 you get in tier 1 - AKA the barrel with one end blown off - is in every way superior to the Reliant that you unlock in tier 3 for 45 science. If those stats are accurate, there's no reason the Reliant should ever be used over the ENG-250. And that seems to me like an imbalance. The more I play bargain rockets, the more subtlety I see. I love that the weight of the refrigerator fuel tanks is .075 more than the FL-T200 stock tanks, thus outmoding them once you unlock the better ones. I really appreciate the care that's been taken to update this mod with a solid tech tree that releases its stock equivalents through progression at reasonable times, while giving balanced values and reasonable inefficiencies to the bargain parts to keep the stock assets worthwhile unlocks. Eager to see more bargain rockets models and parts! Thanks for keeping it alive.
  3. is down. CKAN can't connect to download 1.8.1. Looking for an alternate source until the site comes back online. If you're reading this and you know another source where I can get the 1.8.1 zip CKAN is looking for, to pre-load it into CKAN cache, please send it along. Otherwise, this is just a heads up that the server is currently offline.
  4. OMG! *blush* So, backstory: CKAN took a crap on me recently when I agreed to update my mod collection. It took me down a long rabbit hole trying to untangle the mess it had made which eventually ended in wiping everything out and rebuilding from scratch. I've gotten so used to KER just being there and doing it's thing it never even occurred to me that I hadn't ticked the ATMO box. WOW. So many launches trying to make sense of TWR and dV not lining up. What a wet, hot mess. Excuse me, I need to go see if my computer is plugged in now.
  5. Bug Report? Maybe? TWR reported in VAB doesn't match TWR reported on pad. I've been pulling hair out trying to explain why I keep coming up short of orbit by 500 dV with this craft. Started looking harder at the figures and noticed what was 1.76 TWR at build became 1.50 at launch. Given the last few comments, maybe this has to do with the two radial engines?
  6. I like the idea of this mod, and I'm curious about the possibilities of changing R&D unlocks in different ways to re-balance the game. (Not unlike AdmiralTigerclaw.) What you've got going now is a pure replacement of science for cash, and that sounds great. I'm playing a moderate difficulty career mode I started not long ago and I'm sitting on well over 1M ker-bucks, but I'm chaffing against the available science limitations and the feeling that I'm being forced to play the game differently than I'd like to; rushing off to moons and planets before I've had my fill of fun on and around Kerbin. This cash and carry system solves that very nicely. But here's what I'm curious about: With the API that exists right now and the experience you have working on this mod, does it look possible (moreso, how difficult would you imagine it) to have certain nodes remain unlockable only with science, or require a combination of funds and science to unlock, while having others operate on a pure-cash system? Say: Unlocking larger/taller variants of fuel tanks merely requires the capital to build bigger, but developing a nuclear engine demands a certain scientific acumen. On the same lines - and this is far more interesting - could node/tier-entry be restricted based on achievement? For example: You need a vessel landing on Duna in order to unlock the 'X' node or to open up higher tiers of nodes? Better yet, you need to have recovered/transmitted [insert science-type] from the surface of [insert body], as though what you learned from analysis enabled the next technological leap. I'm not suggesting any changes to this mod. Just curious about the possibilities, since this is the first thing I've personally seen that changes how R&D unlocks. Kerbal Career desperately wants for a thoughtful re-balance of how the game unfolds, and different systems of progression make more sense from mod-pack to mod-pack. I'm curious if the queries available through KSP and/or modulemanager make changes like this possible, or even easily-done. Thanks for your work, and your time.
  7. Hello! I was asking in the Kerbal Aircraft Expansion thread about an audio glitch. I'm only getting prop sounds (tested both KAX and Firespitter) out of the right channel. This is on KSP v1.1.2.1260, modulemanager 2.6.24, and the only other mods I'm running aside it are: KerbalEngineer Automated Science Sampler Take Command (for loading Kerbals into bike seats from VAB/SPH) and Waypoint Manager Anyone else have only one speaker audio with the Firespitter.dll?
  8. Final update on this thread. I have at last managed to install 1.1.2 with functional wheels. If you update and wheels don't work, start from absolute scratch. Download from the Kerbal Store. Extract to a new directory. Don't use the launcher (as a general rule since they don't keep up with it) just open KSP_x64.exe. Test that wheels work in a fresh sandbox before importing your saves. If it works, try moving over your saves. If that works, congratulations you've put more time into installing the latest version than you have in enjoying the game. That is all.
  9. Downloaded direct from the Kerbal Store and tested it. The first wheels you unlock in career mode, and by extension all planes built of them, are still utterly unusable. Wheels merge into the runway on spawn and explode at ~25m/s on the dirt runway. They can technically be dragged all the way down the top tier runway in sandbox mode at 160m/s and attain flight, but can't be landed on at all. A 50m/s descent with a buttery smooth touchdown controlled exclusively by trim results in complete and instant destruction upon contact with the runway. Additionally, crew in the Mk1 Crew Cabin don't appear in the lower corner anymore, and further I cannot see the interior of the crew cabin from their POV. 'c' followed by 'v' just kicks me back out to the exterior view. Not sure if it's true for Tourists, but it's true for Bob Kerman. Oh and custom .png flags with alpha channels become transparent when you mouse over the cockpit. That's what I found in a half an hour with 1.1.2. So, when's 1.1.3 out?
  10. Thanks to both of you for pointing this out. I didn't look hard at the version number after updating. I really hope the case here is that the updater isn't updating to the latest version and I can just download the full 1.1.2 from the KSP shop. I never used the launcher/updater when KSP was in alpha because it only ever half-worked. Only started using it come KSP 1.1. Between not getting early access to the 64bit when it was in testing (while others on Steam had the option) and the lack of care that's gone into the maintenance of the proprietary launcher, I'm starting to wish I hadn't gone out of my way to purchase direct. Thought I was helping the developers by cutting out a middle man. Feels like Squad got a little extra, and I got a lot less. Thanks again though, you guys. [EDIT: Confirmed. -- Time to download the full version direct and never use the launcher again.]
  11. While updating to 1.1.2 through the launcher I noticed an error in red. The rest of the install carried on fine so I didn't look too hard. I got into 1.1.2, put a plane on the Tier 1 airstrip (one up from dirt) and all three wheels of a plane that worked in 1.1 were completely embedded into the ground. Throttling took ages to create speed because it wasn't just visual, the wheels are failing to function at all as wheels, and are basically just a rigid part grinding against the surface. When I hit around 22km/s the steering wheel in the rear exploded. So I went back to see what this updating error was, and if something had broken the install. I'm unhappy to report that the error is the launcher's updater trying to update a file that the updater itself has in use and won't release. (see screenshot above) I'm going to assume that this log file that wants renamed is just a log file, and doesn't affect the rest of the update process. Which means I have a good clean copy of 1.1.2 - the version that patched broken wheels from the 1.1.1 patch for the broken wheels in 1.1 - and this new version has broken wheels on a whole new level. --- Career mode doesn't work so long as you can't use the first wheels the game gives to you. You can't build your first plane. You can't do any of the site survey missions that take players to new biomes where they can legitimately collect more science. (You can, but players mustn't be expected to build crazy rockets, out of early-game parts, to deliver them to locations below 18km -- and I don't believe that's not how you intend it to be played.) Between getting an orbit and starting to run Moon missions all you can do is test parts and move tourists around. Building planes is not an option right now, even though it is exactly the intended path for players to follow and exactly what Mission Control emphasizes at that stage of the game. Dear Squad, THIS is the game of your game. You don't seem to pay much attention to the game of your game. Version after version, since 0.24, and well past 1.0 now, I have watched as this team has favored adding new parts and new game mechanics, tweaking the physics, altering atmospheric drag formulas, and developing virtually every other area of the sandbox in which the game takes place OVER THE GAME THAT TAKES PLACE. Your playtesters clearly do not have a script to follow to test career mode, and they should. This team, and I'm talking about the development team, needs to have more than just a soft-idea of what players will be doing with their newly unlocked parts as they progress through the career mode of the game. Mission control should be a central priority for you, as it is the conduit through which new players see what they should try next, as well as what the game believes them able to do with the tech they have, or will be getting soon. And at least some portion of your playtesters need to have a checklist of basic milestones to fulfill in each and every new iteration of the game that is passed down to them to verify that the path of the game -- most importantly the early game -- still works no matter the version. Because that's the GAME of this game. It's important. It should be the MOST important. I'm taking time to write this because you could not have released this version, or the two that preceded it if you had already taken this idea to heart; if it truly was a priority to you. Releasing, but over and over again, in this state evidences a mind that has been so focused on implementing a more expansive sandbox that it has come to devalue game progression to the point that it's okay for the Career paths to be completely and utterly broken -- if just for *this* release. It is not okay. It hasn't been okay since 1.0. And it should not be okay to you any more, or ever again. --- I will make myself available if you'd like to hire me to direct playtesting. That role is supposed to be filled by an impassioned critic who rubs you the wrong way. Someone who won't quietly let things like this slide. Who will demand your attention and challenge you to make it better every time. Right now, you're in the hug-box.
  12. THE BARN MOD: The "Mod" basically just some graphic resources and re-textured parts zipped up with the save file and .crafts I built using them. But the real star of the mod is the TextureReplacer skin I cooked up that replaces your Kerbal's space suit with a pair of denim overalls and trades in the moon boots for flip-flop sandals. I made this Kerbal skin back when 0.90 was scheduled to be released with a Tier 0 KSC that was comprised of a big red barn with trailer-homes for the astronaut complex. (Yes, that was a thing that happened.) I've been sitting on it ever since and I decided it was time to let it out to aire. Then the rock started rolling downhill and, well see the above video. DOWNLOAD Head to and look through the list on the 'Crafts' page to find the download. REQUIRED(ish) MODS TweakScale - TextureReplacer - TweakScale isn't really necessary unless you want to load up my BIG BARN Mk1 craft file. There's two non-TweakScale'd crafts in the VAB if you can't be bothered. TextureReplacer, however, is what makes time travel possible. So you will need that if you want to look dapper in denim. #BroughtBackTheBarn It's a silly thing this, but if you get a smile or a laugh out of it then I've done my job. For more smiles / laughs visit my comedy gaming channel at And don't for a minute believe that I was ever serious. Even though I am. Not. Totally serious. About nothing. If not this. And we're done.
  13. After a good long wait. It's finally here. PokePawn!
  14. Has anyone else had any trouble with the workaround causing Kerbals to become sentient? ...and evil? Just trying to narrow down which mod might be causing this. Kerbal Polar Expedition 3:
  15. I can attest to having this issue with the TR-18A decouplers well before unlocking the Precision Engineering with the octagonal struts. But if you're getting the issue while using those new .001 mass struts, that makes sense, since low mass appears to be the thing here. Is there anything recently added to your save or any new program running in the background that might add an extra load to the CPU occasionally? I'm still floating the idea that this is linked to the game making catch-up calculations on dropped physics frames. (Proof? Who needs proof?) Also, I read an odd 'fix' for this in a reddit thread - useful if it happens on the pad or if you're able/willing to revert and re-launch. I can't confirm this as a solution but I'll pass it on for whatever its worth. Someone claimed that rotating the ship 90 degrees in the VAB - who knows why - and relaunching resolved their problem. Hey... crazier things have happened.