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  1. I got some results with TweakScale but more often than not the game crashes and I'm left literally looking at the sun )
  2. Works for me... As long as it doesn't crash my game and the mod calculates the fuel correctly I'll use it.
  3. Quick question... if we use 6.0 Alpha 1 can we install TweakScale ? Will it work or do I have to add cfg files for the tanks present ?
  4. Hmmm worth the try ! I'll see if I overlooked something from RPL... Thanks !
  5. Yup... I'm on my 4th bad install ) I must be doing something wrong... Could you please give me a barebone list of mods for the RO with Real Progression Tree from which to start adding/testing ? Should I try with the 6.0 Alpha of RO ?
  6. Thanks for the sugestion... I,ve tried it with both RPL & StretchySRB and with each one alone... still nothing... What bugs me is that the parts are showing up in the science tree, I unlock them but I don't have them in the VAB. This is true with either RPL or StretchySRB.
  7. Thank you for the quick reply ! I thought it was that too... so I started a sandbox game to see if the parts are present there... I only get one procedural tank that scales up to 2.5 meters and none of the procedural fairing bases... I constructed another instance of the game, with only the minimum necessary mods (not even the Realistic Progression Tree) and still nothing I don't get it...
  8. Can someone point me in the right directions ? I have installed all the mods on the requiered list and some optionals. On top of those I have addes FASA and LRA and that's about it... The problem is that I go in to the science tree (realistic one) and I unlock Level 0 engines & tanks (including some Procedural Tanks) but when I enter the VAB those Procedural Tanks don't show up... Where did I mess up ? Update: only liquid fuel tanks are invisible... the two SRBs are ok. Update2: procedural fairing bases are also missing but the actual fairing part is ok.