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  1. That's ridiculous. We're far too disorganized for some kind of shadow cabal.
  2. Looks cool, but I'd love to have hull parts and such... However, this is the only single-part mod I've bothered to download, so I think that says something. Looks great!
  3. Has anyone on this thread actually gotten this working? I'm trying on Windows 10 with I believe the latest Blender and KSP 1.3.1. It gives me an error regarding conversion between, iirc, strings and floats. I'll update this post later with the actual error.
  4. Funny, I've always managed to cram 6 BDA AMRAAMs in there. Either way, it's a wonderful bay! Thanks for your work on this mod, it's one of my favorites by far.
  5. I'm looking to create a new mod, but I'm absolutely abysmal at modelling. It'd focus on near-future fighter jet/military aircraft parts and weapons, and it's a mod concept I've toyed with for a while. If you're still looking for projects, I'd love your help!
  6. Absolutely not, forward swept wings are one of the least stealthy things out there. It'd undermine the point of building a stealth fighter.
  7. Been looking for a good Epstein drive... Where's the download link?
  8. Why'd you quote me? That was on an entirely different thread.
  9. Oh, this is wonderful. I'm going to have so much fun with this...
  10. Nice job! Just downloaded it, giving it a whirl.
  11. I would always cram 4 in there and I never got it to work. It was very nice though, I hope you've gotten it to work!
  12. It was pretty nice, but I feel like a medium should comfortably house four AMRAAMs. Do you think there'd be any way to do that?
  13. Great job! I'll be sure to give some of the other Rk-series a go. Your Rk-14 looked beautiful.
  14. @TheDog Does the current version factor in planform alignment? Also, thanks for the beta, and great work... I love it a lot so far.
  15. Oooh, that'd fit the bill perfectly. I'm looking to get some fighter pilot helmets/flightsuits in game, so that'd be wonderful.
  16. Would it be possible to use this to replace the suit or helmet's model, too?
  17. Alright, time to dust off the old weapons mods and finally kick Mk35 into high gear! Stealth time, wohoo!
  18. Yeah, I'm talking with @jrodriguez on the GitHub, I've opened up an issue. He's helped me think this through a lot!
  19. I have yet to test it, I was wondering if anything jumped out at you as extremely wrong. On a side note, could you put me in contact with the person who coded the LOAL script?
  20. I tried to kludge together some code to guide cluster bomb submunitions, could @DoctorDavinci or @SpannerMonkey(smce) or someone from the BDAc team take a look? It's probably pretty broken, I'm new to this. https://github.com/SquaredRoot/BDArmory/blob/master/BDArmory/Parts/ClusterBombGuidedSubs.cs
  21. Woah, nostalgia like crazy. I'd love to help. I'll see what I can do EDIT: But, I'm gonna need to see some proof that he actually gave you the goahead. Last I checked, his mods are All Rights Reserved, and licenses matter.