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  1. I say go for it, the SLS needs a dedicated core stage, badly! May be a 4 part one: LH2 tank (with a proper connection to the engine section), and inter-tank with SRB attach points, a LOX tank and the forward skirt with avionics and batteries. Also nice to see your take on the EUS and may be finally a proper RL10C-3.
  2. not really, he's talking about 1.875 --> 3.125. I don't think that old and discarded version of Vulcan-Centaur is on the scope of this mod.
  3. As said before, those craft files are intended for standalone installations (no other mods like BDB or Re-Stock present). For that particular part, it just clones the stock fuel cell and changes input resource to hydrolox, but if re-stock is present, the part isn't created (re-stock already includes a hydrolox capable fuel cell). Can you please post the B9 error?
  4. Nice finds, thanks! 1- Will make BDB compatible ones. 2- Done* 3- See below ** 4- Interesting, gotta find a way to disable the auto interestage and enable that node. 5- S.M.A.R.T. assembly is tricky, that could be a way, yes. 6- Fixed* 7- Oops! fixed* * Will be up on next revision ** The ACES and Centaur V upper stages were designed to be controlled by a remote guidance unit (no BDB) or by the Centaur avionics control system.
  5. Always a fan of the old mod, nice to see how your modding skills improved! Thanks for letting me participate. Great rocket!!
  6. Really? So it is affecting BDB only?
  7. Habtech2 already have one. Install Habtech V1 and delete everything but the Internals folder
  8. @PART[ht2_moduleQuest] { @INTERNAL { @name = habtech_airlockInternal } } @PART[ht2_moduleColumbus] { @INTERNAL { @name = habtech_columbusInternal } } @PART[ht2_moduleDestiny] { @INTERNAL { @name = habtech_labInternal } } @PART[ht2_moduleKibo] { @INTERNAL { @name = habtech_jemInternal } } @PART[ht2_moduleLabNode,ht2_moduleHarmony,ht2_moduleUnity] { @INTERNAL { @name = habtech_nodeInternal } }
  9. wow, the parachute bug, present when the part have the ModulePartVariants module causing it to not having any drag, was never fixed ... I was really sure but I was wrong, so, I'll have to revert to the previous solution and make the parachutes textures to switch using firespitter
  10. Trimmed SSTU folder containing: Petal adapter (ideal for SLS BIB) Orion IVA Full Fairing coloring support Just 30.8 MB! Requires TU
  11. pls don't remove the fun out of the game and build it yourself! https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Shuttle-Derived-Launchers
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