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  1. Hello, not sure if this has been mentioned but I haven't found any reference. I've created a mission which brings two astronauts to Duna, one pilot and one engineer. This mission has 4 deployable probes. 3 to create a reliable relay system around Duna, 1 probe to land on Duna before the manned landing. So I set the main rocket in a high stationary orbit around Duna. I thought that when detaching the probes from the main rocket there wouldn't be signal delay, as if the pilot or the engineer were actually controlling the probes. But no, signal delay was present and about 80 seconds. So it was Mission Control who actually controlled the probes. Is there a way that a manned mission could control his own probes? I'm thinking a way of transferring control from Mission Control to a manned mission and backwards. In any case, this mod is great! ;-)
  2. Then I'll stick to the current values and handle the constraints as best as possible ;-) Thanks again for all your feedbacks.
  3. Yesterday I watched (again) The Martian, and since then I have "Hot Stuff"
  4. Thanks for your all replies, I'll have them in mind. I don't have much spare budget to deal with, so several-part mission will be difficult, but I'll check it anyway.
  5. I'll check the whole USI suite then! Last time Jebediah refused to operate the vessel, so I had to guess the reentry angle when coming back from Minmus when still had 5 minutes operative. That also was a close call :-D
  6. Thanks for the reply, very appreciated :-)
  7. Hello, Recently I've installed this mod which is awesome. But I have lots of problems dealing with Hab. In some tutorial stuff I've read that the Base Hab Time for a seat is 1 Kerbal Month, but actually in the settings file it is set to 0,25. So even going to Minmus and coming back represents a serious problem to me, as the Hab for the Mk1 pod is 7days 03h, and just going to Minmus takes 5 days. How people are you dealing with this constraint? Do you try to do your best with the time limitation adding more space (which means a lot of extra mass) or do you change the settings file to 1 Kerbal Month? Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Sorry Blaarkies, I don't lie, I make mistakes, as in this case. You're right, I've tested again and you can't do nothing if a probe is dead.
  9. Keep always a battery fully loaded and cut their usage. So if by any chance you get out of fluid and with panels closed, you could use it to open the panels and reload all your batteries.
  10. Um... I'd like to see an easy way to terminate debris.
  11. The cheapest I've got is about 2000 $/Tm with a 2 stage rocket and a 14Tm payload, still far from expectations.
  12. I've just performed some updates after a long illnes. Hoping to so some stuff again!
  13. But if the spacecraft is manned, you are able to do most of the maneuvers even with no comm with Kerbin. It's not like when it's not manned, right?