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  1. Nice! Job well done! I have no idea that there are capt. Harlock fan in KSP forum. P.S. a download link will be even better!
  2. Thanks. I'm glad you like it . Detail feedback would be nice. (Tell me about Pros and Cons).
  3. I'm glad you like it. It was a lot of fun and rewarding making these replica . It's going to take me a long time to complete other ship from other series . DonPachi is nice idea...or Raiden....hmm....may be R-type...There are too many of them .
  4. Hi there, once again I bring you something a bit nostalgic. After one year, This is my second attempt. Vic Viper =Gradius V incarnation= This is one of my favorite version of Vic Viper. My replica is actually combination between Gradius V and Gradius II, to keep thing simple and low parts count. Download: http://www./download/1ck3u6rbzi57xb7/Vic_Viper.craft It's a little tricky to balance the forward wing but I solved it in the end. =S.G. incarnation= While I rather not talk about this incarnation, The design itself is quite good. It's stand out among other incarnation of Vic Viper. Download: http://www./download/bfifi2x56bcjb4d/Vic_Viper_SG.craft
  5. CF-1 “Sylph†Mk3 By Volapong. The battle fairy is back! "Sylph" is a Compact Multi-role Fighter. The design is more than a year old but I keep updating her. I found her joyful to fly and I hope you enjoy too. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yb1ufy3emq1ewle/AABtucAlV35pelgWEmNH7WH5a?dl=0 ///Developments/// This aircraft is first develops as a single-engine racing aircraft. The first prototype was fitted with science equipments. Mk3 is the first design to successfully implement duo supersonic jet engines. Mk1: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/84881-CF-1-%E2%80%9CSylph%E2%80%9D-the-multi-role-Fighter ///Controls/// 0=Toggle engines. ///Electronic Warfare version (EW)/// Support and reconnaissance role. There was a plan to have a 2 dockable UAVs but it was unsuccessful. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yb1ufy3emq1ewle/AABtucAlV35pelgWEmNH7WH5a?dl=0 ///Controls/// 9=Toggle antenna. 0=Toggle engines. ///BDArmory/// Change loadout to suite your mission or use pre-loaded Subassemblies that I made. Download: Crafts and Subassemblies: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6k8hmllui31j1oj/AAB_iKrUeexbMROM-Dl9VqULa?dl=0 ///Controls/// 1=Next weapon 2=Countermeasure 3=Countermeasure (if applicable) 8=Toogle team 9=Toggle Arm 0=Toggle engines Feedback Help me improve this aircraft by posting reply.
  6. Hey guys I finally found the way! 1. EVA out of your lander and right click the lander, select take data 2. Hang on to your Command ship and right click on it, select store data. However, you have to throwaway some data if Command ship have the same type of data.
  7. Also check out my muti-role fighter too http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/84881-CF-1-%E2%80%9CSylph%E2%80%9D-the-multi-role-Fighter?highlight=volapong
  8. ///UPDATE/// Work in progress: I got new reference and try to make a better one. Reference: This guy is from Gradius V (last one come from Gradius III) Gradius is a type of shoot'em up that I would called 'Confinement'. The game restrict your movement by having you navigate through asteroid field or enemy base. Another example of this type of shoot'em up is 'R-Type'...which is also famous. She look very nice but doen't fly...well...fly but hardly turns. (Too many parts) I am setting a bar too high.... (Ion-engine are just for show here) What do you guys think?
  9. Wow, I got excited after seeing your build! It amazing to see other people work. very good learning experience for me. Thank you.
  10. ///UPDATE/// Download: http://www./view/u30s099z0uh6r8t/Spinner_(Blade_Runner).craft It now come with rocket engine. ///Contol/// Fire the rocket engine in short burst to compensate jet engine delay or slow down your descent. Action Group 1 = Toggle rocket engine (recommend to fire in short burst) 2 = Toggle light 3 = Toggle red and blue light
  11. Hello again, this thread is full of nostalgia. I try to recreate ship from famous shoot'em up series "Gradius". It isn't perfect so forgive me if you were a fan. reference: Vic Viper by Volapong (VP) Download: http://www./view/6828sf4ebs6mtm9/Vic_Viper.craft Here she is: She fly quite well: I wanted her to be able to go into space but I am containt for now: I will upgrading her if I can and will let you know. If you have any suggestion please reply. Enjoy and fly safe. ///EXTRA/// Wanted to look at my other creation? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85170-Volapong-s-Thread
  12. Thank you for the tip:), I will keep that in mind.
  13. Yes...Ace Combat have a lot of good references...especially in AC:zero....A lot of king arthur references.
  14. Since no one reply. I decided to upgrade it...and see if you guys interested.
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