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  1. Well, that's not overly surprising. I don't think any of those engines were ever used to reach orbit, let alone send flybys to the Moon, Mars or Venus. They are all early engines used on sounding rockets (or short to medium range missiles).
  2. I have MM 3.0.6 which I think is the latest version. I manually installed everything. Didn't install from CKAN. But I'm pretty sure I have the procedural payload fairings. I haven't used them yet since I'm still very early in my career (not even a dozen launches yet) but I'm pretty sure I've seen them in my parts list. I have all of the RN parts mods (that I know of anyway), FASA, SSTU, ATK Propulsion, Real Scale Boosters, SXT, & Taerobee but I too only have those few starting engines. Mostly I just tend to build the same two sounding rockets over and over: V-2 and the WAC. It gets old but early career always seems like you're just grinding for early science anyway.
  3. Unfortunately, I have two 1.3.1 installs. My main which has dozens of mods and my test which has bare minimums for RO and RP1. And I've rebuilt the test install numerous times, always with the same result. I suppose it could be something with one of the mod downloads I have (since I don't redownload mods every time I rebuild my test install) but that's a fair number of downloads to pull again. Especially without having some idea which download is the likely culprit. I did redownload the RP-1 dev files but that didn't change anything.
  4. Something I've noticed with RP-1 is that the images you see when you start KSP have changed. That's cool. I like looking as some of what you guys did. But they flash by so fast that I don't really get to look at them much. Plus they get a little disorienting. They only stay on the screen for a second or two. Is there any way to change the length of time before the next image displays?
  5. Maybe this was done intentionally. I'm playing 1.3.1 RO/RP-1. Very early in the career and I noticed something. There is the "ROAerobeeSustainer" which is the generic RO version of the Aerobee sustainer engine for the WAC Corporal and Aerobee sounding rockets. If you happen to have the Taerobee mod, however, you can also choose to use the "taerobee.aerobee" engine which is the same part. Just from a different mod. Thing is, the Taerobee part is in the Early Rocketry tech node while the RO part is in the "Starting Parts" tech node. Is there a reason these two identical engines are in different tech nodes? If not, which node should they be in? I'm guessing the "Starting Parts" node or you wouldn't have any engines to launch early sounding rockets with but I wasn't positive.
  6. No, it wasn't a procedural battery or part. The cockpit I was using had 400L of extra space available. I used that for the battery.
  7. Can someone explain the Rollout Cost in RP-1 to me? I'm just starting my RO/RP1 game. Build my first rocket which is an A-4 with some science added in. VAB cost is 585. Rollout Cost is 1335.5 according to KCT. That means it's going to cost me 2.28 times as much to get the rocket on the launch pad than it did to actually build the thing. That doesn't make a lot of sense. The VAB is were you design and build a rocket so shouldn't the cost there include the actual purchase and assembly of the parts? It's not like you can order a bunch of parts but never pay for them because you decide not to rollout the rocket. Shouldn't the Rollout Cost just be the cost of actually moving the finished (and presumably paid for) rocket to the pad and launching it? EDIT: Something else I just ran into. I don't normally create airplanes. Mostly because I can't ever seem to get them to fly correctly (likely because I don't understand the aerodynamics enough) but also because flying a plane with a keyboard where key presses are either on full or off full is very hard. So this is my first time building something in the SPH. And then only so it could be building while I continue to produce sounding rockets. I took one of the starting airplane cockpits then used a procedural tank, the lower half of the A4 rocket (from Taerobee), some winglets and parachutes, and put them altogether to create a rather crude "rocket plane". Initially the costs of the plane was around 500 but I noticed that none of the parts (including the cockpit) included electricity so I added some to the cockpit. That jumped the price of the plane from around 500 to around 4500. 4000 extra just to add a battery (didn't matter if I included 1EC or 400000EC.... cost was the same). That means with a basic SPH (can't afford most KCT upgrade points so the SPH builds at 0.05 BP/s) it's going to take around 1500 days to build a plane. Considering all I did was add electricity to a part that should have already had it (I don't think you can run life support without it), the jump in price and the excessive build time seem inappropriate.
  8. Ok. I pulled a copy of Build 39. On my clean KSP install, it appears to work (left MagiCore 1.3.1). And it appears to be working on my RO/RP1 setup as well.
  9. I tried as you suggested. Deleted both my KCT and Magico folders then grabbed both from the build 44 link you provided. Even went so far as to delete the module manager cache just to make sure it rebuilt everything. Same issue. Then I setup a brand new, clean KSP setup and only installed KCT, Magico (both from the build 44 download) and ModuleManager.3.0.6.dll. Far as I can tell, I get the same error. EDIT: I pulled a copy of KCT and MagiCore 1.3.1 from their respective GitHub release pages. Tried those on my clean KSP install and they appear to be working. is just listed as a pre-release and I don't know what changes you made between it and build 44 so not sure if its the best build I should be using. But after a quick check, it does seem to be working.
  10. That's a copy of my output_log taken just now. All I did was load up, go into VAB, select a rocket, click on launch, then exited out of the game.
  11. So I'm starting my 1.3.1 RO/RP1 game but I'm having some trouble right off the bat. I did notice that I was using KCT but I've since corrected that. I'm now using build 44 from the link magico13 provided above. But still, when I click on the Launch button in the VAB, nothing shows up on my build list. I noticed in the log that I'm getting spammed with an error: "Exception: TypeLoadExcpetion: Could not load type 'KSP.UI.BaseCrewAssignmentDialog' from assembly 'KerbalConstructionTime'. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the problem I'm encountering or not. Assistance would be appreciated.
  12. If Heat Pumps mod can be used to help mitigate boil off for long duration flights, can I suggest that it be added as a recommended (or even suggested) mod in the OP? This is the first I'd ever heard of it before. I'll definitely be giving it a try as I get my new 1.3.1 career moving forward. EDIT: One other thing, though this may actually be a change in RF instead of RP-0. In 1.2.2 most of the cryogenic fuels had a field called "boiloffProduct". If you included an empty tank to hold the gas (i.e., an empty Hydrogen tank on a rocket with an LH2 tank), the boiled off gas would fill up this empty tank. In 1.3.1 the "boiloffProduct" field doesn't appear to be included. Has this functionality been removed?
  13. Even with nuclear engines, you still need LH2 which has the worst boil off. I'm not really expecting 0 boil off, especially for a Mars or beyond mission. But should be able to come close to that for a "return to the Moon" mission. Presumably with heat radiators and plenty of insulation. I know the proposed Altair lunar lander was supposed to provide the thrust to enter a high inclination lunar orbit, plus have enough dV left to make a lunar decent to the polar regions. All using RL10 hydrolox engines. Which means a minimum three days (and probably closer to 4-5 days) storage for all that cryogenic fuel. But even using the old Cryogenic tanks that wasn't really feasible unless you launched with a significant amount of extra fuel you intended to lose. As for a mission to Mars, the only thing that makes sense there (even assuming nuclear engines) is heat radiators, plenty of insulation, and some sort of active cryo process that allows you to convert the boiled off H2 back into LH2, presumably through a liquefaction process. But in any event, the first line would be lots of insulation which the new Type 1 through Type 4 tanks don't seem to provide. From what I can see in the config files, all nine tank types have the same 0.01 (LOX, LNH3, LCH4) & 0.0381 (LH2) insulation which according to the notes is no insulation and basic insulation. I'm guessing more types will eventually become available.
  14. I love SSTU stuff. The only issue is that RO has some issues with masses when you use the engine clustering. A single engine always masses correctly. But when you start using the cluster feature, each additional engine weighs twice as much. So a two engine cluster has the same mass as 3 engines. A three engine cluster has the same mass as 5 engines. etc. It's only ever been an issue, though, when I work with big engines (like a cluster of F-1 or RS-25). On a different topic, from what I can tell, none of the new procedural fuel tanks have a cryogenic option. Actually, from what I can tell, all of the new procedural tanks (standard, balloon and SM) have the same wall thickness and insulation. How do you create tanks with insulation? Like for long term storage of cryogenic fuels.
  15. Yes, I'm running 1.3.1. One thing I notice is that the only AJ10 engines I have available are from SSTU but they aren't listed a nonRPO.