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  1. So it sounds like no matter what I'd need to create a number of blank .mu files in Unity, each with a different transform name. At least one for each docking port I wanted to include on a part. I may have to look at setting up my system so I can create those.
  2. Is there a way to setup a TacGenericConverter to produce science?
  3. Technically, all you need is what's in the GameData folder. Some mods might also include a Ships and/or Subassemblies folder which you could copy over as well so you have access to those when AllowStockVessels is true (though I tend to put ships into the Ships folder in my specific savegame files if I plan on using them). But, for the most part, none of the other folders or files are required.
  4. Does that NODE method still work in 1.2.2/1.3.1?
  5. This isn't really specific to RO but maybe someone here knows. Is there any way to have a single space station with multiple science labs all working together?
  6. Could you create a single "", then use the position and rotate values of MODEL to position and point them in the correct direction? But then, how would you tell the part which controlNode to use? I guess at a minimum you'd need 6 of these empty models so that each could have it's own name.
  7. Yup. Tyko pointed out the Tokomak stuff earlier and I've been looking at them. Haven't had a chance to test things out yet but I'm hoping I can use the control nodes .mu to avoid creating my own unity file. I just have to have some free moments to put things together and test.
  8. So the only way to make it work is to mess around in Unity? All I've been doing is using existing models and merging them together. Then adding ModuleDockingNode to the part config. I had been hoping there was a way to point to the transforms of the individual models. As for SSTU, I'm actually using some of his models for what I'm doing but as far as I know, in the latest versions he removed the docking ports from the models. Probably for the same issues I'm encountering.
  9. That looks really promising. I'm just not sure if the model has designed in Unity to have multiple control and docking points or if it all done using the extra modules. But it gives me an example to try some tests from.
  10. I've got two station parts setup so far. One recreates Zarya from ISS and has a forward, aft and nadir docking port. The second recreates Unity from ISS with the 6 ports I mentions above. The station itself is made up of just 2 Parts: ISS_UNITY & ISS_ZARYA. On the ISS_ZARYA part, there are three "ModuleDockingNode" MODULEs. On the ISS_UNITY part, there are six "ModuleDockingNode" MODULEs. I can dock the "forward" port of each PART to each other without issue. I'm pretty sure that's simply because the "forward" port for each PART is the first "ModuleDockingNode" I have listed on each PART. If I undock these two station PARTs and try to have ISS_Zarya dock with the aft port of ISS_Unity, it won't work. Everything in game makes it clear that I'm still targeting the forward node on Unity. I also can't try to dock the aft or nadir ports on Zarya with any port on Unity. Regardless of which "control from here" button I select, I'm always controlling from the forward port.
  11. I've tried searching for this topic but what I keep finding is related to multi-port docking instead of multiple available docking ports. What I'm trying to accomplish is the creation of a space station part that includes a number of separate, individual docking ports, all using existing models. For instance, one of the parts I'm trying to create is a recreation of the Unity (or Node 1) module of the International Space Station. That module has 6 docking ports: Forward, Aft, Port, Starboard, Nadir and Zenith. Rather than having a space station component that requires 7 parts (module plus 6 docking ports) I want to create a single Part that includes everything in one. I've got the cfg mostly working. It looks correct and all the correct attachment points are available in the VAB. But once I launch the component, only the Forward docking port (which happens to be the first one listed in the cfg file) seems to work. All the other ports show up and are named correctly, but if I do anything with any of them, they all react together and it only seems to be possible to target and/or dock with the Forward port. So is it at all possible to make this work just with a cfg file?
  12. That's unfortunate. Something else I encountered. The fairings for the Delta IV-M don't seem to be protecting the payload. Tried several launches and every time the payload would get ripped off the payload decoupler. But when I switched to a procedural fairing and base, the rocket launches just fine. EDIT: I was mistaken. The problem seems to be intermittent with the probe core I'm using.
  13. I'm trying to build and launch a Delta IV-M and I'm running into a minor issue. I don't seem to have any roll control during launch. As far as I can tell, the rocket I'm using is basically the same as the sample from the RSB Delta IV M+ (4,4).craft file with the exception that mine isn't using any strap on boosters. I know the real DeltaIV gets it's roll control by thrust vectoring the exhaust from the RS-68 engine. Is that not built into the RSB models?
  14. Thank you Maja. I'll give the USI ports a try. EDIT: It looks like the USI ports will let me ultimately clear some of the docking ports from my station. But I'm still going to end up with something like 45 ports on my finished station. I can't replace all of the ports with USI construction ports because you're supposed to be able to reconfigure the layout of the station as needed. So I'm still looking at a station that'll have close to 50% of it's part count being from docking ports. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there's a way to have multiple functioning docking ports on a single part.
  15. I'm trying to create a rather large, modular space station. After getting just a few modules into position, I realized that of the 40 or so parts, close to 30 of them are just docking ports. So I went back to the drawing board and rebuilt the cfg files for my station parts to include all the docking ports. Visually the all look correct and from the VAB I have no problems connecting multiple station parts to their corresponding ports. But once I put the station parts into orbit, I run into issues. DPAI will see multiple ports but they all have the same name and same orientation. So I can dock to the first actual docking MODULE, but none of the rest work. For each docking port on the PART I have a separate node_attach_xxx, ModuleDockingNode, ModuleDockingHatch, and ModuleDockingNodeNamed. And I'm pretty sure I have them all labeled correctly. Is what I'm trying to do simply not possible or is there something I'm missing?