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  1. KSP 1.2.2 crash

    Hello! Recently I downloaded just around 4-5 mods, and whenever I go to the main-menu/Space Centre, my game crashes, also after being on missions longer than 30 minutes. Gamedata: Log:
  2. [1.3] [Kopernicus] New Horizons v2.0.1 [2JUN17] - It's Back!

    is it updated for 1.2? looking really nice
  3. Passkerbal challenge

    Welcome kerbaulnauts! I am going to challenge all of you! RULES 1) No cheats 2) When posting your entry, give me the the cost, mods used, parts, and passengers 3) No-Cheaty mods allowed 4) Mods are allowed, as long as they dont make the challenge easier 5) For the crew cabin, only stock parts may be used 6) Include you .craft file So whats the deal you ask? You have to construct a electric/Jet powered plane to go around the world. but its not so simple, while doing that, you have to carry 100 Passengers in your plane. Only 1 Stop is allowed, at the half point. Please video record/Screen shot your progress, including take-off, midpoint, and landing. Winners: 1)
  4. Kerbal Charter Challenge!

    Is this still alive? xd
  5. KSEOK

    this topic is dead.... (edit) WE HIT 650 VIEWS! thx guys
  6. KSEOK

    Im going to make the boeing 707 to 787 if anyone wants? 2 votes and il make them
  7. KSEOK

    Video removed. 100+ downloads! <3
  8. KSEOK

    thx for 150 views 423* views <3
  9. 100% Scale Boeing 777

    @Gman_builder ;-; il try again
  10. KSEOK

    Uploading new aircraft!
  11. 100% Scale Boeing 777

    I loaded it on the runway, I have a GTX 1080, 8GB with 16GB ram, 64 Bit... my game crashes ;-; did you part clip it or something?
  12. 100% Scale Boeing 777

    can i have the imgur link for the images? they wont load up :/ anyway, it sounds amazing! EDIT: got it to load. looks amazing <3
  13. KSEOK

    Working on a plane capable of reaching MK1,2 bellow 10Km... any1 hyped?
  14. <3 your plane tug

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    2. Jebadiah Kerban

      Jebadiah Kerban

      I swear, i could just kiss you for the planes <3

      whats your tip for building them?

    3. Columbia


      i don't have a proper tip per se, but having blueprints on hand based in the aircraft being replicated usually works.

      Also, wing parts being connected together can be used to make one big wing. Albeit with a lot of strutting.


    4. Jebadiah Kerban
  15. Bruh. It's spelled "Jebediah Kerman". Just saying. Also, how are you doin' in space with bob and bill? :wink:

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    2. planet-creations



      Wait a minute................ planet-creations................... Did I just come up with a creative name for my KSP Forums profile?

    3. Jebadiah Kerban
    4. planet-creations