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  1. But, but... In which countries ppl under 18y old have the right to play vidgames ?
  2. ScottManley666.exe... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH !!!!
  3. maybe stupid question, but do u use the -force-opengl arguement?
  4. Hi all For me too, carrer mode is a fun thing, but casual one. Science would be the Goal (even the Ultimate One !). In fact, if humanity can't rise to space level, she will surely die, or be forced to "pericliter" staying at same level forever Anyway, the budget limit my creativity, and i dont want to be a manager, but a director, the one who say "We have to go to Duna ! let do it mens !" and build a ship limited by my skill in design and not by money. Maybe squad is now too close of NASA, and KSP tend to be a NASA simulator, instead of a "Can that thing fly, and How Far Jeb will go wiz" simulator. Well, only one question to harvester: When u launched ur figs in air wiz firecracker as young boy, did the price of the firecracker the goal, or how high go the kerbal ? Edit: sry, ENG is not my primary languages, not even the second (as its Deutsch), so sry for mistakes Edit edit: totally agree wiz u Tater, i dream of that approche, like if we begin just after Galilée IRL, and have to discover all data, Knowledge conquer!!
  5. Today, jeb is back to the Kerbol Explorer, and bob made his first kethane refuel mission Jeb on his way back to KE Final approche Bob's kethane mission begins Kethane facility Ike's approche Bob first landing KE encounter Kethane facility final approche First voyage, 17000 Kethane unit to convert, and a proof that facility can bring back all that kethane in orbit !! I didnt even use monoprop engine or LFO engines ive install in case of, nuke only ! Ike is a very easy place for land/take off !!
  6. very nice work necro, and that fun for me, cauz i plan to build a replica of discovery after KE mission... Now, i suppose i will DL that one
  7. Today, i made my all first ExtraKerbin landing !!! Tadaaa !!! Of course wiz Jeb, he's now officially he first Kerbal to land out of Kerbin system !! Jeb at lander door, Happy for his first ExtraKerbin landing !! §§§§ing hinge !! Good luck Jeb My first ExtraKerbin kerbaled landing !!! wiz Jeb of course ! I plan to stay a few for making pics wiz rising Duna, but i finally made a fastest possible mission, for being able to keep the orbital plan of KE. Jeb is now in orbit, waiting for KE encounter, and bob is preparing himself for Kethane harvesting mission
  8. Today, i retry the Dunar capture burn, wiz aerobraking at 15 km high, plus 150 m/s burn. Another 250 m/s burn for managing Ike encounter But before, need orbital struting phase, as that shake a lot while aerobraking, and break some struts Once at Ike, 276 m/s for capture Once in orbit, start deploying mapsat and scanners Jeb's EVA for configuring auxiliary Mapsat dishes Launching Auxiliary Mapsat
  9. Today, Kerbol Explorer arrive at Dunar system, and after a few m/s correction, manage a trajectory for aerobraking, as i choose to try orbiting Duna wiz max dV done by aerobraking, encounter and orbiting gilly (Edit: argg Ike of course), then descent to Duna before go home. I made two try, one at 50 km high, no atmosphere , one at 24 km high, atmo too thin, next attempt at 15km !! (i need 300 m/s for orbiting) KE arrive in Dunar system Duna pole flyby at 30km high
  10. Today i launch the Kerbol Explorer in his Duna trip, and so plan a 1040 m/s burn, which is 8 min long IG, but 2h30 IRL !!! duna burn begin Ejecting sided tank 1 As burn is 2.5 hours IRL, ive time for pics Ejecting sided tank 2 Last sided tank ejection 640 m/s wiz sided tanks So long burn, try of desktopable pics I send lot of electricity wiz microwaves, but i cant use it for ionnic engines , wiz ion engines, i pass from 8min to 5 min IG, and that a savetime IRL !! As i use old KSPI, i have to search that electric trouble solution; and i have to reload a old save and redo that burn, as i realize that duna encounter correction burn is too expensive, as i failed the "optimal" acceleration windows (bouhouh) But, im very happy to finally make this Duna trip, i fear all the week that 0.25 come before i can try
  11. yep, as ive launch the two others north when KSC was on the other side of Kerbin, i launch the third in south direction, and fly over south pole
  12. Hi, today, after a KSP break, i launch 3 solar station to build a power network enabling Kerbol Explorer ionnic burn. I have to make at least the duna mission KE was build for before 0.25 !! Kerbin system, Long range comring, and 3 solar station on their way for making another ring, a power network i drop the grounded power facility, as i read in KSPI wiki that microwaves are inefficient in atmo !! I failed to build a working reactor so, i launch solar stations !! Need to test deeply KSPI
  13. Hi, as i understand, i have to take the behavior from for example a solr panel, and copy it on greenhouse? well...can u explain me better plz, noob powa (ill look open a cfg, copy text part, surely something like that) i try to make a power facility, but now, no power
  14. i deliver green train to power facility Green train v2, now wiz balloons !! I start by a fan version, but it has bad rotation, and not enough electic power, so i put turbojet on rotatron, enabling fats turn rate, and 60m/s at cruise speed at 3500m, permit fast efficient delivery