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  1. You don't make any sense. This mod is basically public domain, anyone can do what they wish with it, even sell it for moneys. Why don't you yourself update it? Let me guess, it's difficult and time consuming? Oh...
  2. For some reason i don't have that option, even thought mono is installed. Anyhow, i solved my problem, in the nautilus (file manager) preference there is an option to edit/run/ask what to do with executable files, for some reason it's 'edit' by default, doesn't make much sense to me, but now my shellscript works!
  3. Open terminal and run 'mono fullpath/ckan.exe' That should do it. after a while i got lazy and dropped ckan into 'home' folder and now start it as 'mono ckan.exe' Also being a nix/ubuntu-whatever nooby i can't for the life of me run shellscripts through GUI, i gave it permissions, checkbox "allow executing as a program' is checked but it still launches as a text file. I exhausted first page of google and just gave up, which is sad. I suspect it's got something to do with default application in 'open with', but 'awesome shellscript launcher' is missing from the list.
  4. Is it currently compatible with astronomers or other look enchansing mods like scatterer? I'm too lazy to check it out myself, maybe someone already tried? Too bad it's currently broken, KSP isn't the same without this awesome mod for me.
  5. It's just me or 1.0.3 broke 'show GUI' on the engines? It doesn't show up for me
  6. yeah, it seems like stationscience ports are not working for me at all, not sure if it's the issue with ven's revamp though.
  7. Yeah, i am dumb. Forgot to mention that i used 64k kerbin config (from Paul) and wasnt sure where to ask, i fugured it was a RSS feature so maybe you can help me. Edit: I think i fugured it out, if someone experience something like this, deleting cache seems to help (.obj files)
  8. i'm dumb, and all i could find in google was the fact that spaceX makes texas launch site official. How do i change launch site back to original KSP one?
  9. This is goddamn awesome. Believe it or not your lantern is practicaly the same engine i envisioned when i tried to model and texture myself, sadly i lost almost all of my free time and also some motivation because texturing is hard. Anyway, did you consider making a single-part 2.5m cluster(s) of them? There are already some 2.5m nukes availible (including your unique one), but i think cluster just looks and feels better, the only problem is that making it from 1m engines is clunky, increases part count and shroud is awkward, so, i'll be happy if you will make my idea real!
  10. Thank you for this, too bad my free time got hacked to peaces, and on top of that, almost all of my apps started to throw CLR20r3 error on me.
  11. Not sure if it is the best solution (or if it even preserves animation, tbh), but you can try multiedit (!), temporarely join them, unwrap and then unjoin them.
  12. If you are still interested, i found a minor mistake, "skirt" is one side only, it needs other side of faces. I might fix the model and unwrapping, if someone willing to mess with unity.
  13. Regarding LES, i think it should come with it's own shroud like in the SDHI, this will also allows using of the stock LES. Nice to see community love for this pod, this is really cool.
  14. Don't raise your hopes too soon I'm not an expert myself, just learning stuff here and there. If i will ever land my hands on this (currently dealing with some stuff IRL), i will definetely take inspiration from alcor, it's just a masterpiece.