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  1. Hi. I was using KAS/KIS pretty extensively in 1.2.2. I recently upgraded to 1.3 (not 1.3.1) and I have run into an issue. Kerbal and container inventories work pretty much normally. I can add to a Kerbal's inventory just fine. But when the Kerbal goes EVA, I can't examine the inventory. (No button on the EVA popup!) Worse, the items that were moved to the Kerbal's inventory prior to EVA are just gone ... into the bit bucket. When the Kerbal boards after EVA, the Kerbal's inventory is missing. And of course the items that were moved to the Kerbal's inventory prior to EVA are not in the container. I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. KSP is version 1.3 (downloaded from Steam) I am running the 64 bit version of KSP I am running the following mods: "RasterPropMonitor-Core" "KAS" "KIS" "EasyVesselSwitch" "KerbalEngineerRedux" "RasterPropMonitor" "CommunityResourcePack" "CommunityCategoryKit" "JSIAdvancedTransparentPods" "SCANsat" "ALCOR" "ALCORIVAPatch" "RealChute" "DockingPortAlignmentIndicator" "ASETAgency" "ASETProps" "KerbalAlarmClock" "TriggerAu-Flags" "KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems" "TransferWindowPlanner" MechJeb2 The KAS and KIS mods were installed using CKAN. Reading around ... it looks like this problem or something similar has afflicted others a while back but this is the first time I have run into it. Anyone else encounter this behavior lately, or have a suggestion as to how I can remedy it? Thanks
  2. Hi Ezriilc ... I GOT IT WORKING!! I can now get into HyperEdit on KSP/Linux. Here's the background. It looks like the default mod key for KSP on Linux got switched to ALT instead of RIGHT-SHIFT at some point. Well, I noticed that, after I successfully performed a REAL clean download of KSP from Steam, I couldn't access any functions involving the modifier key. In the past, right-shift had been the modifier key but reading through the forums that had changed. ALT-F12 and other mod key combinations (and even mod key-right click) just don't work on Ubuntu 12.04-LTS. I compared my backed up settings.cfg to the one that came in with the clean install and noticed that difference, and found some discussion of the problem on the forums regarding this. The speculation on the forums was that the Unity user interface (not the game engine) picks off ALT ... this is true! ALT brings up Ubuntu's HUD display. (I never use that thing.) So I edited settings.cfg and set it back to RIGHT-SHIFT, and was able to access the debug screen, named saves, etc again. This what I have now (after editing it). This restore KSP itself to normal modifier key operation. MODIFIER_KEY { primary = RightShift secondary = None group = 0 switchState = Any } But HyperEdit still wouldn't come up. So ... I found a way to disable the Ubuntu HUD. The procedure that worked for me: 1. Install Compbiz Configuration Settings Manager. ( sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager ) 2. Under the Desktop Section, click the Ubuntu Unity Plugin. 3. Disable the ALT key to show the HUD (It's the very first setting.) - You can set this to one of the other three key options if you'd like. (Taken from this discussion thread on another forum: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Viewer/Alt-key-in-Ubuntu-12-04-Unity-window-manager/td-p/1511257) Now, the ALT key is not being picked off by Ubuntu. ALT-h pops the HyperEdit UI right away. Can/should HyperEdit trigger off the MODIFIER_KEY setting in settings.cfg? I took a quick look at the code but it is not obvious to me how the ALT-H combination is bound to the plugin. (I read C# OK but have no familiarity with the Unity game engine.) Anyway, my problem is solved and I think you again for your support. Now off to play ... hope yer having a great weekend.
  3. I agree. I'll try that later on tonight and let ya know. Unity (the Linux human interface on Ubuntu not the game engine of the same name) seems to be a little quirky with two monitors and your theory is quite likely.
  4. Hi Ezriic, Again, I appreciate the response, Yes, I hold ALT while striking h while in the flight scene. Also, since I am on Linux, tried right-shift+h. (right-shift is of course the default mod key for KSP Linux.) I do have a pretty nice keyboard and it might be the issue. It is a razer BlackWidow ... I love the thing. (I'm a software developer by trade, so I spend a LOT of time with my keyboard as I know you understand ... this thing just has a fantastic touch.) But perhaps it is the issue. I will give it a try. Don't think I have any exotic drivers on this rig ... but it is a dual monitor setup. Maybe I should temporarily un-install the second monitor? Drivers ... I am running the NVIDIA accelerated graphics drive version 331-updates. I'm using a Galaxy GE Force GTS 250 graphics card ... an older unit but well supported on Linux and while a fairly nice card it is by no means exotic. I have a Thrustmaster 7-axis joy stick but I configure it through KSP ... just use the standard jstest-gtk package for calibration and to null the axes before game start. I just repeated the experiment ... cleaned out my KSP local data, removed all the leftovers and re-installed from steam. Made a clean KSP tar ball so I can get back to that state quickly in the future. The dropped in HyperEdit ... still no luck. I've tried both 32 and 64 bit programs with the same results. And, as near as I can determine, I am one of the few if not the only Linux user experiencing this issue. So it HAS to be something with my setup. There are NO errors in the log file. I'm pretty determined to run this to ground, tho ... I want to use this tool to accelerate my lander testing and it looks to be just a fun thing to have, If I don't get any clues soon I am going to start subtracting hardware (second monitor, joystick, sound, etc) until it either works or I am down to bare bones. When I figure it out I will definitely let you know. Thanks again
  5. Thanks man. I appreciate the response. I tried that ... re-downloaded the game fresh and added HyperEdit. No luck. There must be something else wrong with my setup.
  6. So I wanted to give this a try ... primarily for testing landers. I'm running Linux, KSP 64 bit. The log file indicates the HyperEdit mod is being installed ok. But I can't get hyper edit to come up. I've tried typing alt-h right ....-h ctl -h windows key -h etc grepping the log I see this ... which looks ok to me. ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Kerbal Space Program$ grep -i hyperedit KSP.log [LOG 16:44:54.680] Load(Assembly): Kerbaltek/HyperEdit [LOG 16:44:54.680] AssemblyLoader: Loading assembly at /home/badscientist/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/Kerbaltek/HyperEdit.dll HyperEdit v1.2.4.1 [LOG 16:44:54.918] [ModuleManager] :BEFORE[HYPEREDIT] pass [LOG 16:44:54.919] [ModuleManager] :FOR[HYPEREDIT] pass [LOG 16:44:54.920] [ModuleManager] :AFTER[HYPEREDIT] pass [LOG 16:45:58.642] AddonLoader: Instantiating addon 'HyperEditModule' from assembly 'HyperEdit' [LOG 16:47:39.950] Assembly:HyperEdit, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null [LOG 16:47:55.279] RasterPropMonitorComputer: I know that HyperEdit ISLOADED_HYPEREDIT I have the following mods installed: Kerbal Engineer MechJeb NavyFish Docking Port Alignment RasterPropMonitor Alcor Lander Capsule Protractor VesselView Kerbaltek HyperEdit Any ideas? Suggestions?
  7. sarbian ... I am able to operate MechJeb without issue running Linux KSP 32 and 64 bit mode if no other mods are installed. My normal game play log file shows a ton of stuff like this, tho: [ERR 21:47:45.180] MechJeb module MechJebModuleMenu threw an exception in DrawGUI: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MuMech.Button.attachEventHandler (System.Reflection.EventInfo event, System.String methodName, System.Object realButton) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.Button..ctor (System.Object realButton, MuMech.ToolbarTypes types) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.ToolbarManager.add (System.String ns, System.String id) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleMenu.SetupMainToolbarButton () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleMenu.SetupToolBarButtons () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebModuleMenu.DrawGUI (Boolean inEditor) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MuMech.MechJebCore.OnGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 I think this might be a problem that only shows up if certain other mods are installed. I am trying to track it down through process of elimination and identify which mod(s) triggers the problem. Will let ya know if I find something useful.
  8. sarbian, I can get you a log file for Linux 32 and 64 bit shortly. I'm going to make a clean sandbox with MechJeb as the only installed mod.
  9. I'm seeing the same thing in Linux running 64bit. Works in the VAB (but delta-V display goes wonky sometimes) but no MechJeb bar during flight. Fell back to 2- which works ... sort of. Some of the numbers are clearly wrong, but I can work around it most times. A crippled MechJeb is better than no MechJeb ...
  10. Yay! Steam updated me double quick! Now running v0.24.0.0 ... First Contract. So let's fire this thing up and see what happens ...
  11. If you have the Kerbal Engineer Redux mod installed, there is a RDV (rendezvous) tab, which maintains a list of categorized potential targets. Ships, probes, stations, celestial bodies, etc. I find that VERY convenient. I have so much stuff in orbit right now ... and some of it is actually fairly close toghether. So the map view sometimes is very inconvenient for target selection. (Perhaps I needs to clean up my Kerbal orbits ... at least some of those vessels are no longer needed and could be safely de-orbited. Low Kerbal Orbit is beginning to look like my sock drawer ...)
  12. I am kinda naughty some times, but when I came up with the username I was thinking about my recent engineering failure ... I'm giving the Jool Challenge a whirl and my design is impossibly large and twists all out of shape whenever I try to change attitude. But, I have at least achieved some possibly record breaking game lags with my obscenely large parts count ...
  13. The 4th of July ... but given the international character of the KSP community it is probably not significant to everyone.
  14. I've been playing this game for a while and have decided that it is mildly addicting. I spend a lot of time browsing the forums for tips and info and decided I really sure de-lurk so I could participate with others and maybe even lend a hand now and then. I am playing on a Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) system for the most part. Hope everyone is having a great 4th ... BadScientist
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