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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Never used KS to download previous versions before.
  2. Just broke a bunch of my craft files with missing Almach B parts. Is this intentional? If so, any chance for a legacy folder? And maybe at least a warning label.
  3. That would be awesome. I know correcting the node definitions isn't exactly difficult, but I just don't have the time, and I'm always afraid I'll break something. :/
  4. Does anyone have updated cfg's for MIR and ISS they wouldn't mind uploading?
  5. Pretty sure fuel transfer is only within the active vessel.
  6. Coming back to ISS after a while. What is the state of the pack atm? The last I remember, the truss assembly was a bit buggy or something and not all the parts had been completed. Is it still being worked on?
  7. Look forward to it. I've so many mods, that finding specific parts is a nightmare.
  8. Really need this in .90. Anyone know what the problem is?
  9. So what's the verdict with 0.9 and KAS atm? What works and doesn't work? Is it just winches throwing a wobbly, or is it all remote attachment gear (pipes/ports)? Sorry for not testing myself, but I don't have time atm.
  10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but off the top of my head, you need an inflatable agricultural module for the composter and habitat to function. Or am I thinking of the Terraformer?
  11. You need to attach a CBM docking port to the underside, and another to the Tranquility node, and dock them like normal. (The node SHOULD already have 6 on it...)
  12. Aaaah. *penny drop moment* I get ya. Thank you for enlightening this poor excuse for an engineer.
  13. So what do I use to scan for and map resources now? Or rather, how does ORS relate to me as a player? I was given to understand that it's a tool for mod devs to create their own resources. Apologies for sounding like a complete n00b. I'm just at a loss, though likely the answer is staring me right in the face. *mumbles something about wood and trees...*
  14. Hey RoverDude. I've run into a bit of a mystery. The MKS resources have disappeared from my game. The mod is still in it's directory and all the resource files are present, etc. Kethane still shows on my scans, and in the distribution of when it was first scanned, but all other reference to ore, minerals, substrate and water have vanished. The overlay tab doesn't switch, and the hover window only displays kethane stats. Not even 'None' or 'No Data'. I did just install Karbonite, but I'm not 100% on reversing that, and I have a ton of mods, so it could be anything, though I've made sure anythin
  15. Cool Beans. I'll take a stab at 64 then. I'm running a billion mods myself, so I've been waiting for a stable fix rather than rage flip my computer.
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