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  1. If you're using Paint™ just make your patch/flag, crop it to 512x256 and save it under KSP/Game Data/Squad/Flags.
  2. 4PassNoSciOrb - 4 Passenger, No Science™, Orbitor. Mun4SciNoLan - Mun Free Return, 4 Science™, No Lander MunsterMobile - Mun Landing Rover. ETC.
  3. Is it irony that the real flight will be handled by auto-pilot (and has 'Intuitive' in its name) but, we have to fly this by our own meat paws? Asking for a friend, who strikes a very similar appearance to myself.
  4. Wow. I have been playing since 2014 and you have been on more of Kerbin than I have. Nice work.
  5. I'm not sure if I can self promote here - and I usually don't, anyway - but, I'm 'Narwahl Gaming' on the 'Tubes (as the kids call it). [Yes. I know it's misspelled. That's on purpose - poking fun at me being chonky and having a beard. 'Wahl' being a shaver brand. ]
  6. Mjölnir - or, as it's more commonly known - 'Jonathan'.
  7. I've been able to take Science™ from one ...ahem.. slightly bent lander and put in on another and got credit, I think. It's been a while, though. Also, I have forgotten to get the contracts [Fly by X] and got contract credit any way. Again, it's been a while. I'm better at visiting Gene, first, now.
  8. Space ghosts? Kinda interesting, though. Looks a little like scorch marks - if'n they don't move.
  9. I watch Matt Lowne's and Danny for entertainment. Scott for information. I upload my own stupid stuff. Both of my viewers seem to like it.
  10. You're going to build something so big it'll be cheaper to move the Mün to IT!
  11. Can you just give each stage it's own think box* and, possibly MechJeb? That's what I do, if I take your meaning correctly. [*probe core]
  12. Ah-ha! That's what 'AD' means. OK. I only had an issue with Waypoints and MechJeb - having to install manually, then overwriting - but, I found a lot of new mods that have piqued my interest and those installed easily, the way they did on that guy's video. Man! This CKAN is great! Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?!
  13. I thought CKAN was only for Steam. I will look into what CKAN is. Thank you. [Update; It works! I had to watch a YouTube to figure out CKAN and, then, I had to do it a little weird. Just trying to install Waypoints from CKAN kept throwing errors saying it couldn't find a path to Waypoints in Game Data. So, I downloaded and unzipped a new one. Installed Waypoints under Game Data, like before. Then, CKAN asked me if I wanted to overwrite that file. I said 'Yes'. Now, it works. Is this normal for CKAN?]
  14. Hey, linux, am I doing this right or did I have a brain fart? I bought a new computer so I'm downloading all fresh. I just download the zip. Unzip. And put 'Waypoints Manager' in Game Date, yeah? But, it's not here. Or here, I bought KSP from the store - and this isn't my first time using Waypoints but, it's been a while. I've deleted and redownloaded WM 3x and nothing.
  15. Nice! It's like a whole new game, ain't it? Tamara has been picked up - along with some rocks and dirt - and we're headed back to Kerbin! [These are the seats you get when you buy on discount travel sites.]
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