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  1. I came across a YouTube video from the 'King of Sweden',* himself, Robbaz. After that, it seemed like I was seeing references to it everywhere. *aka - The Walrus King
  2. Sweet! Now I can launch off to Stone Temple Pilots and/or Molly Hatchet!
  3. Granted it's a single player and you can play as you wish but, I think that if cheats are available people can get used to using them and have a "bail out" for the tiniest of things. Skills degrade over time. But, my main concern is the people who live stream or have videos where they proclaim they are God-Kings at a game and are later busted using cheats "I am the best there is at this game!" [Headshots auto-aim 'ON'] "Landing is so easy! Ya'll are just newbs!" [Indestructible mode 'ON'] Most people laugh at someone who's busted using cheats like that but, I just feel bad for them and know it could have been avoided if there were an obvious indicator that they couldn't deny knowing while trying to save face, afterwards - like that one girl who swore up and down that her "room mate put cheats on her computer" ...the computer that was in her room... that her room mate never used. And, she just kept digging herself deeper and deeper.
  4. I think bugs like that should stay if you're using cheats. One, as a punishment for cheating but, as also, as a reminder that "Hey! This cheat is still active, yo!" for when you inevitably forget to turn it off.
  5. I've always called it Korea. I'm not sure if that's the official name or not but, you can see it's heavy influence. The island near it; I call 'Steve'.
  6. The game ends when you can actually make Jeb afraid of something.
  7. Nice work! Also, the one thing that ALWAYS gets me on various contracts is that little line that reads something like 'Have a Mystery Goo onboard'. So many times!
  8. I had to figure it out by assembling and disassembling random parts near the monolith on KSC. It took me Bill a little while but, Valentina was very impressed and they had a very fun date afterwards.
  9. When I tried to open it in a separate tab on my desktop it tells me you're trying to steal my credit cards. Maybe I'm regionally locked out?
  10. Since no one else has mentioned it, yet; you have to enclose your link with the brackets [ ] with img in between and include the .jpg (.png) after the link - closing with the /img in brackets. [*img*]photolink.jpg[*/img*] minus the '*'s.
  11. You have MechJeb. Do you have 'Ascent Guidance' active? - and/or any of the other controls? Revert. Remove the MJ controller from your craft and relaunch. See if that fixes it. Also, Welcome!
  12. That explains why they don't mind being stuffed in like sardines. Also, I guess I'm now having steak for breakfast...
  13. I don't see anything. It's just coming up as an error.
  14. I remember being able to go straight up and, then, cranking it over 45 degrees at 10,000 meters. Then, when 1.0 started and we had to deal with pesky little things like aerodynamics?! PFFT! Real game changer. (literally)
  15. I'm not sure when, exactly, you're talking about. Is it when right click to open a menu to do Science™? You might be able to turn it around in 'Settings' where you can change your key bindings.
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