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  1. I can picture; July 1969. The Eagle is 100 ft from touchdown on the lunar surface. Houston: "Ok, Buzz. Lower the landing gear when ready." Buzz: "....landing gear?"
  2. I usually attach the radial decouplers toward the top of my onion stages and boosters so the decoupler pushes their bodies away from the core - and I attach the struts to the bottom. Whenever I put the decouplers near the bottom of them they always fall in, towards the core. Then, fire happens.
  3. You'll have to build a bulldozer and get Bob out there to clear it. This sounds like a fun project, actually...
  4. Maybe the ship is fine and the galaxy is upside down.
  5. Also known as the 'UppyDowny Method' - which, as we all know, was invented by Dr. Jonathan Uppydowny in 1863.
  6. It's like an ogre; it has layers. I love it!
  7. The largest inflatable heat shield, extended, of course!
  8. I guess I'm glad I waited to buy... I may wait another week, or so.
  9. If it's a Titan Anos I hope it's not too windy! That's incredible! Is that with a yoke or the keyboard?
  10. Like everyone else, colonies. If you're going to exile yourself to a swamp planet you'll want comfortable living arrangements.
  11. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. But, the snacks are good! Does the shadow from the rings show on the surface?
  12. ♪ This is just a tribute! To the greatest game in the wo-orld! ♫
  13. Was it a "Check yo' stagin'" event or a cat-slash-dog that likes to walk on your keyboard at the most inopportune time because they secretly work for the Kraken?
  14. Welcome back! I was gone about a year, myself, until recently. Getting the fire burnin' again.
  15. Ermahgerd! I just spent 2 hours building and taking "pictures" of Karl of Kerbin [hitting Ctrl+ PrtSc] and, for some reason, thinking it was auto saving the photos. I finally remembered that I had to paste and crop after I got into orbit. lol. Derka-derr! Anyway; always weary of the Kraken, the Kerbals have sent up another effigy of their legendary hero - Karl of Kerbin. It is said that he faced down his adversary, alone, with nothing but a stick and a handful of half eaten snacks! He lost his eye when the Kraken lashed out as the life was extinguished from the worthy foe! (Some say he lost it when he banged his eye on a sharp corner getting out of bed one morning. Those Kerbals have been excommunicated.) Victorious, Karl returned to Kerbin in a fiery wreck and bailed out right before the craft impacted the mountains. [Note: the Kerbal engineers didn't realize the circular solar panels were not retractable. Pretend it's a monocle that's half popping.] Night: Day:
  16. Since you just joined (also welcome!) I'm assuming you mean Duna and you're in the stock Kerbol system? There's a subway map for Delta V Here it is, from the KSP wiki:
  17. You would definitely have a FSDO agent knocking on your door. Maybe a couple.
  18. Welcome to the forums - and to the learning curve of KSP! If you haven't mastered rendezvous , yet, the GOAP method is your only bet but, beware that the smaller your craft the harder it'll be to maintain directional control. If would be nice if the Kerbals could jet whilst gripping the capsule - perhaps by the husk! You're about to become a master at EVA. Be patient.
  19. I use 'Z' for "Zero air between throttle and floor."
  20. Bob and Val had a picnic at the obelisk and tested small satellite set ups. Not photo worthy.
  21. That is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while. In an alternate universe this is how the Wright Flyer worked and how their modern 787s still fly. XD
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