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  1. You're going to build something so big it'll be cheaper to move the Mün to IT!
  2. Can you just give each stage it's own think box* and, possibly MechJeb? That's what I do, if I take your meaning correctly. [*probe core]
  3. Ah-ha! That's what 'AD' means. OK. I only had an issue with Waypoints and MechJeb - having to install manually, then overwriting - but, I found a lot of new mods that have piqued my interest and those installed easily, the way they did on that guy's video. Man! This CKAN is great! Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?!
  4. I thought CKAN was only for Steam. I will look into what CKAN is. Thank you. [Update; It works! I had to watch a YouTube to figure out CKAN and, then, I had to do it a little weird. Just trying to install Waypoints from CKAN kept throwing errors saying it couldn't find a path to Waypoints in Game Data. So, I downloaded and unzipped a new one. Installed Waypoints under Game Data, like before. Then, CKAN asked me if I wanted to overwrite that file. I said 'Yes'. Now, it works. Is this normal for CKAN?]
  5. Hey, linux, am I doing this right or did I have a brain fart? I bought a new computer so I'm downloading all fresh. I just download the zip. Unzip. And put 'Waypoints Manager' in Game Date, yeah? But, it's not here. Or here, I bought KSP from the store - and this isn't my first time using Waypoints but, it's been a while. I've deleted and redownloaded WM 3x and nothing.
  6. Nice! It's like a whole new game, ain't it? Tamara has been picked up - along with some rocks and dirt - and we're headed back to Kerbin! [These are the seats you get when you buy on discount travel sites.]
  7. I got a mission to rescue Tamara Kermin from the surface of the Mun and I just happened to have a literal ton of tourists who wanted to fly by the Mun so, I launched this monstrosity (a 'Mahn-strosity', if you will): Bottom half tourists. Top half lander. However(!), when I landed on Mun I found out Tamara and her craft were caught in a localized event horizon. Very local. So, I scratched that and sent up another lander with a tourist who, also, wanted to land near there and, guess what? Tamara's glitch has fixed itself. Now, she's just chilling on Mun until I arrive with a full ship. I think I'm going to make her hang onto the ladder and I'll rendezvous a ship up in LKO to meet her.
  8. The way I do imgur is click the 'Insert image from URL' button, paste the imgur URL and, then, manually type the .jpg at the end. I only upload single pictures. I don't know if it'll work for full albums.
  9. I bought a new computer, just yesterday, myself. I actually splurged and got a gaming rig with all the cool lights and stuff - instead of just buying a bare minimums potato out of the discount bin at 'Bargain Bob's Bar, Gas, Grill & Stuff'™. Now, I can crank up the graphics, put in some mods and not stutter around space, anymore! And, I have to say, this game is gorgeous with actual graphics turned on. [I actually bought this computer because I was having issued with another game but, of course, the first thing I did was download KSP when I got it hooked up.] Jeb's first Mun landing in a new world.
  10. Started a new Career game and I just stranded Val and 3 tourists in orbit. After 7 "simulated re-entries" I've discovered I'm going to have to do a low tech rendezvous and add some drogues , or something.
  11. Mine are descriptive; Short Range SciPlane. 4PassNoSciOrb WetNoodle. Mun4SciNoPass Makes it easier to pick them out of the saves craft list. If I'm done with them and don't delete them, I'll rename with with a 'z' at the front so it drops to the bottom of the list.
  12. Less than a pee break. A minute and some change. 2018 PC with MechJeb2, Waypoints Manager and ScanSat mods.
  13. So, even if you leave Kerbin's sphere of influence, just barely, like if you're going to Duna? And, I can't look at your pictures. They flash on screen for a sec and I get an error. I'm not familiar with that site. Maybe it's me.
  14. I've experienced the opposite. When I started back in the day I tried sandbox but, was inundated with huge-mclarge-big parts that I shouldn't have had any business playing with, yet - until I learned basic rocketry. Starting with scraps found on the side of the road actually worked better for me.
  15. Are the control settings different for flying versus space? Maybe the game thinks your craft is an airplane in atmo and your key bindings got reset at some point?
  16. If worst comes to worst, you can always get out and push. I've run out of fuel more times than I'd like to admit coming back from Minmus. With a Pe at Kerbin of 500,000m or so, I have to go EVA. Get behind the craft and wedge myself, pushing with the jet pack to get the craft Pe into, at least, the low 40s. [Warning! Don't use ALL of your EVA juice whilst pushing. Make sure you can get back in when low to refill. Lather, rinse, repeat.]
  17. The only time North or East camera matters to me is during re-entry because it looks better. I do, however, line all docking craft N/S for ease and profit.
  18. What if you undocked that little chunk under the center bottom?
  19. Ah! OK. I see what you're saying. Thank you for clearing that up. Now, to plan my overly ridiculous contraptions!
  20. Aww, seriously? I usually build fairly large orbital fuel depots but, I position them when they're smol and embiggen them from there. I had never thought about strutting my tanks together until recently - when I thought about getting fancy with designs - so, I guess you saved me some time.
  21. The re-entry flames are how I sold a couple of friends on the game.
  22. I haven't checked in a while; isn't there a demo that free but, only has Kerbin, Mun and Minmus?
  23. Kerbal seeds. That's where they all come from. Jool is the origin of all Kerbalkind. The kraken moves through the Kerbol system, like a bee, pollinating these seeds on Kerbin where they grow to become Kerbalnauts... so they can return to Jool - and jettison excess stages into the planet.
  24. I'm going to need photos of your craft(s), station, lander and, also, twenty bucks if you got cash handy. It's pizza night.
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