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  1. Anyone here know what settings I should use when converting my old .png suits and heads over to .dds using the NVIDIA plugin for Photoshop? I assume it would be beneficial for me to do that as now the rest of KSP is utilizing .dds for textures.
  2. Will do. I am very excited at the prospect of MP. It seems based off of these tweets(bleh why twitter?! Why?!!! lol) that MP is a lot closer to implemented than I thought. I know it will likely still be after 1.0, but my hype train has already started!
  3. Well played sir vager, well played. (But TBH, this is the section of the forums for general discussion, not for KSP news...)
  4. Meh, yet another shining example of how Squad, although they assured us this wouldnt happen, have decided to use other websites and social media to break news. So annoying to have to try and comb the entire internet to find all the stuff that the Official Employees of Squad have released about forthcoming updates. Imagine, a place where all things KSP were discussed, and utilizing that same place for information about coming updates and just a place to collate all things KSP related... Oh wait that exists but isnt being utilized fully? Sad.
  5. Doesnt sound legal, and also doesnt sound like you will be accomplishing what you want as the latest version runs differently than the demo Because there are more parts, not in spite of it. Taking out parts will make the game run completely differently.
  6. You literally just described SSTOL, not SSTO... Jus sayin. Also, its best to not put words into peoples mouths or assume that you know what 'anyone else other than you' refers to when they say SSTO. Literal definition is Single Stage To Orbit, no more no less.
  7. You're sounding very entitled, they work on this game for us as hard as they can and release content as it is ready.
  8. Your craft is an SSTO, but it is not an SSTOL. Many people talk about SSTO's but are actually meaning SSTOL's as they care about a fully reusable craft. SSTOL = single stage to orbit and landing
  9. Step 1: Create a maneuver node and adjust it so that it is not the same as your current orbit. Step 2: Click on the little "AP" or "PE" flag/icon/whatever you want to call it (of the maneuver orbit, not the parent/current orbit.) Step 3: See your data stay up while adjusting the maneuver node! Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit!
  10. AlmightyOS, I know you said you get it, but please just one more time read http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92229 and specifically part 4. I can not help much with your request, as you use mods that I personally do not, and therefore do not know what would be needed for them.
  11. I am quite happy about my "last" 15 viewers (I have noticed that it is not actually the last 15, but I am not sure how it decides who to put there.) Btw cesarcurado your profile is royally messed up as of my posting this.
  12. This can not be stressed enough. 4gb RAM is not really acceptable for any computer that has a 64bit processor & OS. My reasons for saying that are twofold: 1. Win7 (not sure about 8, OSX, or linux) will use roughly ~1.4GB RAM while it is in its "resting" state(no additional processes open/services open.) 2. One of the major benefits of 64bit processors and OS's is the fact that it can address(use) more than 4GB of RAM. As for OpenGL, it is a rendering system (like Direct X 3D) that is already "installed" when you have up to date drivers - Note, I only know this to be true for NVIDIA graphics cards. If you want to learn about it like I did, go to this thread. It seems to give good results in the RAM usage department, but some have noted large framerate drop, as well as other small bugs (such as no dynamic shadows, no Anti-Aliasing) but they also seem to be on a case by case basis. Overall, it seems like NVIDIA graphics card users get the most benefit out of using it and the least pitfalls, but that is my opinion from searching around.
  13. Unity 4 and KSP both utilize more than one core, but the physics for KSP is all processed on one core. You can test this yourself by monitoring your core usage while playing KSP and watch all your cores usage vary by a large amount(this is due to KSP utilizing more than one core.) Its best to not spread opinion/unconfirmed thoughts as fact. I am a big advocate of OpenGL, but I am also an advocate of full disclosure, and in that spirit, know this: -force-opengl is useful to lower the RAM usage of the KSP.exe process, but it does not lower your overall RAM usage by much. I did some tests and found that while it lowered the KSP.exe process from ~3.0gb used down to ~1.6gb used, it only lowered my overall computers ram usage from ~4.3gb to ~3.7gb. What does this mean for the OP? Even though opengl will help you use less ram in the KSP.exe process, it will not help you as much with your overall RAM usage, which is a problem for you as you have only 4gb RAM total.
  14. Part Catalog. It won't search within the .cfg's for modules(from what I know), but you can set up your own categories and assign whatever part you want to them, or it will automatically sort them for you by mod.
  15. Kreu, You mentioned using the 64bit version due to your machine being 64bit, but you never mentioned that you are using the 64bit client of KSP. If you are using the x86 version of KSP, you should be using the x86 version of the overhaul. It does not matter what your system is or can handle, the versions are specific to the KSP executable. If that is not the case, try reinstalling using only the overhaul and not adding in BA and see if the problem persists. Also, the Support(modded installs) forum has a sticky that details how to submit useful bug reports, I suggest you follow those guidelines so that the best help can be given to you.
  16. Do you seriously suggest that you stress test every single part of a plugin and every part that a mod adds before calling it working? I think not. So now you are only suggesting not to update mods that others have a dependency on? Perhaps you should have been clear about that in the first place. (Side note: Mods normally distribute their dependencies [the only two mods that are hard-coded-dependencies that I have encountered are Firespitter and Toolbar, both of which are bundled with nearly every mod that has them as a hard-dependency.] Also, I have updated Firespitter several times when mods like S6, and MKS are dependent on [an older version] and they still work with no error in the logs.) Care to give an example? What is so broken about the same car you have only a model year earlier? I would venture to say nothing is/was. What was so 'broken' about watches a century ago that made them need to be 'fixed' many thousands of times over? Also, why are you using a PC when you could be on a Commodore or Apple1? Some things are innovated because your view on 'broken' may not coincide with another's view on that same subject.
  17. With all due respect Stupid_Chris, the webpage you linked had only one link to the dev-notes in question, and that link was to tumblr. Also, the difficulty of reading it is on a case by case basis(see: opinion); so why do you feel that you have the authority to objectively determine if it is hard to read? Seems like a very dismissive post to me and probably shouldnt have been posted, much less by someone with the green name tag. OP: I agree. It is quite straining on my eyes to read the devnotes there. I simply remedy that by reading them on the forum, or /r/kerbalspaceprogram.
  18. Define working then, as most wont check their debug menu or output_log.txt/player.log until there is a crash. What one may think is working in an outward manner, may be having internal mess-ups/errors occurring, even ones that aren't game-breaking but are just bug-inducing. I don't try to assume to know "how we get broken game installs," but I do know that it is not from updating every mod as it releases new builds. One of the factors may be user error, but that is speculation as I do not have any metrics on broken game installs in-front of me. All three of those(computers, cars, and swiss watches) have benefited from innovation and not abiding by the saying you are trying to use them against.
  19. I strongly urge anyone reading this thread to disregard the notion put forth above, for these reasons: 1. Just because the update didn't change anything you have noticed/care about, does not mean it has not settled issues/bugs that could arise in your future play. 2. Mod authors, for the most part, do not push needless updates out; so if they updated, there is a reason for it and you should get it. (Most mod authors(and developers in general) will not support an older version of their mod, as some part of the code they adjusted could have quelled the issue that is arising in your play on the older version.) 3. If the saying "If it aint broke, dont fix it" was anywhere near true or held with high regard, we would have little to no innovation in the world. (There is always a better mouse trap.) I hope you dont take this the wrong way Kenobi. I mean this with respect for your opinion, and would hate for my words to be misconstrued as rude.
  20. I put a similar answer - "Is it an African swallow?.. Blue... NO! YELLOWWWWW!!!"
  21. Looks good KasperVld. Caught my attention and relays a lot of useful information.
  22. To be fair, you did ask about textures in the OP. As for the models, I have no idea. The traits should be moddable though from what little bit I know of KSP/C#. Seems like one could add a g-force-tolerance modifier and kill/make the kerbal pass out if it goes above that.(Again, this is in theory)