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  1. New install. Game freezes on loading but the exception it's throwing is for a DLC part. I'm usually pretty good at tracking these problems down but I'm at a loss. Looking for a faster solution then uninstall all your mods and reinstall one by one. Log File at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bYFdvzCAoQ76ZB05ooHZhPKz64ISLNn5/view?usp=sharing
  2. Yeah, that would suck, much like Gemini sucked, but if you've got an OM or your traveling to a Skylab maybe not so bad.
  3. I know Astronauts commented on how much more space the Apollo CM had over Gemini and they were able to actually move around and use the lower equipment bay for privacy. So I imagine if you nixed that you could stuff 5 guys in.
  4. Just wanted to touch base with you because I figured out the issue I was having. It was a mod conflict (sorta) the automated science sampler mod runs the experiment but doesn't trigger the animation, the science data then shows up but isn't recorded when you recover the vessel. The work around is to not be lazy, recycle the experiment, and manually run it. As far as I'm concerned it's an issue with their mod, and I'll go mention it as a bug on their page at some point.
  5. Thank you. I'll do a fresh install of the mod, without my other mods and test. It may be a fee days as I will be out of town. I will get back to you however.
  6. I'm having some trouble with the science experiments from this mod, the Magnetometer works, and I know it uses D-Magic's Magnetometer code because I have that installed, but the other experiments run but I don't get credit for the data. Output_Log
  7. The altitude range for the contracts seems to be high, I'm getting contracts from 5 to 14 million meters. Never LKO. Never anything at or below KSO. Just satellites so high they have Mun encounters.
  8. Thank you! Your mods are invaluable to me and I don't think people tell that to modders enough. This with land aid makes cool things happen, and I'm glad to see it updated.
  9. Feature request: can we have the ability to manually mark a launch profile as a failure so it doesn't insist on repeatedly trying an assent that is known to be flippy or burn-upy? A viewable log of launch history and results would be nice too.
  10. Yeah, I need giant landing gear and 30 seconds of retrorocket.
  11. Built a simple Orion and took it around the mun. I realized I hadn't brought any recovery equipment. Powered Kerban re-entry, decent, and landing is entirely possible. Though touchdown speed will be anywhere from 1-50 m/s with virtually no ability to fine tune it... and I'm not sure a 100 mph touchdown is a "Landing" but everyone lived.
  12. Yeah... thats it, it's totally my bad. I hacked gravity and it is producing thrust. It's just me being dumb and not used to 1.x yet.
  13. I'm hoping someone can help me some trouble with this mod. I built a Centaur-ish stage with two of the small upper stage cryo engines. Mechjeb and Engineer say I should have a TWR of 1.60 (I offloaded a lot of fuel to test it, loaded as an upper stage it should be around 0.50) I fire it up, the engines extend and fire, and then it falls to the launchpad. So.... why am I not getting thrust? Ideas?
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