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  1. Update: Kerbalism also seems to cause the centrifuges from SSPX to vanish (also a Near Future mod)
  2. Was just running some tests, and for some reason something in the config file for near future is causing the near future nuclear reactors to not work. Reactors work w/ Kerbalism if I remove the config file.
  3. Right, I just meant as an alternative for radiation mechanics. I've used Nertea's other mods (propulsion, electrical) with Kerbalism, so a patch would be nice- maybe add radiation output to those reactors? IDK; there's a "Shielding" mechanic with Kerbalism as well that would fit the radiation shelter.
  4. Not sure how you guys feel about Kerbalism, but there's definitely a radiation mechanic there.
  5. Would the water in this mod be compatible with Kerbalism water?
  6. Is there any compatibility/patches to make this work with KSPI extended? From the look of the newest updates, there's a lot of things that would go well with this mod.
  7. Hmm. Unfortunately it's not working for me- it's just not replacing and parts, nor is it adding the new parts. Am I forgetting something? EDIT: Resetting game catch through steam fixed it. Weird.
  8. Ok, I tested all of my mods- the issue with the docking ports is mostly from the Hullcam VDS mod. It messes with the bumpers on all of the stock docking ports, and causes the bumper to be stuck. If you're using Hullcam, uninstalling it or deleting the docking port config file inside the Hullcam folder will fix your problem.
  9. Can confirm that the docking ports are broken. Everything but the Mk16-XXL has the bumper permanently stuck out, and the XXL glitches out when docking. When you dock two XXLs, the vessel will combine, but then will start spazzing out, and will no longer be in orbit- it appears to be "landed" in orbit. EDIT: Might be modulemanager. EDIT: No, it's one of the other mods. Trying to figure it out.
  10. Hey, is there any way you could do the nuclear flash for the nuclear weapons (like, the screen goes white for a few seconds and slowly fades back in to the explosion)?
  11. Um, I can't seem to print anything. There's no options on the 3D printing module. Probably been asked before, but any thoughts?
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