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  1. Here is something i built, so....Max speed is 960 m/s.This is still no ready.
  2. I cant wait for Supernova fusion engine Ekhm...Download link dont work
  3. Why this is not working in 64bit version?Update to make working 64bit version, please...
  4. I hope, there will be more colors, or custom colors,and shape :I .
  5. It dont work.I install all, but i dont have pods . Edit:I dont see pod from AIES :I
  6. Okay, this is fine mod, but do you can add support for Interstellar?I love interstellar mod .
  7. I think for difficult you should install RSS.For fun i think, maybe Kerbpaint and KAS.I think you need these mods .
  8. I see you are making only mods with high quality od all.Do this longer .This mod is amazing.
  9. Very fine mod,maybe best.I am unhappy because this is not working on 64-bit version :I.
  10. Best addon ever.I did a interpanetary plane, but i have problem with precison with warp drive .I cant wait for 0.12 version.
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