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  1. More rover testing. Munfried seems pleased with the afternoon's work.
  2. Ponoko do laser cutting and engraving of acrylic (and a lot of other things). We use them at work; they're pretty good.
  3. Rover testing going about as well as expected.
  4. Yes, I have that Logitech Extreme 3D Pro too. I don't use it for rockets or rovers, but for flying planes it is great. Much easier than the keyboard.
  5. My understanding is that internal to the game a planet's biomes are represented by an image map. Different colours represent different biomes. The game decides which biome you are in my looking up your position on the map and seeing what colour that pixel is. At the boundaries between biomes, where one colour gives way to another, there can sometimes be a small fringe of an intermediate colour on the map. That is why there appears, in certain areas, to be a small fringe of tundra biome between the KSC and grasslands biomes. It happens elsewhere too. Use this knowledge wisely. It's handy for science.
  6. After landing at the equator then driving for many days, my Ike rover has finally reached Ike's south pole. Satisfyingly, there is a small peak there.
  7. My Ike rover landed on the equator and, for reasons having to do with accepting a contract without fully understanding how big Ike is, has been driving south for quite a while now. Today, finally, the south pole is in view. It's that flat peak on the horizon on the left. Hooray! Once it reaches the pole the rover is about two-thirds of the way to its final destination. Not quite so hooray.
  8. I found a place on Ike I am naming "Pogo Point". I can't drive anywhere near it without being mysteriously bounced upwards.
  9. There have been some challenges involving the island airstrip, including the Low Flyer challenge: can you fly there from the KSC and land on the airstrip while staying below 150m the whole way. There were some supplemental challenges for low mass, minimum parts count, lowest altitude on the way, etc. That was fun, but many of the craft in that thread no longer work due to ion engines being (correctly) nerfed in atmosphere now.
  10. You don't have to wait until the mothership is directly overhead, just wait until its orbital plane is overhead. That will happen twice every Minmus day. Then launch into an orbit of roughly the same altitude as the mothership. You won't be at the same place, but it will be require little delta-V to adjust your orbit higher (to fall back) or lower (to catch up) to meet it.
  11. One more for today; driving my newly landed rover across Duna. Props to the Camera Tools mod for the camera angle.
  12. My set of exploratory probes has finally reached the Duna system. Successfully aerocaptured into an eliptical orbit with periapsis just above the atmosphere and apoapsis just inside Ike's orbit. Then, decouple the individual landers and put them down. The first one is safely down on Ike and the second on Duna. Rovers deployed and ready to explore. The other two remain in orbit, to be landed on Duna later.
  13. This is fantastic. I'm amazed by how great everything looks. Really, really great. I have it running on a fresh install of 1.0.5 and the only thing I had to do was force DX11 mode. For comparison, here are two screenshots of a mining base on Minmus, one taken a couple of months ago in stock KSP 1.0.2 and one taken today in KSP 1.0.5 with the new KSPRC. It is stunning.
  14. I made a flatbed. It flies surprisingly well.