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  1. i can fix the error 404 Dropbox

  2. The porkchop plan looks pretty broken for me. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: Nvm, fixed it by dropping the Number of Synodic Perioids and by zooming in.
  3. I assume that updating RP-0 to 1.1 just requires the dependencies to be updated?
  4. "Around 3GB memory usage" sounds like memory crash. Calling this one closed.
  5. Mods rarely cause crashes by themselves apart from memory crashes. Use taskmanager to determine memory usage. Also, try removing DynamicTextureLoader.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/bvT2mys.png But even without the logs, the cause of the crashes most likely is running out of memory. Check how much memory KSP is using when the crash occurs. To fix the crashes, get rid of memory intensive mods such as TextureReplacer, cloud mods, Scatterer etc.
  7. The log seems to get spammed with "[Error]: The hull has more than 255 polygons. This is invalid." when hitting around 14km when launching a craft. The ship is stock apart from a few RLA Stockalike parts. On the latest version of KSP, naturally. Mods Log Craft file
  8. So, is there a workaround for the buildings only appearing to be fully upgraded? Changing scene does not fix it anymore. EDIT: Changing the Mode = value in persistent.sfs to SCIENCE_SANDBOX seems to fix it. It appears to keep the contracts intact too. EDIT2: That does not seem to fix astronaut complex and mission control though. EDIT3: Just play science sandbox mode.
  9. Could a interior like this be done with this mod? http://esamultimedia.esa.int/multimedia/virtual-tour-iss/
  10. I wonder could the crew capacity be changed from the current 4 to the real one's 7 without too much hassle.
  11. A Realism Overhaul config for the Dreamchaser would be nifty
  12. Has there been any activity on this..? I fear that this is going to be another dead project :/
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