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  1. Basically, it's like flying, just when you don't get enough lift you fall up. If you get enough speed, a few winglets can allow you to "fly" underwater. A few winglets is all it takes to keep you submerged, but as soon as you stop, you rise again.
  2. this is not the problem it goes sideways only
  3. I built a plane, but it never takes off because of this unbalanced drag force and I have no idea where it came from. I took the plane apart and all but I can't find why it's so unbalanced. Starting off: Inside: (Where the drag force is) Exploding: It works when the debug menu has it on "drag spheres" instead of cubes.
  4. Pictures? Also, try the offset tool or alt + F12 part clipping (the bottom two)
  5. I tried using infernal robotics to make it spin, but the aircraft rolls and makes it unstable.
  6. A replica of the Su-26M. It's not as aerobatic as the real one though, but it's still good. Try flying it without SAS, it actually works pretty well. Download
  7. I tried to replicate the prettiest Just Cause 2 jet, the G9 Eclipse. A real one: KSP Replica: Download
  8. I like this idea. Could I request a Falcon 9-style engine cluster?
  9. My second attempt at a VTOL, the Tanta CEVEA. (Cargo bay Enclosed Vertical Engine Aircraft) It has a probe core on top, some RCS, and canards. The pictures might not have canards but trust me the plane is better with canards.
  10. These rockets are pretty good, you can take them as example. There are also Wikipedia pages about launcher weights and such. Also try putting together your designs with these parts. If you can send me your designs I might be able to build the rocket and give you tips and all that.
  11. Maybe it switched to orbital speed. Click on the speed indicator on the navball one or two times and see if the numbers are set properly.
  12. This looks really cool! How long have you been working on this for?
  13. I don't have much experience building things so I'm hoping I could get some feedback. It's a boat. Modded Unmodded BDArmory Version Download Stock Version Download Top Speed: ~16 m/s Turning Circle: Big Mass: Modded: 142t - Stock: 148.6t Thrust: 3 Basic Jet Engines Price: Stock: 122 821 - Modded: 151 363 Parts: Modded: 532 - Stock: 710 To operate stock craft: 1 Fires one fore shot. 2 Fires the rest of the fore shots. 3 Front Left Side Cannon. 4 Front Right Side Cannon. 5 Back Left Side Cannon. 6 Back Right Side Cannon. 8 Command Pod Aiming thing. 9 Solar Panels 0 Engines Better Buoyancy mod is recommended.
  14. There could be a mission that includes K-OS in it, perhaps where you have to write a program to get a rocket in orbit all by itself.