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  1. Hey, could I have my name changed to "Spire". Cheers.
  2. I can install perfectly fine, I was just taking the mickey out of the fact it doesn't tell you how to install it, even though the subtitle clearly stated that.
  3. The third shuttle is a lot of posts back, but I'll put it in an edit, the 3rd shuttle is meant to replace the dauntless, yet its the biggest of them all. EDIT:
  4. ' How to Install: ' *doesnt tell you how to install it, just lists dependencies*
  5. So, where do I get older versions of this from? Specifically I need version 2.6.17 . Thanks! EDIT: Found it on page 17.
  6. Anything new going on? This has been in the dark for a while now
  7. Are we going to get some backup download links, if SpaceDock ever goes down?
  8. Seems like a alot of people are having this. I did this with the full release 1.2, changed back to 1.1.3 and its on my 1st monitor (Left). It should be on my 2nd. (middle).
  9. Any status update so far? This has been in the dark for a bit now.
  10. This was posted on the main thread for BDARMORY 1.1, as it was shut down. The 1.1.2 will also count as 1.1.3. 'This thread is being locked under BahamutoD's consent. Please bear in mind that BDArmory is NOT YET PORTED to 1.1.2, every issue that comes from using a mod at an unsuported version is none of the content creator's business, if you face any issue whilst using this mod on KSP 1.1.2 DO NOT REPORT IT ANYWHERE. So, if you want to use BDArmory v0.11.0.1 on KSP 1.1.2 you are on your own. If you want to help, you can find BDArmory's GitHub repository linked on the first post of this thread, and make pull requests. Other than that there is nothing that can be done for now. Reported issues that come up from using the aforementioned version of this mod on the current KSP version will also be shut down for that reason. This thread will be unlocked as soon as the mod development continues.' Also, nearly NON of those listed mods is compatible with KSP 1.1.3, Adjustable Landing Gear isn't even ready for 1.1 yet! Next time PLEASE check what version the mods are for and what version of KSP you have at the current time. 12 people like this
  11. c glass? awesome. can't wait to see what they will be like, maybe like f-22/16 full glass?
  12. If you aren't having problems with the wings I wouldn't change them, but if you are replace the 3400 with 6800, and that should give you 3400 in game.
  13. I suppose it's a bug with the latest release then, when porting mods from before 1.00 it can be a bit finicky. Either you can just wait till the mod author brings the mod till 1.1 because he probably won't supply another 1.0.5 update. Or if you choose to (I don't recommend it though) you can edit the config files.