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  1. SkyRex, on prior versions of your SKY config you had used KSC Switcher to have multiple KSC bases on Kerbin. Would you re added KSC Switcher back into the mod? 5 x Kerbin is kind of big and it is nice to have multiple launch locations.
  2. The mod has no dlls files, as long as TACLS is up to date it should work. All it does is modify the stock refinery to add additional functions to convert ore to TACLS resources.
  3. Delete the agency folder in the mod, it will fix the issue something is not set right with the agency cfg file and causes the null reference error. I had the same exact error, regardless if I started a new career or loaded an older one.
  4. I found the cryogenic engines to be not that useful to be honest unless it's a really large ship or a tiny upper stage, it's usually better to just use liquid fuel engines. You can play this config in career, just set the contract payouts and science payouts to 150 to 160% or so and it's playable. Odd I've landed aircraft at both space center locations dozens of times with no issues. I do use NuFar, the only time my aircraft blow up are due to crashes or aero stresses.
  5. MKS is confusing but not poorly documented. There are a lot of MKS OKS players out there but thanks and I understand. I just wanted simplicity with mining and Roverdude left examples in the ISRU config on how the conversion function works so I just copy and pasted it into a new cfg and changed the resources the ISRU converts ore into into TACLS. Why have additional mining mods to add more parts, resources, etc, when you can just add a few new functions to the stock ISRU and then use that saved space for other mods? That's how I view it anyhow.
  6. I think you are asking me this. What it does it lets you convert stock ore to TACLS resources, not TACLS Resources to something else. You can convert ore to waste however, it's called biomass. Also make sure you have a container to store waste resources on the craft you are testing or else when you convert the ore to waste it won't have anywhere to store it.
  7. Taranis I am glad you spotted my mod. I did send you a few private messages with the cfg file for the mod, albeit an earlier version, before release as I hoped you may consider including it in the default TACLS pack. Feel free to try it. All you need to do is put a craft that has an ore tank, an ISRU, and empty containers for water and oxygen and start converting ore away! it was surprisingly simple to write.
  8. I wrote TACLS Mining, I wrote it specifically to work for your mod and TACLS for simple self sustaining colonies to avoid having to install MKS OKS. Don't get me wrong Roverdude, if you read this, I love your work but MKS OKS is a bit big. The idea with TACLS mining was to just use the ISRU to mine for clean and waste resources for TACLS and your greenhouse. It's very simple. It just lets you convert ore to waste, waste water, and co2 which are the inputs for your greenhouse. That's it, very straight forward and you can mine for oxygen and water for tacls. I called the function biomass for was
  9. Does anyone here have a cfg to make procedural parts stretchy tanks work with liquid hydrogen from this part pack? I wrote a config but could only get liquid hydrogen to show and not LH and Oxygen.
  10. Skyrex, I decided to try your mod as I was looking for a good rescale and system revamp. Initially I though I'd want to rescale all the bodies to 5x but instead I find leaving at 3.7x is better, especially since a lot of people seem to be having issues rescaling stock planet atmospheric heights. I made numerous changes to the config also. I put Minimus back in orbit around Kerbin with a 30 degree inclination. I also moved a bunch of jool's moon's to syterion like laythe and pol and I made dres the outer most moon of jool, with val being the next inner. I noticed an odd bug, if you try to adjus
  11. I didn't know KIS had updated I will update KIS on my free time and retry KAS. Thanks a lot!
  12. I'm glad you are keeping up with KAS but it keeps crashing for me while loading. At first I thought it was the cPort1 since that's where module manager was crashing so I deleted it. Then it crashed on the other parts. I can't get it to work. What version of module manager are you using? I'm using 2.6.3
  13. Nathan Just wanted to say THANKS! I had been looking for a guide to understanding the new velocity curves a few days ago and happened across your post a day ago! I figured out a lot of what you wrote here on my own such as percentage of engine power at mach value. A lot of the other things you wrote here really helped me. Regards, Steve
  14. TACLS Mining for version 1.02 I've always loved TACLS but disliked the fact there was little you could do off world to replenish your life support. This mod seeks to remedy this problem. It's one simple config file that allows the stock ISRU to mine water, oxygen, oxygen and liquid fuel, plus waste resources. To install this simply put the folder "TACLSMining" into gamedata. This mod requires TACLS for it to function. I would suggest you also download MunSeeker Mk1 Greenhouse on the KSP forums so you can grow food. TACLS Mining is designed to mine waste resources for the MunSeeker Mk1 Greenhou
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