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  1. Although I think I may have asked this earler. @Nerteais the mechanics from the new stock anchoring systems gonna be implemented into the landing struts/legs/supports for ground bases? To answer your question, if it works like it did in 1.11x they behave just like normal stock grapling hook with the exception that they have an adjustable length. You need to "arm" them first. Then they will dock/connect like a normal grapling hook. My recommendation is that you dock it to another identical expandotube. It makes it easier for some reason. But it also makes it look better if you align it well... Try to dock one expandotube into another. Only one needs to be armed. See my picture here for reference: Afterwards you can enable free rotation to allow your base to get stabilized afterwards adjusting each of the legs of the various modules. That is what I did. My only problem is that the legs drift, I hope the new anchoring system from the recent stock update may have been inbuilt to these legs if possible as a togglable option.
  2. It is my go to docking port for surface bases. The ability to enable free rotation allowed me to balance every module of the base to be level with ease before locking the free rotation again. They let my surface bases look virtually bigger pretty easily too and spread more across the surface to give much better surface stability. Feel free to use the image to show off their potential. Until i thought of using them this way I didnt realize how good they can be for surface base design. I like to pretend they let the kerbals move more freely between the modules.
  3. Thx! But I have to thank the modder to make it possible! The big expandotubes really helped! I figured docking them into eachother makes it even easier.
  4. Amazing update! I love what I am seeing here! One question! Does the base station legs use the anchoring mechanics recently added to basegame? I have this rather big base that moves slightly even on a flat surface. Also due to refueling vessels landing and taking off to provide fuel for bigger orbital vessels. This is from 1.11x Built entirely in career btw. Cryogenic refueling vessel taking off to meet my nuclear planetary ship in orbit. My current nuclear vessel. Thor Intended for Dres to Moho. With a lander suited even for Duna. Bigger ship using lithium plasma will go for joolian system.
  5. I'm refering to the episode of R&M were they visit the planet with this sun. It has 42 hours days with this torture xD
  6. Not sure what other to say I feel sorry for the kerbals this 42 hour day xD (PS. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I just made some funny fan art)
  7. Built this craft with help of your mod. Kinda overkill but I just wanted to see how big I could get before loosing all my comfy FPS amounts on my system (here it is stil around 30-40 FPS average even tho all the visual mods). It can pretty much go anywhere in the system. It has extreme amounts of habitation time and supplies for the life-support as well so they are not like gonna run out of food or oxygen. I even know how to easily make this in space. Well without planetary launch pads it would be hard because of the fuel tanks. I guess I could try send them empty and dock them. But even that would be hard. Resupplying it will be a pain. Which is why I have a few smaller designs more suited for playing. It was fun to test and use this huge monster tho. This is the exact amount of engines this thing needed for around 1+ m/s acceleration. Less and the amount of time Delta-V burns take kills me. Here is the life-support. Nicely located in the habitation section. To run each engine I got a nuclear reactor for each. 12 reactors, gives quite the heating. Needed a few of the largest radiators. And for fun I made it go all the way to Eve but I de-orbited it at some time to see the atmospheric effects tear it apart. I don't know why but I love seeing stuff burn in the reentry in this game.
  8. @NerteaThat update looks awesome! I love what you do with your mods! Most of your utility mods and engine mods have turned into standard mods I need to get playing.
  9. Sorry I forgot that part again. The thing is. It was blue colored. But I forgot to hold H
  10. Whatever I attach to things seems to glitch out and drop to the ground... It refuse to stick... Makes it really annoying when you try to build a base with USI...
  11. Nevermind! I downloaded the unofficial (with working visors) which is the one I was going to download in the first place. Now it's working again!
  12. Cant seem to get texturereplacer working in latest version of KSP. The toolbar button doesn't show up and the skybox I used to use in 1.1.3 doesn't show up either. Is the mod to outdated or is it a community updated version I've missed?
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