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    [1.3.0] Closed Loop Life Support

    Is there a way to stop CLLS tracking every piece of debris that contains some supplies? Every rescue mission and every jettisoned stage with LS on it is being tracked in the CLLS window...
  2. Lights don't illuminate the surface during an eclipse... Just landed on the Mun with kerbin blocking out the sun, but my landing lights only illuminated my ship, not the ground, the only things that were not completely black were the scattered rocks and the dust kicked up by my engines... I'll just have to disable the eclipse for now, 'radar altitude only' landings are pretty scary when you are surrounded by the black of the sky and the black of the ground...
  3. Marcus Helios

    [1.3.0] Closed Loop Life Support

    Something I thought I would point out is, if you are using EC to make Life Support then you are breaking a very fundamental law of physics which is EC carries no mass and yet it is creating a resource that has mass. I will probably not be using the LS generators on my ships, I am instead going to pack my ships with extra supplies & use DeepFreeze mod for long missions. I did modify the large generator to be very heavy, so it can at least fill in for a greenhouse/water production module on a station/base. The first time I was using the small generator I thought I would still need lots of extra supplies for a trip to Duna with 5 kerbals. But I noticed when I ran out of supplies that the generator would produce enough LS to keep my 5 kerbals alive forever... It would get depleted and then produce LS again, so this brings up the question: Why use the containers of supplies when you can just put a 1.25ton generator on a ship and have the kerbals live forever? this means we are just building ships with an extra 1.25tons of weight and playing as if we didn't have the mod installed. The only other factor being needing sunlight every 6hours... So I can only guess if you ran out of EC the generator would stop and then your kerbals would die...
  4. Marcus Helios

    The Grand KSP 1.1 Discussion Thread

    Well, I have only played a few hours of 1.1 and have come across a few bugs already... camera problems when running about KSC, Wobbly rockets (fixable with a mod), parts exploding while rolling across the ground... (at around 6m/s) A UI bug when running any science experiment. And the frame rate getting very glitchy after being in game after a few hours... Might be some settings on my computer that need changed, probably the usual case of one game runs fine with V-sync on and the other glitches out... So yeah, hoping these are the least of the problems with 1.1, I was really hoping 64bit would run better...
  5. Marcus Helios

    Spinning spacecraft during re-entry to slowdown

    If the craft is slowing down faster when spinning on re-entry that is something wrong with the physics engine, with a perfectly symmetrical craft spinning should result in no change to it's velocity, sounds like the craft might be wobbling slightly presenting the sides of the craft to the force of the atmosphere and the game is applying more drag to the craft...
  6. Who cares if you want a 1.2 or not? Why even ask this question?
  7. Marcus Helios

    The Grand 0.24 Discussion Thread

    1. when you accept the mission to test a part, they give you the part to build with, no need to check if you already have it. 3. try putting a probe body on the rocket and removing the kerbals for testing. 4. possibly game over if you managed to blow up all your rockets... but I'm sure it's near impossible to end up without any way of getting funds... 5. hire some "no-names" and put them in your death rockets instead of letting the game auto fill them with Bob, Bill and Jeb. 7. this would be nice.
  8. Marcus Helios

    The Grand 0.24 Discussion Thread

    A note on Contracts, Funds and Reputation: I have been taking every contract except the ones where you have to test a part flying at a certain speed at a certain altitude inside Kerbins atmosphere, So far I have built probe ships with the sole purpose of flying "suicide missions" to test a few parts before crashing back to kerbin, without parachutes. Sometimes I just fly a tiny probe ship into the water beside the launchpad to perform the "Splashdown tests" and this is basically the "grind" missions to earn massive amounts of Science and funds, I have managed to unlock half the Tech Tree without leaving kerbins SOI and without even returning half my science reports from the Mun, I've not even visited Minmus. So basically I feel like there should be NO science reward for completing contracts, you can already earn massive amounts of Science to unlock the whole Tech Tree before you visit half the planets, and so far funds have not been an issue, not even once... and I see no reason for my rep to go down into the red ever, but I am fine with that. Something I am unsure of is if a kerbonaught retains reputation? can he become more reputable? I would like to see reputation increase on a kerbonaught over many missions, rewarding you for keeping him alive, but when/if he dies during a mission the loss to reputation is greater. I would like to see the ability to dismiss Kerbonaught candidates and adding a $ cost to hiring Kerbals, and maybe loosing cash if you loose them. This way we can pick the kerbals we want from the hundreds of applicants, I personally like having a Bobgun Kerman and Nielbro Kerman in my crew! Loving 0.24, I've even managed to install all the mods I wanted to use from 0.23.5 and some extra ones I found. I still feel some mods are so good they should be included in KSP, such as Engineer, Enhanced Navball, NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator, Distant Object Enhancement, even mods like Cool Rockets add just a little to the game that makes for a more pleasing experience. Some of the gripes I have with 0.24 are probably going to be addressed with mods, I hope...
  9. Marcus Helios

    [1.1.2] Kerbin-Side (v1.1.0) & Supplements

    This mod created very low fps at times flying over kerbin and Extremely low fps when time warping in orbit around kerbin, what could be causing this?