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  1. MeCripp solved my issue I had an outdated version of firespitter
  2. Got the same install folder and have the newest firespitter plugin. Also tried it with the one that was provided with this download.. so I'm at a loss
  3. I cant get this to work on 0.90.. got tweakscale and everything. Any idea anyone?
  4. I don't know if this was covered before, if it was, I apologize but I couldn't find anything.. Anyway, it seems that offset doesn't work with Procedural parts. If I attach an object to a procedural tank (or a procedural tank itself) and then change the offset, it doesn't save: If I reload a vessel, all parts attached to Procedural tanks and Procedural tanks themselves are back in their original position. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know if there's a fix?
  5. This is awesome, but would it be possible to make the wings even smaller/thinner (decrease the minimum width and thickness to like 0.001 or something?) I often like to use procedural wings to make small details and cockpits but these are a somewhat too big
  6. Now I used the earthsurface.png and re-sized it. Now its just fine.. weird but I seem to be the only one affected so I wouldn't worry about it
  7. Yeah, I wasnt talking about the cities I was saying that the ground (grass and stuff) itself is red/brown, the cities are fine. I thought it might be the same memory issue that people had some time ago, back when the cities where still in non-dds format. Otherwise; awesome stuff man! Its amazing just to see the change from the 0.2.1 version imgur album and the most recent github master version, the progress is just incredible!
  8. Just tried it, sky still somewhat dark, clouds look a lot better now One issue though; all the ground (except cities) is this red/brown-ish color, but I guess this is just a memory issue like some experienced before with the larger city textures in non-dds format
  9. Works fine, also in adition to running about 30 mods or so. Only problems are those that you already mentioned yourself (3d cloud layer not lining up, tiling), no other significant bugs to report from my side. Great stuff again pingopete Maybe somewhat off-topic, but I gotta know how you are able to apply all those different decals to your aircraft. I tried the flag decal mod but that only allows me to apply the current mission flag.
  10. Did you also install the texture pack from Real Solar System (8192x4096, 4096x2048, or 2048x1024)? I forgot to do that once (or three times ) and got the same thing.
  11. Lol, yeah that was me some pages ago Yer a wizard Pingopete Seriously though, awesome stuff as always!
  12. I also noticed this, but it's still well worth it. Its such a huge improvement.. Also, correct me if im wrong, but I think the atmoshpere shader persists for quite some time.. I can fly at 22000 meters and its still bright and blue, whereas you can find pics from the cockpit of an sr 71 at that altitude and it has already faded.. Well deserved man! Congrats!
  13. You pretty much just place all the stuff from the mod in the gamedata folder in the KSP main directory. For this mod, you would need the Real Solar System v7.3 mod (linked in the first post of this thread) together with your prefered resolution texture pack, which you can find in the Real Solar System thread itself (scroll down a bit in the first post of that thread, you see three links saying "8192x4096 - 4096x2048 - 2048x1024". Pick which one you prefer. 2048 for performance, 8192 for quality) . Then download this mod and install it. And don't worry too much about the stuff being outdated, I get about five messages for different mods for that as well everytime I start the game, it still works, but it just says that they arent designed specifically for that version of KSP. Anyway, I hope that helps clear things up somewhat, wrote this reply rather quickly
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