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  1. Wow. I thought I may never play KSP ever again. But I came across the first ever vid I saw on it by kurtjmac. Those feelings came back to me. I almost completely forget about what "EFC" even was lol. My new mature-er self is getting back into this game I learned so much from KSP and I also had fun. I was hooked on it for quite a while haha I'm a freelance graphic designer now and my train of thought has shifted from researching about space to staying up til 2 a.m. doing graphic design for Twitch streamers. My love for space will never be forgotten. I'm coming back, KSP! I think what killed it for me (which was my own fault), was getting so many mods and it made it to where I didn't have the thrill of exploring space and getting into orbit anymore. I'm not gonna overwhelm myself with mods this time.
  2. Now I haven't been on KSP anymore. I'm getting 1.0.5 NOW!
  3. I don't really think I should be posting this on KSP Forum.
  4. CDK

    Processor Question

    Should this be in Space Lounge?
  5. I would want to manually challenge plays.
  6. What new things do you think should be in MLB 16 The Show?
  7. I like the idea. Maybe they can make a tablet app with some features removed. A KSP app would be cool.
  8. Can somebody delete this?!?highlight=kerbal+space+program+cdk
  9. I currently have KSP 1.0. My KSP was acting weird plus 1.0 was a nice update. Patcher says 'Hold on, we're getting set up.' and will never load Patcher. Please help -CDK